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Speaking truth to power: “I consider you a part of the Democrat Party.” —Donald Trump to the media (Me, too)

“There is but one straight course, and that is to seek truth and pursue it steadily.”

— George Washington

A Portfolio of Truth. Only the Truth will set you — and keep you — free.John 8:32


Permanent feature, as of 3/3/18: “Legal” Mass-murder Ticker, Year-to-date:

 1,022,568 through November 7, 2018* **

(Over a million human infant deaths by abortion, just this year (so far); you must be so proud of what you’ve accomplished, (D)eath-o-crats and Republicans In Name Only! And note to women: MORE THAN HALF of those murdered were your SISTERS! “War on women,” indeed!) 

(From “The Patriot Post” ( “… Democrats always vote in a bloc to protect the abortionists.[Note that: ALWAYS on the side of (D)estroying babies and protecting the murderers; if you vote (D), you get abortion, you get (D)eath, you victimize the innocent and law-abiding, and honor the criminals as saints! You say you’re personally against abortion, and you just vote for your (D)s for some other reason? You are STILL AND ALWAYS voting for baby-murder, say what you will! You have to be one very confused and morally-conflicted human being in full denial of any shred of God-given conscience if you think you can continue to vote for these sick monsters! Especially if you think there will never be any consequences!]

** ADDED 10/4/18: This comes from Arnold Ahlert at The Patriot Post

“Democrats and the #MeToo movement are far more interested in ruining forever anyone who opposes their agenda. The orchestrated attack against Kavanaugh is above all else about Roe v. Wade. Thus, while the #MeToo movement is about preserving the dignity of women, it simultaneously and vociferously champions abortion that allows those same dignified women to engage in irresponsible sex with no consequences, “give or take” more than 60 million abortions in 45 years — as in 1.3 million abortions per year, 3,653 per day, and 152 per hour. 

Not a single one of those victims was a “survivor.” [italics mine for emphasis; note that if anything, my figure of 3,288 daily was low — SR]

“Because the sentence against an evil deed is not executed speedily, the heart of the children of man is fully set to do evil”…[but it’s coming; be sure your sin will find you outNumbers 32:33]…”Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring EVERY DEED into judgment, with EVERY SECRET THING, whether good or evil.” [yes, even things done in private in an abortion mill or a voting booth…]

–Ecclesiastes 8:11 and 12:13

NO support for pro-aborts! Whether (D) or RINO!”

*How determined: number of estimated abortions of human beings in America, based on 1.2 million “legal” abortions performed annually in the U.S. (that figure is the median of low and high public estimates ranging from 1 million to 1.4 million;  this averages out to 3,288 DAILY).


+++Permanent feature, going forward: I like this meme/graphic from “The Patriot Post” (  so much — and I’ve said the same thing so many times myself — that I want this to be near the top of the page every day, adjacent to the material posted above. PatPost meme1

Once again, the attribution: The Patriot Post” (

+++Permanent feature, going forward: link to the Patriot Post — for truth, the naming of (D)yed-in-the-wool liars, and insightful, to-the-point humor. (More than 200 pages’ worth of great bumper sticker-poster potshots are available, with 60+ pages of such humor dating back only to the beginning of 2018!) Therefore, blissfully, willfully ignorant liberal snowflakes should avoid the site at all costs, as should all God-haters: tears and gnashing of teeth may lie ahead. Just FYI. [wink]


“For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it might cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.” —Patrick Henry (1775)

+++10/24/18 CLARIFICATION ON CONTENT: Since 10/16, NEW content (mostly graphics/memes) can be found below the Babylon Bee logo in this section.

10/16/18+ (until further notice): We’ll be in “sleep mode” here for the most part. Memes/graphics/cartoons will be added regularly, but (usually) only general links to consistently responsible truth-tellers and conservative organizations recommended as eminently worthy of your support will appear in this space. The purpose is to provide a public service “launch pad” for the remainder of the 2018 election cycle. If you care about truthful reporting and honest, moral commentary, these are the outstanding go-to sources: header_2



Senate Conservatives Fund (Best bang for your bucks!)



And since religious freedom is always in the crosshairs these days…

logo_adf_2014  Double your impact with matching grant funds!

Need some lighter stuff? “The Babylon Bee is Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire.” Off you go.


11/7/18: What hath God wrought? (See Numbers 23:23, and the official first Morse code message transmitted in the U.S. on May 24, 1844). If you’ll permit me to make my estimation of the fallout from Election Day, I’d say that a battle was lost in the process of winning the war. That the House would revert to (D) control was all but inevitable (the battle lost), but control of the Senate was the big prize, and the (R) majority there increased. That was huge. That means that more conservative (Constitution-respecting) judges can be appointed, confirmed, and seated, despite (D)estructocrat caterwauling and hell-bent obstruction. And… it means that any irresponsible, off-the-wall “legislation” that emerges from the House can be rejected by a responsible (R)-run Senate body.

Another silver lining:  the American public will be watching closely to see how the Pelousy-led House (D)s proceed, right from the get-go. Will they immediately embark on a nation-ruining, Get-Trump-At-All-Costs agenda — which is what they’ve been promising to their base, and which we believe to be an extremely rare instance of (D)s NOT lying — or will they have enough sense left to add some actual nation-building accomplishments to their resume′? I expect the former to be the case. These thoroughly leftist (D)s of today only know how to (D)estroy. No party of ideas, this! So the scenario I’m predicting is this: 1) They overplay their hand as usual, claiming an over-estimated “mandate” from “the people,” who “have spoken”; 2) Tons of people who warily or grudgingly voted for them will have “buyer’s remorse” as soon as they see that the (D)s do in fact have a total lack of positive ideas, and are only bitter, hate-mongering, revengeful obstructionists (and yet, WE are paying ’em to do that; a total waste of time AND money!); 3) With 2020 looming, the (D)ying party will be between a rock and a hard place: either start to cooperate with President Trump and the (R)s (perish the thought!) or give up their ship of State to complete destruction, as it dashes itself to pieces on the shore. Now, to me, that is one great silver lining! And if this is anywhere close to what God has in mind for America, it instantly becomes not only possible, but probable.

It is because I can maybe see how God is working in all of this (still an unknown), but more importantly, that He is indeed orchestrating all things for His glory and the good of His people (which we know to be true), that I can go on in peaceful assurance that all will come right. It was important to me, personally, that I made a consistently strong effort to help educate people on the vast differences between the two major political parties and to instill a sense of urgency to do the right thing when it’s so obviously required. I tried to not leave any stone unturned or withhold any reasonable striving for the causes of truth, justice, true liberty, and Biblical morality. Satisfied that I didn’t leave anything in the locker room, but put it all out there on the court (hoops was my game, if anything was), I’m going on a more genuine and more permanent hiatus from most things political . (See you again in early 2020?).

The plan — as of today — looks like this:

A) Discontinue the daily updating of this Trutholio Home page.

B) Continue to post to the OTHER Trutholio pages (Eco-Tyranny/Links (Hall Of Faves)/PretRef/Immigration/Non-biblical Nonsense/Gist) only if/when I desire to do so.

C) Save — in various formats (PDF/HTML only/complete webpage, etc.) — ALL of the content of Trutholio Home, and make all of it available via (free) downloading.

D) Possible shift: This whole “page” (it actually runs about 300 printed pages in length, when you scroll down!) might be moved to my free (unpaid) site under my paid domain:; and/or, this Trutholio Home page will be condensed through the use of those PDF/HTML copy links referred to above.

E) Likely shift: I’m considering making my primary domain, or at least making that the flagship area of The idea is to concentrate 90%+ of my website work on 1) the baseball history replay project and results, and 2) the output (and backstory?) of my virtual band, TEKTONA (where dozens of free mp3s will be made available for downloading).

F) Probable beefing-up/expansion: My “Hall Of Faves” (Links page) could benefit from updating, expansion, and more prominent featuring (may move to top billing in Trutholio, wherever that domain’s material lands).

G) The gist of all of the above: Trutholio will be de-emphasized/back-burnered, but with everything already posted there saved for posterity. RETROPLAY will become the focus, bringing baseball and music to the forefront. And…as I make changes, you’ll be notified. Just give me some time to rearrange things as planned.

So with that, let’s sign off for today with some best-reads-of-the-day and those marvelous memes from The Patriot Post (

The Right to Vote, Guaranteed by Patriot Veterans. It is a disgraceful irony that the freedom of those who advocate statist tyranny is ensured by generations of Patriot veterans who have defended Liberty. (Mark Alexander)

So Much for the Blue Wave — GOP Expands Senate Majority. Against all odds, Republicans lost the House and yet increased their Senate control. (Thomas Gallatin)

The Battle to MAGA Continues. (Star Parker)





Thanks for keeping it so real: The Patriot Post (


11/6/18: Day of decision. Two choices: DO THE RIGHT THING for yourself, your loved ones, your neighbors, and all Americans (and in the sight of God!), or… turn your back on all of those you care about and millions of innocent lives who have just as much of a right to life as you do. And all for what? Some imaginary crumb from the “benevolent” State? I hope you’re better than that, and not so self-centered. Move right, and towards the light of truth. DO right or forfeit your right to complain.

Vote for the Party That Doesn’t Despise You. From anti-Semitism to anti-White bigotry, the Democrat Party hates a lot of Americans. (Arnold Ahlert, TPP)

Jobs Boom (Gary Bauer, TPP)

The Rich, White Roots of Democrat Rage. Democrats aim only to exploit minorities and the poor for votes, all while keeping them down. (Lewis Morris, TPP)

Graphic immediately below from The Babylon Bee:


Graphics/memes below from The Patriot Post (



can't tell


[“Stupid is as stupid does?” — SR]

Attribution repeated: above graphics from The Patriot Post (


11/5/18:  Have you been paying attention to the night-and-day contrast between the two major parties? If so,  common sense will tell you which way to go as an unselfish, responsible voter who cares about all fellow American citizens: vote for Republicans (or Libertarians, where applicable), but never for the (D)estroyers.

