TEKTONA.net (Retro-Rock MP3s)

TEKTONA.net (Retro-Rock MP3s)

2/9/21: Just popped in long enough to drop in one of my TEKTONA logo versions. As we roll on through this year, I hope to move THREE time-pit projects from the back burners to the point of satisfactory completion. TEKTONA “re-recordings/remixes” are only #3 in that queue, but I’ll try to upload more samples of our MP3 productions from time to time. All for now. Hope this first logo version points you in the direction of what kind of music you can expect to hear from TEKTONA.


9/17/19: And it begins….(the hiatus, I mean). Don’t expect much in the way of updates (site-wide) until I get my current work out of the way and put the finishing touches on the sprawling Retroplay baseball history replay project. By MLB Opening Day, 2020, I hope to have a definitive set of data and the first publications that result from the many years of time-consuming research, organization, and findings.

Within a day or two, the status of all of my web pages will be changing, as any premium plan features will go away (at least until I renew as a paid subscriber, likely sometime in 2020). Take care, and circle back later…

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5/31/19: I forgot to put this page in the menu, so how would you even know it was here at Retroplay.net!? Call this a much-delayed roll-out, then, I guess, but explore, absorb, and hopefully enjoy what’s here from now on. Envisioned: TEKTONA logo produced and posted, many of our digi-tunes added, and if/when possible, a jukebox-type graphic to “dispense” those indispensable “classics.” [Read: some of them aren’t half bad; give ’em a fair hearing or two].


Here’s the first mini-batch of mp3 audio files produced by my virtual band, TEKTONA. The tunes that will eventually be uploaded to this site have all been composed/arranged/ slapped together by “us.” Personnel:  Stevo Robertson, guitars; Felix Metalsome, backing guitars and all keyboards; Hugo Walker, bass; Geri “Hat Trick” Atric, percussion. All tunes (all are instrumentals, with only a few vocal effects included here and there) have been worked up on computers using (exclusively, other than a didgeridoo sound effect) Magix music-making programs and soundpools. Some of these “we” are proud of, some we can still put up with on occasion, and some are best buried, as if they never existed. But you be the judge…

To kick things off in this music playback section of Retroplay (did you happen to pick out those “reverse” and “play” button icons in the main logo design?), let’s make our tune #75, the Michael Schenker/UFO-like, “Retro-Rock It,” our appropriate headliner of the week. While certainly not our best tune, it can give you some idea of the kind of 70’s/80’s/90’s stuff TEKTONA produced. Here ’tis> 

Hope you’ll always be able to find something here to your liking — between the crunch/party-rockers, the “4-Minute Epics,” and, yes, even some slower/quieter numbers — so check back often as we keep rolling through the “catalog.” In the process, you can build your own (unique) version of a TEKTONA “Anthology/Best Of” compilation.

(Below are the first tunes uploaded, as part of the TEKTONA Preview at seaporter1.com)

“Freedom” by TEKTONA (Let it ease in, then the fun begins; cowbells and all! And you’ll know when to shout, “Freedom!!”):

“Liberty and Justice” by TEKTONA (We appreciate our armed forces at this site!):

“Lockstep Left” by TEKTONA (It’s supposed to sound dismal, ‘cuz it’s the Left on parade!):

“Forward the Charge” by TEKTONA (It’ll grow on you; let it do its thing):

“Ever Onward” by TEKTONA (Probably the most generally inspirational “builder”):

“Storied Rider” by TEKTONA (Neo-Western; the hero rides into view; a  scene-setter?):

“Resolute” by TEKTONA (Seriously resolved to do right and move forward; “Hat Trick” Atric earns the spotlight in this one for his drumming and what it added):

“Rock Iraq” by TEKTONA (Kind of quirky and fun, yet intended as a salute):

“Get on Board” by TEKTONA (Yeah, how about it? Are you with us or not?):

“Kitsch In Sync” by TEKTONA (Flat-out fun; everything thrown in but the kitchen sink):

(This preview site debuted 9/14/18)