Retroplay: MLB, NLB All Years

Retroplay: MLB, NLB All Years


Look for piecemeal, incremental updates all the way up to wholesale changes on ALL pages in the next few months. The “staff” is working virtually every available waking hour on the time-consuming task of data RE-entry involving hundreds of thousands of spreadsheet cells; re-checking every qualifying player’s historical year-by-year WAR values, per-162-game rates, positions, and birthplace; producing thereby sorted-and-ranked regional and era groups; and finally, posting to the web, publishing in print media, and providing a Retro-Fantasy League framework. So there’s a lot on “our” plate!

So for now, please be patient. At present (March 12, 2021), the spreadsheets covering all qualifying MLB AND NLB players from 2020 on back to 1931 — we’re moving backwards to avoid having to recalculate WAR values all over again — are quite close to being “nailed down”/ “locked in place” with WAR data generously made available at to this point (remember, we’re including Negro League players, too! we’ve been far ahead of MLB on this score, with my decades-long vision for this expansive historical “replay” project finally being made possible by those two indispensables, AND… (Negro Leagues Database)). Eventually, we’ll get everything cemented into place for all MLB-NLB (historically-recorded) seasons from 1871 through 2020. When all of that’s tied up into a package, the combination birthplace/WAR-value register and summary read-out of those first 150 years of baseball at the highest levels will be available to all in various formats and media outlets.

See you later! Back to work for “the staff”….

[FYI, with specific regard to this page: This page will be used to summarize data, recap historical replay results, and display charts, tables, and lists that help tell the story of 150 years of the top levels of American professional baseball. Keep in mind that we are incorporating Negro League Baseball (NLB) into Major League Baseball (MLB) in these projects/studies/simulated replays, and that we’re using only those stats generated by those U.S.-based leagues (no stats from Cuban/Mexican/Japanese/Korean or other extra-national leagues are used in projects, even though the players themselves come from all parts of the globe to play baseball in America. Baseball has truly gone global, and that’s great, but we just want to keep the stats straight!]