Graphics/memes below from The Patriot Post (



duelingvisions - Copy


compare this

Attribution repeated: above graphics from The Patriot Post (


11/4/18: 4 of my own graphics (all previously posted at




Four years ago, I released my series of books (3 volumes), ATHEOS: 6 PATHS TO DESTRUCTION in PDF versions. Volume I was titled, ATHEISM/AGNOSTICISM-TOTALITARIANISM-HUMANISM (alternative title: AND WITHOUT GOD IN THIS WORLD). You can download it in its entirety here: ATHlast. Especially relevant at this very time is Section Two on Totalitarianism, which runs from page 46 through page 97 (including a handy, short-cut comparison-chart on pages 89-94; download separately here: TotalistCutoutFinal ). Please peruse these materials before voting.


11/3/18: 1) Christians can indeed close borders and still be biblical (Cheryl K. Chumley of The Washington Times is spot-on again; and reading the Bible re: land assignments, landmark laws, property laws, TWO explicit commandments against both theft and coveting, etcetera…puts that Bible-reader on solid ground in opposing “open borders” anarchy. The fact is, any government that does NOT seal its own borders for the protection of its OWN citizenry, and even worse, EXPORTS its malcontents and criminals OR encourages the entry of mobs of such ILLEGALS is a government that abdicates its first responsibility under God to the people. On the other hand, maybe THIS is one specific reason why God put Donald Trump in place as our president; he understands his duty to the American people, and has the singular backbone to do the right things at this time (and don’t forget his support for religious freedom!)). Two go-to resources that articulate and defend the Biblical stance — and therefore, the Christian stance — on immigration issues: 


B. Highly-recommended book: The Immigration Crisis by James K. Hoffmeier (Crossway, 2009)

2) Trump Is Right. Ending Birthright Citizenship Is Constitutional. (Hans von Spakovsky). 3) The true history of millstone babies (Ann Coulter). [Now there’s an apt term: “millstone babies!” Remember, we’re NOT talking about birthright citizenship for LEGAL citizens of the U.S. being removed, only for ILLEGALS; huge difference, and one that all developed nations recognize! — SR]

Memes/graphics below from: The Patriot Post (

contrast clear




angelic ms-13

Once again, thanks to: The Patriot Post (


11/2/18: All of today’s material (quote blocks and memes immediately below) comes to you and me from: The Patriot Post ( Just yesterday, I made my best possible donation to their cause, which is our cause, too. Please consider doing the same.





fascist proof

hate voting

jobs report

Once again, thanks to: The Patriot Post (


11/1/18: 1) I love how this woman thinks and writes about morality vs. amorality and the sick phoniness of making speech — however true it may be — that “hurts someone’s feelings” a greater sin (a “hate crime,” even) than actual physical harm and murder. It’s not words, it’s morals (Cheryl K. Chumley, The Washington Times). So she is today’s Commentary Queen. Excerpts: 

Words don’t hurt. Actions do. And actions are driven much more by morality than rhetoric.

“Whenever the argument is made that rhetoric is dangerous, those with concerns about freedom need to remember the sing-song of our youth — the taunt of sticks and stones, the mock that simple words, no matter how fiery, no matter how contentious, will not, cannot, by themselves, ever hurt.”

“Actions, stemming from immoral roots, on the other hand, can and do. It’s the moral compass that matters most.” [Amen to that! Bold emphasis mine — SR]

2) Today’s Commentary King is another reliable favorite. (Mark Alexander, The Patriot Post): Why They Hate Trump; The question is, “Is it possible to hate Donald Trump but not the average American?” Excerpts: 

“All Americans are MUCH better off today than they were two years ago, but that notwithstanding, Republicans will suffer losses in the House. And here is why: This election is a referendum on Democrat voter IQ and the Demo/MSM chokehold on their opinion — not the considerable Trump record. The result of that chokehold and Demo voter delusion is, as Gelernter notes, one political theme: “We hate Trump.” All the Left has to offer is fear, anger, hate, and division.”

“At their core, Beltway Democrats, their Leftmedia publicists, and their wealthy elitist benefactors don’t like grassroots Americans and the Liberty they embrace. Unfortunately in this election cycle, we will learn how many Americans are not able to rise above the fear and hatred fomented by the Left.” [Bold emphasis mine — SR]

Memes time! As usual, the material below is from: The Patriot Post (…



rhetoric tone down

the club

[Hmmm…less humor in this batch than usual, but ponder the truth packed into these graphics.]

The graphics/memes above from: The Patriot Post (


10/31/18: HERE, we commemorate REFORMATION DAY (only)!

Today’s graphics/memes; two from The Babylon Bee, and two from The Patriot Post:




prop machine

Today’s graphics/memes above:  top two from The Babylon Bee, and bottom two from The Patriot Post (


NOTE: Having trouble accessing the recommended Bill Whittle video? Here’s the re-issued embedded URL, copied directly from YouTube:

10/30/18: Real simple and straightforward. 3 memes/graphics from: “The Patriot Post” (

PatPost meme10


never forgive

Memes above from “The Patriot Post” (


10/29/18: 1) An extremely timely, short video that is long on truthful common sense: Why Everyone Should Vote Republican. Bill Whittle explains why you should vote — and vote Republican — even if … you’re a never-Trumper/Independent/Fed up with politics period/lifelong (D). (He covers all the bases, and he has been there). 2) Video (longer, at 29:18, but you can skip until the last few minutes to get the gist): What Happens When Democrats Run Your State? Examining how the Left ruined California, and why other states should steer clear. 3) Must-read article link: Why Would Anyone Vote Socialist? “Democratic socialism” turns the land of the free and home of the brave into the land of disease and home of the enslaved. (Robin Smith, The Patriot Post). Excerpts: 

“The allure of the version of socialism dished out by today’s Democrats is pure desperation for anything to draw voters to their partisan pity party of disgruntled and perpetually aggrieved victims.

So what would socialism look like in America? We could bring to mind Venezuela, where people are going without food, medicine, and social order, while rationing such simple items as toilet paper. We could also look at this “caravan of migrants” coming from Honduras, which is exporting its miserably poor because it refuses to import the currency of Liberty.”

Graphics/memes below from “The Patriot Post” (


(D) divide

3rd world country

trust the ass

Attribution: Above 4 memes/toons via:  “The Patriot Post” (


Memes/graphics for 10/28 (posted in advance; have a God-honoring, prayerful, restful, restorative Sabbath/Lord’s Day!); all from “The Patriot Post” (



farce in chief


Graphics above from “The Patriot Post” (


10/27/18: 1) LORETTA LYNCH CALLS VOTER ID LAWS RACISTThe former Attorney General sings the Democratic Party’s favorite song. (Discover The Networks) 2) Two Different Marches Receive Two Very Different Reactions. While the Leftmedia fawns over caravans of migrants, 100 times as many pro-lifers are ignored. 3) Video: Sweden Is Not a Socialist Success. Many people think Sweden is socialist, but its success comes from free markets. (John Stossel)

Graphics below from “The Patriot Post” (

sosec truth




Graphics above from “The Patriot Post” (


10/26/18: How about 2 reads-of-the-day and 6 graphics (memes/quotes)? That’s the plan.

Deception Is Democrats’ Weapon of Choice; The party of the BIG Lie is at it again, and midterm campaign examples abound. (Robin Smith, TPP)

America under siege from within; Islamists are among the caravan making its way through Mexico, despite what Democrats say. (Mark Christian, The Washington Times)

From the Babylon Beecaravan caption

caravan to VE


From “The Patriot Post” (



Quoted from “The Patriot Post” ( 2 quotes


Thanks again for the graphics above: the Babylon Bee and The Patriot Post


Memes/graphics/toons for 10/25; all from “The Patriot Post” (


what i've said

left dict.


Attribution repeated (material above): “The Patriot Post” ( Thanks!


10/24/18: Laugh alert: New (D) campaign ad video (Allie Beth Stuckey spoof, 3:48); serious, spot-on must-read (Mark Alexander, TPPThe Democrat Platform: Foment Fear, Anger, Hatred, and Division; The Democrats are systematically disuniting America and giving rise to leftist mob rule.); AND, YES!….. THE MEMES! (From “The Patriot Post” (





Attribution repeated (material above): “The Patriot Post” ( Thanks!


Memes/graphics/toons/quotes below for 10/23 — all from “The Patriot Post” (

Food for thought: “Gosnell was no different from other abortionists. He killed babies after they were born. Most kill them before. So what? It’s the same human. The same act of killing. Maybe Gosnell should be freed. Or better yet, every abortionist should be locked in a cage alongside him.” —Matt Walsh [italics mine–SR]

From Nate Jackson’s must-read for the day (find online here; PDF version here: The Real Choice in 2018 – The Patriot Post)

“The two parties certainly offer contrasting visions for America. As we wrote in July, one offers hope, while the other feeds despair. One offers a positive agenda that will create wealth and preserve Liberty. The other offers … rage. And a lot of it.” [italics mine–SR]

“Specifically, President Donald Trump offered a list of 14 things Republicans aim to accomplish if they retain control of Congress:

  1. Continue to cut your taxes
  2. Cut your regulations
  3. Raise your income
  4. Make our country great again
  5. Protect Medicare and Social Security
  6. Continue confirming judges who interpret the Constitution as written
  7. Fully secure the border
  8. Pass Kate’s law
  9. Stop sanctuary cities
  10. Stop catch and release
  11. End the visa lottery
  12. End chain migration
  13. Keep the criminal drug dealers and terrorists the hell out of our country
  14. Lift millions of our citizens from welfare to work, dependence to independence, and from poverty to prosperity.”

[Contrast this with only a list of 14,000 things or so that the leftists are (D)emanding be turned on their head in order to totally (D)estroy historical, God-blessed America, the super-prosperous (where apparently, virtually the whole world still wants/demands to live)! Wake up and smell the coffin! — SR]

PatPost meme8



covers it

Attribution repeated (material above): “The Patriot Post” ( Thanks!


10/22/18: Still sticking to the plan, but with one augmentation for today. Read Robert Knight’s perceptive — and even encouragingarticle for The Washington Times (here). (And it probably would be worth your while to check out other dependable faves like Cheryl K. Chumley and Charles Hurt, too, while you’re there).

Memes/graphics/toons for 10/22; all from “The Patriot Post” (

always believe

gun-border control


PatPost meme21

Attribution repeated (memes above): “The Patriot Post” ( Thanks!


Memes/graphics/toons for 10/21 (posted in advance; have a God-honoring, restful, restorative Sabbath/Lord’s Day!); all from “The Patriot Post” (


money ok

typical findstain

never intended

Attribution repeated (memes above): “The Patriot Post” ( Thanks!


Memes/graphics/toons for 10/20; all from “The Patriot Post” (





Attribution repeated (memes above): “The Patriot Post” ( Thanks!




Memes/graphics/toons for 10/19; all from “The Patriot Post” (





Attribution repeated (memes above): “The Patriot Post” ( Thanks!


Memes/graphics/toons for 10/18; all from “The Patriot Post” (



same old


Attribution repeated (memes above): “The Patriot Post” ( Thanks!


Memes/graphics/toons for 10/17; all from “The Patriot Post” (


right to life

support thug

one is a rapist

Attribution repeated (memes above): “The Patriot Post” ( Thanks!


Memes/graphics/toons for 10/16; all from “The Patriot Post” (


PatPost meme23

high stds.

stop to it

Attribution repeated (memes above): “The Patriot Post” ( Thanks!


10/15/18: Well, here I am — sticking to the plan — posting the last specific article links before at least 3 weeks off from this activity. Beginning tomorrow, you’ll encounter in this space at the top of the page only general links to the most-trusted sources of real news and sane commentary (NOT part of the leftist/MSM/Statist NARRATIVE that must command all of your attention and allegiance (or ELSE…). Oh, I suppose I’ll have to keep up with the memes, too (what an arduous task, no?). So for the last 3 weeks of this campaign season, I’ll be mostly sitting it out.

Anybody who’s visited here before knows where I stand: Any vote for any (D) at any level is not only selfish and nutty, but in support of ongoing and increasing evil; voting for Republicans only (as a defensive move, if nothing else, when it’s (D) vs. RINO), while financially supporting and campaigning for only TRUE (R)s is what I’m advocating as the wisest course. When you see formerly apolitical folks like Scott Adams (didn’t care about politics/took no stands/didn’t bother to vote) saying that the only practical, sane way forward now is to vote straight-ticket Republican, well, you know that the (D)s have completely lost their moorings, and only one party is good for you, me, our loved ones, friends, and neighbors; America in general. I’ll link you once again (here) to his JUNE 25 comments, offered well before the Kavanaugh (D)ebacle. He — among a few others — connected the dots before it all became painfully obvious to many others. Leftists do NOT like you or me. They’ll steal your vote (even after you’re dead) and use it to add to their power; after that’s been accomplished, yours is just another neck under their boot. They’ll feign caring, decency, and morality as long as they see you buying into that and giving them your money, but give the slightest hint that you’re suddenly doing some thinking of your own, and…..look out, “pal!” It’s back to the gulag/plantation to collect your due punishment and “get your mind right” or a fatal roll under the bus for you! One step outside the party line, as (D)ictated by THE NARRATIVE, and you’re toast; (D)ead to them. These thugs are NOT your friends and never will be. It’s time to stand up to the party of (D)estruction by (D)eception. Vote Republican!

Last batch of specific links before my hiatus:

  1. Real Economics (book review by Walter E. Williams). Excerpt/cheat sheet: The authors give a long list of erroneous beliefs that people hold. Here’s a tiny sample: Employers pay for employer-provided insurance; larger incomes for some people require smaller incomes for others; minimum wage legislation helps the unskilled and minorities; foreign imports reduce the number of domestic jobs; “equal pay for equal work” laws aid women, minorities and the young; labor unions protect the natural brotherhood and collective well-being of workers against their natural enemies, employers; and we cannot compete in a world in which most foreign wages are lower than wages paid to domestic workers. [bold emphasis mine; but look at that instructive list of leftist/(D) economic myths–SR]
  2. Socialism Destroys (John Stossel). Excerpt: As one Venezuelan refugee told Alvarez, “You don’t need the government to dictate how to live your life, how much money you should make, how your family should be treated.”
  3. (Directly associated with above article) — Video: Socialism Fails Every Time — Socialism has become cool in America, under the nice name “democratic socialism.” Gloria Álvarez knows better. Direct link to video here. Pull quote:  “Increased government control rarely helps people. It wrecks economies. It wrecks lives.”
  4. Just how hostile and slanted is coverage of President Trump? (Washington Times)
  5. Ranking of Best- and Worst-Run States Exposes Dem Failure; Democrat-run states have high fiscal irresponsibility, demonstrating little respect for taxpayers. (Thomas Gallatin, TPP)
  6. America’s Insulated Elites; They protect themselves from the consequences of polices and ideas they inflict on the rest of us. (Arnold Ahlert, TPP)
  7. HOW DEMOCRAT RAGE IS DESTROYING AMERICA; A deranged radical movement gets high on its own fury. (Daniel Greenfield)
  8. Leftmedia Keeps Peddling the Matthew Shepard ‘Hate Crime’ Hoax; NPR once again exposes its leftist bias by promoting the debunked narrative for Shepard’s murder. (Thomas Gallatin, TPP)
  9. Transgender Kids: Eliminating Caring as an Option; From medical studies to media reports, the new “tolerance” is really hurting children. (Michael Swartz)
  10. Closing in on Clinton-Justice Russia collusion conspiracy as middleman pleads the Fifth (Rowan Scarborough, The Washington Times)
  11. The Patriot vs. the Pretender; Democrat Sinema thinks Arizonans are “crazy,” and that joining the Taliban is just “fine.” (Nate Jackson, TPP). Excerpt:
    “So while McSally was fighting for her country, flying combat missions in the Gulf War, Sinema was giving aid and comfort to the enemy.” 
  12. Burt Prelutsky two-fer: Nazis in bloom, link A; Why isn’t Soros in jail? link B
  13. ‘Disappearing’ Dr. Kermit Gosnell; The story was under-reported when it happened. Now the movie is being deliberately hidden. (Arnold Ahlert) Excerpt: When the topic is abortion, leftists will pursue any means necessary to prevent the public from becoming fully informed.
  14. 4-Star pick of the day: What the Kavanaugh Protests and Kermit Gosnell Have in Common (Rebecca Hagelin). Excerpts: “Launched under the false guise of sexual assault, the attack against Justice Kavanaugh was actually an all-out war by the Left to continue the practice of sacrificing human children on the altar of convenience….It’s time for America to understand what abortion really is. Abortion abuses women and kills babies — and feeds the insatiable appetite of the powers of darkness.”
  15. We’ll try to go out on a lighter note. Babylon Bee: Death toll from Kavanaugh’s first week on Supreme Court tops 330 million!

I’ll try to keep the memes circulating throughout my “hiatus,” but they always come from the good people at: “The Patriot Post” ( Like these below:





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10/13/18: Addendum (scheduled activity for 10/14-10/16 and beyond): Sunday, 10/14: Day off from these labors; Monday, 10/15: Posting of last specific article/video links before 3-week hiatus from political material and commentary; abortion ticker will be updated regularly, memes will be added daily(?), but the top of this page will be devoted to links to your best sources for real news and truthful reporting (alternatives to THE NARRATIVE and MSM/leftist propaganda). From Tuesday, 10/16, through Election Day, 11/6, please use this page as a convenient launching pad towards political truth. This “middle-man” will be stepping aside for 3 weeks.

10/13/18: As promised/threatened, we’ll be taking a closer look at the latest pig-piling, flame-fanning activities of Liarly Clinton (aka HRC/Hellary/Hi-liar/The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave (Or Shut Up), the Master Projectionist, etc). Her ego knows no bounds. She’s not an officeholder anywhere, yet she insists on dictating terms to the entire world of politics with regard to when “civility” can return. Her terms? When her uber-corrupt bedfellows in the (D)estructocrat party and the live-to-lie leftist media are in control of ev-er-y thing, THEN, and only then, can America expect to see civil, rational discourse again! Translation: give the Left everything it wants (POWER, total power, unopposed and unquestioned power), and nobody gets hurt! (To say nothing whatsoever about the millions of lives already (D)ecimated by their politics of personal (D)estruction; as if nobody has gotten hurt until now, due to their virtuous self-restraint! LOL!). But on the other hand,….the more this raving lunatic opens her maw and projects her power-mad desires onto the (R)s, the more the voting public can pick up on her obsession (and realize how close we came to having this Jezebel rule us with a Rodham of iron, were it not for a sovereign and merciful God sparing us yet again).

Before linking you to the smoother voices (more charitable and “civil” than I, when it comes to name-calling maybe, but NOT always, as we shall soon see!) of fellow truth-tellers and swamp-observing “pundits,” I have a few important questions for those of you who still genuflect for HRC and think the world needs her as a savior. 

Do you NOT realize that if YOU had committed even a fraction of her crimes and personal abuses of innumerable others, that YOU would have been imprisoned long ago? Or that YOU would’ve also been sued several times for lying, incivil, defamatory attacks and perjury? As sure as you’re sitting there now, you know that if it was you that had made a career of stealing millions of dollars (see, “Clinton Foundation”) and ruining lives out of pure spite, you’d have been serving time in a correctional institute for decades by now. Yet…HRC, like Bill Ayers, is “guilty as hell, and free as a bird.” How long can you go on revering and heeding this obvious (D)eceiver? When will you come to your senses, see how you’ve been misled, admit it, and change course? In a little over three weeks from now, you can take a big, personal step in the right direction by rejecting the nation-ruining agenda of the self-obsessed (D)s, and turning out to vote for Republican candidates at every level. The fewer (D)s there are “representing” us, the better, and true civility will naturally increase as they disappear from positions of power and influence.

Link #1: Flashback: Our heroine civilly calls Donna Brazile a “brain-dead buffalo” and launches into an utterly profane meltdown (censored, for the sake of the kiddies). If you read this one, you’ll see who the real HRC is, in all her off-camera “glory!” The story can be found here.

Link #2: Recently: Our heroine lays out her demands for the return to “civility.”  Dems ‘Cannot Be Civil,’ Says Mob Boss Clinton; “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.” (Nate Jackson, TPP). Excerpt: As a final thought, has there ever been someone who more often projects her own faults and practices onto her opponents?” [BAM! And AMEN! I’ll take this is as further vindication for what I’ve been saying online and in my PDF publications for several years now re: that “Master Projectionist,” one HRC — SR]

Link #3: Hillary Moves in the Riot Direction (+2 other short topics: Tony Perkins)

Link #4: Hillary Clinton, Dems vs. GOP’s political aikido: ‘Unhinged Mob’ ad uses calls for incivility (article and video link here; video (GOP ad) only here); Gist: Holder, Waters, Booker, Pelosi, the restaurant mobsters, and Dame Clinton are all shown encouraging (and acting with) sheer incivility, up to and including violence

Link #5: Babylon Bee humorously goes further than I ever have re: Hellary

Link #6: Thursday (10/11) short cuts (“The Patriot Post” ( Excerpt: “The longer Hillary Clinton remains the Democrats’ idea of a standard-bearer, the better off the country will be. She should run in 2020. And in 2024. And forever.” —Kyle Smith [Yep! HRC for 2018 MVP of the GOP! — SR]

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[Editorial note: Via an email exchange with The Patriot Post, I’d requested and obtained permission to use up to 4 of their memes at a time, as long as I made proper attribution. I hope they will be pleased to allow me to post a bonus (5th) HRC-themed meme on this special occasion, so that we can more fully “honor” this wonderful, selfless public servant! — SR]

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Have a restful, restorative Sabbath/Lord’s Day in which we contemplate His goodness, mercy, and truth!


10/12/18: Today’s business: 1) Added to Eco-Tyranny page: (link here); 2) Added to Immigration page, including 4 memes (!): (link here); 3) Featured link #1: The Most Important Movie You’ve Never Heard Of (Michelle Malkin); 4) Featured link #2: Pro-Kavanaugh women fed up with ‘gender traitors’ label: ‘They’ll see us at the polls’ (Valerie Richardson, The Washington Times); 5) Featured link #3: A TALE OF TWO WOMEN; The differences between Christine Ford and Nobel Peace Prize-winner Nadia Murad, an Iraqi Yazidi woman. Dawn Perlmutter (; 6) Featured link #4: Toxic femininity and the #MeToo mob: weaponizing emotional distress (Mark Alexander, TPP); 7) Featured link #5: GOP Needs Update to Dems’ UFC Cage Match Rules (Ann Coulter); 8) Featured link #6: If Kavanaugh Is ‘Partisan,’ Should We Impeach Justice RBG? (Larry Elder).

That’s enough for today. Tomorrow…..we’ll have plenty to say about the Head Banshee’s pontificating on “Civility: when and how to and use it, per the Machiavellian model.” The Greatest Psychological Projectionist Of All Time is at it again (note the following definition): 

  • Psychological projection, or “Freudian projection”, a defense mechanism in which one attributes to others one’s own unacceptable or unwanted attributes, thoughts, or emotions [or chicanery, conspiracy theories, inflammatory rhetoric, and CRIMES — these last, as well as emphasis above mine — SR]

Wow! Is she ever one self-obsessed creature! In her mind, has she EVER done anything wrong? Ever?!?


10/11/18: The eleventh of October has had special significance in our family for 65 years. This year and last, it’s more bittersweet because we miss Dad. So today, I’d rather keep things lighter and shaded towards humor. We’ll call on the Babylon Bee for 3 links and then, The Patriot Post for 4 graphics/memes. 

  1. CNN retracts completely factual story; admits it did not reflect their editorial standards
  2. Alyssa Milano confirms FBI investigators have not reached out to her to get a celebrity’s opinion on Kavanaugh yet
  3. The left learns an important-lesson: need to be even more obnoxious

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needed, unneeded

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10/10/18: Sticking to the plan. 5 links to others who oppose THE NARRATIVE and are instead shining light on the deeds leftists would otherwise do in (D)arkness (MSM not allowing the public to see the evil motives behind their “social justice” mayhem):

  1. Women’s march leader Sarsour launches racial attack (Washington Times)
  2. NYT Launches Anti-Trump Hit Piece Over His Taxes; This is yet another obvious political ploy designed to pressure Trump into releasing his tax returns. (Thomas Gallatin, TPP). Key excerpt: “In fact, the Times tacitly acknowledges that the Internal Revenue Service was fully aware of the Trumps’ actions and evidently had no objections at the time — because the Trump family accountants followed the law.” [Hmmm…how about that?–SR]
  3. Only a (D) thug could have NINE arrests for DUI, disorderly conduct, theft, and trespassing; publicly disrespect legitimate law enforcement officers (labeled them “terrorists“); call for the abolition of ICE, and still have the guts to run as the representative of law-abiding Wisconsinites for the U.S. Congress! (Paul Ryan’s vacated seat, no less! The thought would never even enter the mind of any Republican with that kind of rap sheet.)
  4. Left’s brutal ‘tactics’ now in sharp focus (Jennifer Harper, The Washington Times). Excerpt: “This is not a blip on the screen. It has focused the attention of the American people of the dangers posed by the left, the Democrats and the complicity of the national press who have utterly failed to practice any semblance of true objective investigative journalism about them. Hopefully, this will mark a return to the recognition of the principles on which our country was founded: advise and consent, due process, the presumption of innocence and accepting the results of elections. It is time,” she [Atty. Cleta Mitchell] concludes.”
  5. More on the positive side; an encouragement: Thank God for single-issue voters (Everett Piper, Washington Times) [Some history to keep in mind–SR]

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10/9/18: First, a content note: after leaving my important “apologia” of 10/1 up here in this space, it’s been moved down the page. All material since 9/29 has been put into chronological order (all postings are dated, working from oldest to newest, bottom to top).

Next, the plan going forward: 1) I’m not so naive to think that with the confirmation and swearing-in of a Constitution-friendly Justice, it’ll all be smooth sailing from here! The very DNA of the DNC (D)ictates otherwise; ALL they know on the Left is how to (D)estroy, and they never have ways to build in mind. I’ll let one of my favorite go-to media people clue us all in re: what the coven is brewing even as we speak: Left blasts into hyperdrive to take down right (Cheryl K. Chumley, The Washington Times). So just because I want to leave this whole ugly mess behind and stop referring to it doesn’t mean for a second that the Left won’t try to double/triple down on their obviously losing hand. But… 2) It appears to me that nothing I can point out about their utter lack of ethical behavior and sensible morality would never be as effective as letting them assassinate their own characters in full public view before American voters, who are catching on quickly in great numbers; I’ll step aside and let them ruin themselves for this election cycle and well beyond. 3) Which means: much less political commentary from me; fewer links to well-known, like-minded “pundits” and truth-tellers; but since they say so much instantly, those succinct memes and cartoons will keep coming — up to 4 per day — from The Patriot Post. 4) I’ll be concentrating more on Retroplay, PretRef (Preterist Reformation), and other issue-specific pages, as well as beefing up the TEKTONA menu for free mp3 downloads.

The gist of the plan, once again, is this: let the leftists go on being their own worst enemies. People are wising up in droves just by observing their maniacal pursuit of total power over all of us. The leftists’ “blue wave” brainwashing will fail in a big way, just like their assumed installation of Hellary (when they lost out there, they lost their minds completely!). Wesley Pruden (The Washington Times), puts it this way: “…what the Democrats and the liberals are selling has begun to smell bad after all these years, and most voters are not addicted to stink.”

Just a couple links, then on to the graphics: 1) Sen. Cruz Chairs Subcommittee on the Constitution: Threats to Religious Liberty Around the World (Dr. Rev. Bob Fu and Dr. Thomas Farr featured; video, 37:55 in length) 2) Why is Trump’s approval up?

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table w.o. leftists

if i scream

we sure got 'im

in the end

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10/8/18: Before anything else, I want to publicly thank Almighty God for yet again(!!) showing that He has not withdrawn His gracious protection from America; He IS (still!) working to right the left-tilting, close-to-sinking ship. Our most basic freedoms still do exist — despite the most extreme efforts of the sold-out-to-evil (D)s — and all of our God-given, Constitutionally-guaranteed rights have survived the full-on attack, at least temporarily. We should see this as another merciful reprieve, and not as a full-fledged rescue. This is no time to rest. Hence, there remains this call to duty: God has unquestionably done His part, and in humble, heartfelt gratitude and undistracted loyalty, we must now do ours! In any way, be it small or large, minimal and non-sacrificial, or even in conscience-driven, somewhat sacrificial ways, do what you can to advance the worthy causes of truth, liberty, peace, and prosperity under our amazingly gracious and merciful God! But don’t presume His patience beyond this point, for that would be sinfully testing God, and the historical record definitely proves that God will not be played for a doddering old fool with limitless patience. His patience does have limits (Jerusalem and First Century Israel in AD 70, anyone?).

Bottom lines, absent of any equivocation: support the administration and policies of President Trump and all true, consistent Republicans (only) when voting; point out to the fence-sitters in your circle of influence that only the (R)s have CONstructive policies that have already paid off in big dividends (economically, of course, but also in terms of national security and religious freedom), whereas the Left-owned (D)s are all about (D)Estructive policies that can only lead to national AND personal (D)eath and — as we have seen with the utmost clarity recently — character assassination is the primary weapon of the jackasses (because they offer jack in the way of any positive issue; leads me to wonder: “Can one major in “Character Assassination” these days in those brainwashing factories we used to refer to as “colleges?”). It’s a short sprint to the mid-term elections now, so gather your resolve and put forth your honest best effort until victory. Be sure of this: only efforts and votes to extend the reach of evil by the “god” of Government will a holy God find displeasing. Point blank: NEVER vote for any of today’s soulless (D)s! 

In today’s article referral links, we’ll try to put the lid on the whole SCOTUS confirmation process/circus. Please read each article on the other end. You will benefit, I dare say!

  1. Well, will you look at that? Somebody who is KNOWN is also calling the propaganda push “The Narrative,” as I’ve been doing here for several weeks in my series (only cosmetic difference? I use all caps, like this: “THE NARRATIVE”):  Democrats Don’t Embrace the Mob; They Are the Mob (Arnold Ahlert, TPP). Quote: “Unsurprisingly, the media has attempted to shape The Narrative.”
  2. Thank you, Justice Kavanaugh! He was willing to remain steadfast against the fires of hell in defense of our Constitution and the Supreme Court. (Mark Alexander, TPP)
  3. Are Democrat Attacks on Kavanaugh Backfiring? New poll numbers show a surge in Republican voter enthusiasm, surpassing that of Democrats. (Thomas Gallatin, TPP) [Hey, (D)s! We’re not as blind and stupid as you assume!]
  4. Then again, maybe they’re counting on Left-imposed ignorance-by-design...Is the Electorate Really Informed? Just one in three Americans could pass a 10-question test derived from the U.S. Citizenship Test. (Michael Swartz, TPP). Excerpt: “Unfortunately this study found the average American to be woefully uninformed regarding America’s history and incapable of passing the U.S. Citizenship Test,” said Foundation president Arthur Levine. “It would be an error to view these findings as merely an embarrassment,” Levine warned. “Knowledge of the history of our country is fundamental to maintaining a democratic society, which is imperiled today.” [bold emphasis mine — SR]
  5. Identity Politics Failed Democrats … Again; They tried hard to rally women over Kavanaugh. But Republican women are angry at Dems. (Robin Smith, TPP)
  6. Kavanaugh Saga: What the FBI Report Really Tells Us (Hans von Spakovsky, Heritage, TPP). Excerpts: The level of investigation Kavanaugh has undergone is extraordinary. In fact, the Senate has received far more information about Kavanaugh than it has received about all prior Supreme Court nominees combined throughout American history.Kavanaugh is probably one of the most qualified lawyers to ever be nominated for a position on the Supreme Court. He has more judicial experience than the vast majority of prior nominees to the high court — certainly more than current Justice Elena Kagan, who did not spend a single day as an appellate judge before she was confirmed to the Supreme Court. Yet she was easily and quickly confirmed with Republican support.[several (D)]senators said they would not vote for Kavanaugh even before they had even examined his qualifications and his record. That tells you all you need to know about the current clamor against him. [and their (D)espicable actions throughout the process fill in any blanks for the less-discerning; bold emphasis mine — SR]
  7. Speaking of Kagan……WARNING!!: You can read this several times, and it still won’t make sense! My, what an articulate and forthright “justice” she is!
    (Quoted from”The Patriot Post” ( — “The social justice: “Starting with Justice O’Connor and continuing with Justice Kennedy, there has been a person who, er, found the center, who people couldn’t predict in that sort of way. … It’s not so clear that, you know, I think going forward, that sort of middle position — you know, it’s not so clear whether we’ll have it.” Justice Elena Kagan on Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.” [Maybe I can help? “No “moderate,” right?” You’re welcome, greenhorn.]
  8. (Also quoted from”The Patriot Post” ( — “For the record: “The Democrats have some soul-searching to do. In the Kavanaugh matter, they debased themselves, the Senate, and democratic discourse all at the same time — and they have squat to show for it. Playing dirty comes naturally to them, and they don’t seem to mind the muck. But playing dirty — this dirty — and losing? That’s some shameful stuff.” —Kevin Williamson”

Okay, graphics/memes time! Thanks to: “The Patriot Post” (


good smear -- dung pile



[I’m gonna stick my neck out on this: It’s one or the udder. Better latte than nether. Uh..sorry about that. I think that’s what Vanessa Baxter would’ve said. Blame her.]

Thanks for the stuff preceding the awful puns: “The Patriot Post” (


10/6/18: My own commentary for today will be charitably limited: Learn the truth and support it; learn to spot the inveterate liars with their unabating lies and fight to defeat them. That which you permit is that which you promote. Pick the right side and stand with us for the common good. Find your moral center, stand for truth, and you’ll do well. Otherwise, you have to be considered part of the problem. Sorry if that makes some of you uncomfortable, but that’s just how it is. Choose wisely and act with a sense of urgency. 

Once more: That which you permit is that which you promote. Please do NOT be part of the problem by being a permissive abettor. Rather, do even your “small” part (petitions, common sense word-of-mouth over the fence and in the workplace, financial support for those doing the heavy lifting on the front-lines, earnest prayer, whatever it is) in the good fight to actively oppose evil. Stem the tide, and don’t shoot the honest messengers who DO care about you, as well as America.

6 Featured article/video links for Saturday the 6th, the first 3 of which come out of the Freedom Center, EACH worthy of top recommendation:

    From Hillary Clinton to George Soros. October 1, 2018 Daniel Greenfield. Excerpts: The gang coming after Kavanaugh consists of sexual predators and their accomplices.…The ranks of the Democrats are rotten with rapists and with their enablers, collaborators and colluders. The news networks taking cheap shots at Kavanaugh are staffed by men who are one story away from being forced to resign. The entertainment industry passionately advocating against Kavanaugh is run by compulsive predators. … And the Senate Democrats and the lefty groups attacking Kavanaugh are guilty of the very crimes that they are trying to lay on the heads of Kavanaugh and the Republicans. [bold emphasis mine — SR]
  2. Sorry for blurting it out, but Christine Blasey-Ford is a liar (David Horowitz covers even some new/little-noticed angles, so this is an excellent summary piece). Excerpts: At the bottom of these asymmetries lies the fact that despite half a century of women’s “liberation” and “hear me roar” proclamations the feminist attitude towards women is still Victorian. Women are fragile violets who wilt before the raised voices and impassioned claims of male innocence. But this image is a one way mirror. Let a moment go by and then, when they or their defenders are on the counter-attack, hear them roar. Senator Mazie Hirono put it mind-numbingly well: “Men should just shut up and stand up (for their female accusers of course).”…On the face of it, Christine Blasey Ford’s story is not only unsubstantiated. It isn’t credible. The destruction of Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation is the equivalent of a modern-day lynching – the third that Democrats have orchestrated in the last twenty-seven years. It’s despicable. At least Republicans like Lindsey Graham have laid that charge at the door of the Democratic culprits who worked so hard to accomplish it. But, as a nation, we have obviously not reached the point where we can grant women true equality by confronting THEIR lies and THEIR reckless accusations with the same candor and frankness we would if they were coming out of the mouths of men. [all-caps emphasis mine, in order to help to show what a glaring (D)ishonest (D)ouble-standard this is — SR]
  3. ARE WE A NATION OF SNOWFLAKES? What’s at stake for our country in the Kavanaugh confirmation. (Bruce Thornton). Excerpts: Of course, the obvious reason for the hysteria on display throughout the confirmation process is amoral politics.The progressive Dems know that their most powerful weapon is a Supreme Court that dismisses the Constitution as an archaic document that must be adapted to the conditions of modernity. If Kavanaugh is confirmed, they will lose that weapon for decades, and their program of creating a technocratic oligarchy that erodes individual and state freedom will be stopped. …More specifically, the attack on Kavanaugh is about Roe v. Wade, which the new justice is allegedly itching to overturn. On-demand legal abortion has become the most important achievement both for feminists and for progressives who politicize the Supreme Court in order to reject the Constitution and its Judeo-Christian foundations. …Are we all snowflakes now to be controlled and managed by the nanny state, or are most of us still committed to the ordered liberty of our Constitution, and the ancient wisdom that perfection is a dream, and a utopian world of absolute freedom without any cost or responsibility is impossible? [Amen! Bold emphasis mine — SR]
  4. For the Left, the Kavanaugh Brouhaha Is Not About Kavanaugh (David Limbaugh focuses on THEIR true focus, and does it so well, as usual). Excerpts: The Democrats’ opposition to Kavanaugh has nothing to do with Kavanaugh and has everything to do with their lust for power through the judicial branch that they can’t reliably acquire through democratic processes. …As usual, they claim they have the moral high ground when they are making a mockery of morality and the rule of law. But I’ll give them one thing: They are formidable and tireless warriors. And until the GOP recognizes this and unites against them with the same degree of ferocity, determination and energy, we will continue taking it on the chin. [bold emphasis mine — SR]
  5. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!? I’M GONNA LINK YOU TO CNN FOR THIS STORY!!! Kelley Paul (wife of Senator Dr. Rand Paul) wrote an op-ed that provides some up-close personal perspective on how the Left insists on treating their foes. Pay attention and learn!
  6. Good news link: Dr. Rand Paul was honored with an award by OAN. In his subscriber-only newsletter (so a private, closed loop; he’s not crowing about this, just informing readers and thanking OAN), he wrote merely this: “This week, I was honored to receive the Patriot Award from One America News as they celebrated their fifth anniversary. OAN is doing great work to advance honest reporting, and I look forward to watching them continue to grow.” Here’s the link to a short video by OAN that tells us why they made the award. [FYI note: before it came down to Donald Trump, I more enthusiastically supported Rand Paul, as well as Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. I still back Dr. Paul as a responsible Senator and man of consistent integrity — SR]

Wrapping up for the day, here come the memes(+) from “The Patriot Post” (



thx again osama

Again, the above graphics from: “The Patriot Post” ( Again, THANKS!


10/5/18: In the frying pan today: 6 links on immigration issues —

  1. FAIR: Illegal alien voters disenfranchise American voters 
  2. Washington Times: Illegal immigrant men sneaking children into the US to exploit “family loophole”
  3. Washington Times: Judge James Crandall deals blow to CA sanctuary law (and kudos to Huntington Beach!)
  4. FAIR: MA judge: No keeping ICE out of courthouses
  5. FAIR: Administration releases new rule: public charge exclusions (getting back to common sense serve-and-protect immigration policy)
  6. Should Immigrants Take Care of Themselves? A DHS proposal would more closely tie immigration to financial self-sufficiency. (Lewis Morris, TPP)

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sanity my butt

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10/4/18: Since I already added an extremely relevant excerpt above from this article by Arnold Ahlert, let’s lead with this as the 4-star article for 10/4 — #MeToo’s Contempt for Due Process; “Presumption of innocence” and “misogyny” have become interchangeable concepts. More key excerpts: 

“Subjective truth is an oxymoron. It’s also the bedrock of totalitarian governance. Yet Democrats and the #MeToo movement remain dedicated to an incrementalist strategy, chipping away small bits of objective truth, along with morality, history, and tradition. And they will do so until the entire edifice of American jurisprudence collapses, and reality itself becomes “negotiable.”

Nonetheless, if the #MeToo movement insists on embracing score-keeping, let’s look at the entire scorecard. Does anyone still remember which side of the ideological divide celebrated the sexual revolution of the ‘60s and the unrestrained hedonism immortalized by the adage “if it feels good do it”? How about the “liberated” woman, part of whose liberation consisted of her being as sexually promiscuous as her male counterparts — and part insisting she was every bit as strong and capable as any man?

How times have “evolved.” “Democrats believe that we women are weak, mewling, helpless creatures who are defined by our interactions with men,” writes Bonnie Ramthun. “If we are touched, insulted, groped, or otherwise not treated as delicate flowers, we’re supposed to react by making our entire lives revolve about that horrible moment that ruined us forever.”

Link #2: The Feinstein/Ford Blockade: Chronology, Testimony, and Hypocrisy; This has NEVER been about finding the truth but about creating unjust and inexcusable political optics. Mark Alexander, TPP · Oct. 3 (might be your best bet for a recap of the whole sham)

Link #3: Star Parker and I are again seeing and saying the same things: Pro-Abortion Left vs. Kavanaugh [I believe THIS woman, and yes, it IS all about abortion “rights”]

Link #4: Investigate the Senate Democrat Wrecking Machine (Michelle Malkin) [I believe THIS woman, too, and she’s never short on actual facts!]

It’s late, I’m tired, and ready to call it a day. What say we go to the graphics and memes from “The Patriot Post” ( They follow:

p-hat wearing nut

since when

you first


Remember, memes/cartoons from: “The Patriot Post” (


10/3/18: As I have other fish to fry, we’ll go right to the links and memes that counteract and defy the leftist/PC drumbeat to which we all supposedly must march.

  1. Not sure I’ve linked to him on this page before, but that would only be errant neglect on my part: Burt Prelutsky, ‘Racism’ as a Tool of Racists (lead topic of an excellent column)
  2. Officers down? (Mark Alexander, a new hero and solid personal favorite)
  3. Something worth paying attention to on the religious freedom front: University Removes Bibles From Guest Rooms (Todd Starnes)
  4. Warning to/about Never-Trumpers: Beware those who prolong problems for profit (Harold Hutchison)
  5. A day late, but never short on truth: Tuesday’s Patriot Post Shortcuts

Excerpt: “Non Compos Mentis: Overturning Roe v. Wade by an all male majority, two of whom have had credible accusations of sexual misconduct lodged against them, would not be a legitimate action, and that is the question of the court — legitimacy.” —ABC News’s Terry Moran [NOTE: Roe v. Wade was decided by an ALL-male Supreme Court; makes THAT an illegitimate action, doesn’t it? Well? Doesn’t it?– SR]

6. Common sense pronouncement from Rachel Mitchell: No reasonable prosecutor would take on Ford’s case based on evidence (Washington Times)

7. Marc A. Thiessen, TPPProsecutor Expertly Picks Apart the Case Against Kavanaugh

8. MICHELLE MALKIN VIDEO (takes only 3:37 out of your busy schedule): The truth about false rape allegations (up to 40% prove to be false)

9. Cotton: Investigate Dems for Leaking Ford Letter; “She has been victimized by Democrats … on a search-and-destroy mission for Brett Kavanaugh.” –Thomas Gallatin [italicized emphasis mine; and I have I not pointed out before that leftists eat even their own?–SR]

10. Speaking of even stepping over the bodies of their own in their obsessive lust for total power, look at the Ellison NON-case (victim/accuser is both a leftist AND a woman, so she MUST be believed, right? Wrong, say the (D)s!)

11. Fraud and Circuses: The Political Trashing of Brett Kavanaugh (James Shott, TPP)

12. The Farce Side; (D)s pan Kavanaugh probe (Tony Perkins)

My own commentary: At the risk of either getting too “deep” OR pointing out what’s all too obvious to students of political theory, what we’re seeing when “the goalposts keep moving” is “the dialectic” in action: ask for something totally unreasonable (shoot for the moon, knowing that will be rejected); “compromise” by settling for a lesser demand; launching from that new, higher base, shoot for the moon again, “settle” for “less” (though it IS the goal at this stage, and what was actually desired at this point in the “game”), repeat the process; repeat; repeat; repeat; each time, incremental “progress” (read: (D)estruction) is achieved, and the Left eventually gets everything it wants, while millions are victimized all along the way. It’s ingenious, grant you, but sick genius all the same. By design it exploits and mocks the trust and good-faith bargaining of honest, decent people. And these good and honest people are forever obliging the evil, cynical trust-abusers, letting the tide of evil wash right over them and suck them out to sea. This is what has to stop! You can never satisfy the insatiable. Come to grips with this fact, and USE that common sense that God gave you to order your steps going forward.

American Father George Washington’s favorite metaphor for the individual’s peaceful prosperity (a picture painted in several Old Testament passages, both as a blessing, AND negatively as a curse wherever that state was lacking) was that one could enjoy being secure and content with having one’s own “vine and fig tree.” He saw that as the simple, summary ideal: godliness with contentment is great gain (1 Timothy 6:6, New Testament). Come by your possessions honestly, enjoy what you have and make good use of them, and acknowledge regularly your blessings. Do NOT covet more, plot how to get it, and stop at nothing to get it (theft is theft, whether by an individual or through government). That’s socialism/leftist theory in a nutshell; the “gospel of envy” is the way Churchill put it.

I guess that brings us to meme time, since what I just wrote recalls an excellent one from “The Patriot Post” ( Those below are from that source.

Churchill - Copy


PatPost meme5


What would I do these days without them? Thanks, “The Patriot Post” (! (Counting my blessings, Lord!)


[Note: Title given to this piece on 10/3/18]: “Who benefits from a broken America?”

10/2/18: Cui bono? When America is constantly being divided into political identity groups, just who stands to benefit? When the American people are consciously and relentlessly divided — (D)is-united — into small special-ID groups, or special-interest voting blocs, which political party is grinning from ear to ear and cackling at our stupidity? You know the answer; to merely ask the question is to answer it. (D)ivide and conquer in order to rule over all has been the modus operandi of the (D)s ever since they liked what they saw in Leninist-Stalinist Soviet Russia, Red China, the Southeast Asian communist regimes, and fell in love with the idea of a totalitarian, rule-by-elite America. Hey, let’s ruin the land of the free, too! That would really be the ultimate, to take down the world’s enduring symbol of life, liberty, and the pursuit of peaceful prosperity (especially because it was “under God,” like it said on the money). Remember the goals of Karl Marx, in order: 1) Dethrone God, and 2) Destroy capitalism. These are the same goals of today’s (D)ethroning (D)estroyers, and if there was a time when the goals and ideology of Marxists/Leftists/Socialists and the old-school (D)s were NOT nearly identical (for the record, I do believe that there had been such a time, only several decades in the past), that era has clearly come and gone. The Left and the (D)s are now indistinguishable. Face the facts, and get used to the reality of it. If you’re going to still try to be the immovable object on this and hang on to outdated “Nah, it’s not as bad as you’re making it out” notions, here’s my challenge for you: name one thing that the (D)s would like to see happen in or to America that ANY leftist in the world would not also like to see? Go ahead, take your time (if you want to waste it in a futile exercise, but that’s your choice). No, what BOTH the Left and the (D)s want to see is God-blessed America, R.I.P. (you had your run; now it’s over). God has been systematically deposed, overthrown, exiled, and — as if it were ever actually possible — killed by a thousand cuts. There’s a new god in Everytown, so it’s best to bow down to the State, if you know what’s good for ya! 

So again, cui bono? Which of the parties, the (R)s or the (D)s, actually stands to benefit by (D)ismembering the American citizenry into several lifeless chunks and then claiming that when the parts are reassembled, Frankenstein-style, the result will be a living, thriving organism, better than ever before? It’s sheer madness, people!

Look around you; wherever you see outrageous agitation and another attempted arson, it’s the (D)s who started the fire, fanned the flames, poured on the gasoline, and then “helpfully” offered to be the “heroes” to put out that “unfortunate” fire (THEIR way, only). It’s like a phony neighborhood protection racket writ large. Step 1: Smash the store’s windows; Step 2: “Hey, we noticed that somebody smashed your windows. Maybe you could use some protection, am I right?”; Step 3: “Sure, we can provide that service, but it’s gonna cost ya.”; Step 4: “Oh, it happened again? Well, sorry to hear that, but you get what you pay for, right? We’re gonna need some more money up front if we’re gonna step up the level of protection. So let’s have it.” Lather, rinse, repeat Steps 1-4. Make a crisis, make it worse, demand exclusive control over the situation (or else!), exploit the crisis for everything it’s worth (Rahm Emanuel). NEXT crisis…..!

Bottom line: Break the circuit ASAP. Cut off the power from the power-hungry leftist (D)s. What’s good for the world, the country, your neighbors, your family, and you yourself is precisely the opposite of what they want in the dead-end future. To whom it applies: please wake up in time to do the right thing. To those of you who get it: please pass this on to someone who may not be there quite yet. Please do not be slow to do just a little bit more for the cause before things get even crazier and more (D)estructive. Little things like positive word-of-mouth can go a long way!


10/1/18: Why I bother with any of this

Consider this: When is today’s average American, from the time of birth until death, going to be exposed to the important, central truths of life? In a typical secularized home? Not likely. In pre-school or elementary school? Even less chance, given that “free” public (state-run) education stifles truth on purpose and excludes any positive mention of the God of the Bible (by “law”). In the public high schools or in all but an ever-shrinking handful of colleges? Nope. No way. Any central truths that seep through to the trusting students get through only despite the design. So for the first 17-22 years of a young American’s life — unless the central truths for this life and the eternal afterlife are encountered through a church connection (wherever Biblical doctrine is consistently preached and taught), faith-based programs, godly friends, or parents responding to conscience — where (I’m asking you), where along the line will they ever have been exposed to anything other than the statist, “progressive,” anti-God, anti-family, anti-Truth story line (which I’ve been calling, “THE NARRATIVE”)? Through pop culture (music, TV, movies, social media)? Is that where any of us are going to learn the difference between actual, eternal truths and finger-to-the-wind “truths” that can and do shift constantly? Not on your life! How about in the workplace, where mandated and enforced “diversity” is rule #1 (has been for decades already), shunting earnest and honest productivity off to the side, if not subjecting it to ridicule, actual discrimination, and even real persecution (those who don’t get in lockstep with the PC mob)? And of course, that brings us to the “Mainstream Media,” the self-appointed high priests of the PC religion imposed top-down by the Left. It’s no wonder that they zealously hate and stop at nothing to (D)estroy any information outlets that dare to try to reach average Americans (THEIR “property,” their slaves) with the essential, life-affirming, life-giving Truth that they will never let you hear. It would be horrible for business to invite comparison with a competing view! At present, the only reliable news and commentary providers that exist in any kind of numbers are on the web, which they also desperately seek to control like everything else, and like every totalitarian attempts to do, regardless of location; to them, it’s totally necessary; the truth must not get out!

So add it all up. As one who strives to learn, embrace, disseminate, and live by the Truth of God (OBJECTIVE Truth that isn’t subject to change, THE truth that orders and prioritizes earthly lives and saves lives for eternity), what choice do I have but to try to get central, most-important truths out to those who may never hear them otherwise?

The old metaphor is apt: if I see my neighbor’s house on fire and he/she is amid the flames, is it acceptable to NOT even call the fire department at the very least? When I try to link you to sane, judicious truth-tellers and refer you to The Scriptures, all I’m doing is calling the fire department to come to your aid. They are much more capable than I am — through their oftentimes first-hand knowledge, fact-based expertise, well-known track record, and especially manner of presentation — of reaching otherwise isolated Americans. And when I throw my own water on the fire or rush into the house, I do so with a sense of immediate urgency (we only can count on the moment as being part of our future), out of a sense of personal duty (I’m the one standing there and witnessing the disaster), in service to my neighbor in need, and above all, in service to my Savior; not to earn points towards salvation — HE has paid my bill in full — but out of gratitude for that salvation and every good and perfect gift that has come from above. No matter how headstrong I may appear or in fact be when I put the water of life out there in yet another attempt to put out this fire or that, what motivates me is an abiding, intense concern — I dare say, Biblical love — for those IN the house and the house itself. America is burning down. Our neighbors are cut off from any hope of rescue unless observant good people are ready, willing, and able to take proper actions in the homes, the schools, the workplaces, the public square, through responsible use of the media (against THE NARRATIVE), and in the voting booths.

With further reference to the metaphor, atheist Penn Gillette has gone on record as saying that he ONLY respects those true Christians who care enough about his eternal destiny to dare to approach him with the Gospel. His take: if you really care about me and are convinced I’m headed for hell, you will try to steer me away from it; you’ll try to rescue me from that fire, even though I might lash out at you for trying. Otherwise? You’re just another hypocrite in a church full of hypocrites. Ouch! Now, I’ll admit to you right here, I’ve done very very very little in face-to-face witnessing for Christ, and let’s own up to it, we all have opportunities to do so. God bless those courageous and caring souls who do! They are diligent servants of Christ, His Church, and humanity worldwide. And true heroes to me. They are doing what I’m apparently not wired to do, and I admire them (applies to the military and law enforcement personnel, too, BTW). But I can throw in my little mite as my humble contribution, though sometimes that coin seems to rattle and make a lot of noise because of the way I tossed it in the collection vessel.

So, yes, I can be accused of regularly getting the ol’ hammer of righteous indignation out and “bludgeoning” people into cornmeal, and of stepping on the toes of fellow Christians or political conservatives who tell me, “Yeah, yeah, we get it already!” But if you fall into that category — like-minded for the most part, but resentful of my delivery system — please do me this small favor but great courtesy: as several of you have done, just drop a word or two in my inbox (ALL of you whom I care most about — the loved ones and friends whom I can actually claim to know/have known — have my main email address; please make use of it). I’m not looking for 100% agreement, not even close. Just acknowledge receipt sometime.

What I hope to see is something along these lines: “Yes, we’ve noticed that aspect and/or we know the good folks from the not-so-wonderful folks.” Or “That was a good point you [or more likely, one of the writers linked to] made there.” Or “That one seems a bit off; where do you/they get that?” Or, “I/we try to help our friends see that what they’re getting from most of the media is heavily skewed to the left.” Or — and this would be great! — “Our pastor is on top of that issue, and he’s not afraid to tell it from the pulpit!” But any little hints that you, too, are out there standing for truth and/or against falsehoods in any small way would be very encouraging to me. If I ask for some evidence of your basic CIVIL involvement in the public square, I’m not questioning anyone’s Christian faith or conservative credentials! That is unless… a professing Christian conservative takes umbrage at the suggestion that maybe — just maybe — they could do a little bit more in the way of support of what’s good and true — especially in public — even if in the smallest ways imaginable. Granted, I should not say something like, “abdicating responsibility,” (implying, fully abdicating) — admittedly that is going a bridge too far with anyone who gets it– when I should say, “possibly” “shirking” “some” responsibility (so only partially). But let’s be honest: there’s always room for improvement in any of us with regard to these vitally important areas.  So let’s throw some encouraging bones to each other, okay? I’m merely asking for some sign(s) of like-minded efforts in support of the cause of Truth, and nothing more.  THESE are the types of gestures that like-minded people can make towards me that just let me know you’re out there at all (without any feedback, how do I know that any of it ever gets before your eyes? I mean, it’s one thing to spot-check what I’ve written and sift things for something you can use, and then trash it, and another thing entirely to automatically trash everything I send without informing me that I’m such an offensive skunk!). So be fair. Play fair.

Don’t let a wave of resentment build up towards me personally because you insist on taking even things that DON’T apply to you as some kind of personal, individual attack. Rehearsing some facts from this end: 1) While this is a website published for public consumption, and is intended to help ANYONE who runs across it, I’m not seeking followers for myself, so 2) I limit email exchanges to known contacts, and again, only those with whom I have/have had interpersonal contact (no time for anything beyond that, and I’m not going to even try to claim that I love and respect everyone everywhere equally, because only a liar will try that one; I concentrate those email efforts on those I care most about in a personal way). 3) To me, the truth will always be more important than who’s saying it or the manner of expression. Some pretty edgy people armed with a lot of truth have been greatly used by God to put His Truth out there to the people and their leaders: How about Elijah mocking the high priests of Baal? Or Nathan, point-blank to David, “YOU are the one!” The Apostle Paul, dressing down the Galatians or Corinthians? Our Lord Himself, so often taking the pharisees to the woodshed (especially, Matthew 23 — the “Woe unto you” diatribe)? Later on, there were Martin Luther, John Calvin, and John Knox (who made poor Mary, Queen of Scots cry; oh, the horror!), none of whom are known for lying with friendly smiles on their faces, but rather, for boldly speaking the truth, receive it or not, nice expression or not. A lie believed will do its damage, regardless of the speaker or writer. Look at the words, not the face. Which is easy for me to say, I suppose, what with my non-photogenic mug and all. But still… the point that I’d like to make here is that the Holy Spirit is unquestionably wise enough and powerful enough to reach all who will be saved regardless of rough-edged messengers. He can even use this lowly Peter-like, rambunctious, bull-in-a-china-shop, isolated lone wolf to get some important truths to some people. That’s what I believe, and all that I ask of the triune God in the days I have left on earth: use me for the sake of the blood-bought church of Christ, the Gospel, and the eternal glory of God.

P.S.– I feel the need to clarify and highlight two or three parts of this. To my fellow professing Christians and/or “conservatives,” please take this to heart: When I “bludgeon” you (if you tend to think that everything I’m saying in a wider context is aimed at you, individually) with all of that stuff you already know, please chalk that up to two things: 1) I don’t know that you do know unless you confirm that to me somehow (if I’m just “preaching to the choir” in your case, fine, more power to you! and thank God for that light that you’ve already received!) and 2) I hope that it’s okay with you if I try to call attention to something that maybe some folks don’t know as well as you do. Since we still have some right to free speech left, may I suggest that you develop your own web site to share your valid opinions, too? 3) And let’s put my bludgeoning into context: 1) It’s not relentlessly coming at you from every possible angle, every corner of society, 24/7/365, like the leftist propaganda is. You get a little email from me from time to time (as part of a small group of contacts), and you don’t like something about it, well, just delete it; was that so hard? And 2), nobody’s ever forcing you to come to this web page (email circle or not) to see what I have to say (or follow the links to others). You come here voluntarily, and what you see is what you get; you pay your wooden nickel and enter. It has always been “Take it or leave it” here, agree, disagree, or “meh.” And now, I am talking to everyone in general : I do NOT wish to see ANY of you walking into an absolutely hopeless and endless state experiencing God’s just wrath in the eternal fire. It’s because of that sincere conviction that I do what I do, and I only hope that you can forgive me for my errors in presentation as I try awfully hard to make sure you have enough information to run away from the fire.

Sorry, no humorous memes today. This was more important. Please take my serious words in the proper spirit.


9/29/18: Today, we’ll do some Notepad-clearing and island-hopping, employing links, quotes, and memes. Here we go…

  1. 4-Star Must-Read of the day: The Barbarism of the Democratic Party
    (Caroline C. Lewis) [hey, MeToo crowd: take note, the writer is a woman] 
  2. The Patriot Post QUOTE OF THE WEEK:
    “Principled opposition rooted in facts and logic are all well and good, but emotion-driven tantrums belong in a romper room, not in any Senate hearing room. You want to be role models for girls and women, take a course in civil discourse, and as I always recommend, learn to argue with your lady smarts, not your lady parts.” —Michelle Malkin
  3. Basic info backtrack: Who is Karl Marx? (Paul Kengor) [brush up on what undergirds everything the leftists are doing]
  4. Transgender war has no place in the classroom (Washington Examiner)
  5. Trump Administration Cancels FDA’s Aborted Baby Parts Contract (Terence Jeffrey). “This is an unambiguous victory for the sanctity of human life.” [Give the president credit, this is another good move!]
  6. So Deep State bureaucrats are untouchable? Watch them say so in the videos!
  7. America Is Governed by Americans, Trump Tells UN; The president touted his successes while pointedly rejecting the message of globalism. (Thomas Gallatin) [I’m SR, and I approve this message (think campaign-season-speak)]
  8. Leftist sliming rising (Michael Ledeen) 
  9. Exposing the Danger of #MeToo; Social justice has co-opted the movement and threatens to overturn America’s system of justice (another good one from Thomas Gallatin, TPP; guilty until proven innocent” and differing standards for different identity groups clearly turn justice on its head.)
  10. BULLETIN: BONUS VIDEO LINK (I just finished listening to this while I worked: DANA LOESCH is one great communicator and stand-up citizen!)

Okay, we’ll stop there. On to the Memes! (from “The Patriot Post” (



3D ginsburgs

7 investigatns. already

[Yeah, how about that? There have been SIX FBI investigations of Kavanaugh already at various steps along the way. NONE of this stuff has ever surfaced from the slime pit before. And the number of corroborators for the accuser’s tale? ZERO! Still stuck at ZERO, even after her tearful testimony; and after 35 years to try to overcome that life-changing “trauma.” Mighty curious…]



Business as usual for the (D)espicables. Just add the bodies to the pile of 3,288 developing boys and girls slaughtered yesterday (and today, and tomorrow…). Their murderous inclinations know no bounds. Remember this! Remember this in November. Do THATfor the children” (for REAL!).

Article links: 1. How Abortion Polarized America (Michael Barone); Excerpt: “Third, opinion on this issue is based on moral values of central importance to the way people live their lives. For pro-choicers [pro-aborts is much more accurate–SR], the issue is a proxy for personal autonomy. For pro-lifers, it’s a question of extinguishing human lives. Things a lot more important to people than whether the minimum wage goes up a dollar or the income tax rate goes down a percent.” [bold emphasis mine–SR]

2. Kavanaugh Justifiably Angry at Outrageous Demo StrategyThe judge’s impassioned response to spurious allegations was exactly what the Democrat circus called for. (Mark Alexander and Nate Jackson, The Patriot Post)

3. The Rage of the Left; Leftists are becoming increasingly unhinged in their attacks on political opponents. (Brian Mark Weber) Excerpt: “Shelby Steele writes at The Wall Street Journal, “The left is still stalked by obsolescence. There is simply not enough menace to service its demands for power.” [Oh, man, is that true!–SR]

4. Woodward’s ‘Blue Wave’ Launch Pad: Fear Crazy Trump! (Mark Alexander, TPP)
“[Trump] is doing what he campaigned on. Some policies may not work out, but they’re not ‘crazy.'” —Brit Hume [proving once again that when it comes to any issues — any plank in the platform that lends itself to positive promotion — the (D)essicrats got nuthin.’ Their hand: the race card, the class warfare card, the hate card, and the fear card. Are you gonna let ’em win with that weak (D)ung?!? Come on!–SR]

Graphics/memes below from: “The Patriot Post” (





(Truer words were never memed…)

Remember, above graphics from the vigilant folks at: “The Patriot Post” (


9/27/18: These three perceptive truth-tellers are better at keeping a civil tongue, pen, or keyboard than I am, so let’s hear from them, in alphabetical order;

  1. Mark Alexander: The assault on Kavanaugh (and the Constitution)
  2. Gary Bauer: The Smears Continue; Key excerpt: “As I have previously reported, Brett Kavanaugh has undergone six FBI investigations. Nothing like these accusations ever came up.” [bold emphasis mine — SR; if you can’t see through this (D)emoncrat chicanery, I have to wonder how you can even function from day to day!]
  3. Star Parker: Today’s 4-Star recommendation (with some GOOD news for those of us who are still engaging our minds and making use of conscience as a guide); Excerpt: “The whole point of the 14th Amendment, enacted after the Civil War, was to guarantee every American due process and equal protection under the law. But with this show around Kavanaugh’s confirmation, the Democratic Party has unmasked itself as a party whose only interest is in a left-wing political agenda, not the law. It is exactly why Democrats see conservative judges, like Kavanaugh, who take the Constitution seriously, as a mortal threat. Democrats want politics and their agenda, not law. Hence, an outstanding and honorable man’s good name and reputation is being besmirched with unsubstantiated and tenuous claims. The long-accepted tradition that the burden of proof is upon the accuser, not the accused, is being thrown to the trash bin. It should be of particular concern to blacks and women that we live in a nation in which law stands above politics. Blacks, because this is what the civil rights movement was about. Women, because this is not just about themselves and their daughters but equally about their husbands and sons.” [bold emphasis mine — SR]

Graphics/memes below from: “The Patriot Post” (

predator or victim


mrs. osama


Graphics/memes above from: “The Patriot Post” (


9/26/18: This will have to do for today, since I’m running out of week with too much yet to do on the baseball project side. Six article links and some memes follow below: 

  1. Rapist identifies as trans woman, gets sent to women’s prison. Guess what happens next? by Jenna Ellis, Washington Examiner
  2. Ohio’s Issue 1: Dangerous and Deadly (Ken Blackwell)
  3. Conservative James Woods banned by Twitter
  4. The Assault on Kavanaugh Validates Trump (Rich Lowry) Excerpt: …the media is [are] an unremitting political and cultural adversary. In the Kavanaugh controversy, the press has been wholly on the other side, presuming his guilt and valorizing his accusers and their supporters, including Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono, whose most famous contribution to the debate was telling men to “shut up.”
  5. Media ignore Trump’s economy (Michael Reagan)
  6. They studied the situation and did the math: nearly twice as many ILLEGAL aliens as we’d been told. Hmmm. Go figure! (MAIREAD MCARDLE)

Also–this from the Short Cuts section of “The Patriot Post” (

And last… “Remember folks, if they can do it to Kavanaugh this way, they can do it to any adult male you know. Brother, husband, father, friend, colleague. The only dependent variable: whether the man is a political enemy of the progressive Left.” —Buck Sexton  [remember the warning from Scott Adams a while back? They’re coming for you next” is what he said (video link here)]

Memes/graphics that follow from “The Patriot Post” (





Thanks for making it all a bit more bearable: “The Patriot Post” (


9/25/18: Today’s 40 trillion dollar challenge: name one POSITIVE, SUPPORTIVE plank in the (D)-rat platform. Just ONE! That’s right, you can’t. All the (D)espicables are pushing for is (D)estructive. Period. (D)estroy Trump, the GOP, Kavanaugh and any Constitution-defending nominees, due process and justice, and America itself; and anything truly and objectively good (as declared by the holy, unchanging God) must be done away with. Again I say: name even ONE thing that the (D)s stand FOR that tends to build rather than (D)ivide and (D)estroy. Today’s (D)s have not one ounce of moral fiber between ’em; they throw (D)ung at true public servants (as rare as that breed is, they’re all coming from the (R) side) and strut around on their self-designated moral high ground as if they’re sinless secular saints. [BULLETIN LINK, A CASE IN POINT: WATCH THIS VIDEO TO SEE THESE JERKS IN ACTION!] And their economics? Pure manure. The numbers do NOT add up! You simply can’t stretch the mathematical laws that far to enter into the realm of alchemy and magic; what they’re claiming is a cogent possibility (though without any specific methodology or even a napkin-sketched plan to get there), is distinctly and absolutely impossible. The ONLY way that “free health care for all” could even begin to work in theory/on paper is to TAX all of us who are not members of the ruling elite or its crony-dom to (D)eath. In other words, rob from those under the Boot of the State to shod the feet of the Statists. “Free health care!” my rump! These people are flat out of their minds, morally and intellectually (D)estitute. Yet half of the country still looks to these jackasses for “leadership.” Astonishing! They’ve “led” us in a massive sleepwalk to the point that right now, America has one foot poised over the bottomless abyss, and unless we’re awakened in the nick of time by an ever-watching, still-protective God, down we all go. Time to wake up or plummet!

Informative articles that counter THE NARRATIVE are at the other ends of these links:

  1. Read this one first, and proceed to the comments section. There you’ll find a very interesting and factual observation by Matthew Bracken re: some very personal motives for the accuser’s attack on Brett Kavanuagh (HINT: his mother was the judge in a case the accuser’s family lost).
  2. Let’s get Haven Monahan to testify against (D) hero Keith Ellison (Ann Coulter)
  3. (D)estroying Kavanaugh one scripted attack at a time (Nate Jackson, TPP)
  4. Rebecca Hagelin: Why I believe the charges against Kavanaugh are false
  5. Arnold Ahlert is alert to the real crisisAmerica’s Totalitarians; Today’s leftists believe it is their solemn duty to take the country back even if our republic is destroyed. [I’d only quibble about “if “; I think that IS the plan-SR]

Even a little dose of humor would be helpful now, no? We turn again to “The Patriot Post” ( for supplying the memes/cartoons below:


(Lisa Benson nails it again; find her work here)

lying w. pigs

(Michael Ramirez is consistently great, too; find his work here)



(Not in the least bit funny, but unassailably true, and just as I’ve been saying all along — SR.)

Thanks for speaking the truth to the power-mad: “The Patriot Post” (


9/24/18: Yesterday being the Lord’s Day, I took a day off from wading through the swamp and the reptiles. But now I’ve got my hip-waders on, so it’s time to proceed with the series, “THE NARRATIVE vs. The Truth.” Basic premises: 1) 90% of what we get from 90% of the mass media (“mainstream” media, or MSM) is not to be believed; the leftist slant is thoroughly pervasive, anti-Trump, anti-Republican (upper case OR lower case), anti-American, and almost always blatantly and consciously anti-God. 2) When the attacks on truth and truth-tellers are not blatant, they are under/off the radar in order to minimize detection and maximize the negative effect. So THE NARRATIVE can bludgeon you persistently with the big lies of the party line — the main 365/24/7 tenets of “The Redundancy,” my own term for the whole range of resisters of truth, godliness, and God Himself  (because those constantly hammered big lies are easier to engrave on blow-weary brains), and...THE NARRATIVE can also worm its way into conscious thought via the subconscious (insinuations and subtle suggestions, through “happy face” advertising that gradually tugs you in a new direction, for example). Either way, THE NARRATIVE is designed to completely dominate the thinking of all of us who are not part of the ruling elite that we, the unwashed masses, must uphold and obey (spelled out: The Left and its bank-rollers (Soros, Bloomberg, Peter Lewis, et al), the Marxists/Socialists (of all stripes), the sold-out (D)s and all corrupto-crats (including opportunistic RINO turncoats), the MSM, thoroughly political radical Islamists, the LGBT bullies, and all enemies of Judeo-Christian ethics or religion). Now do you see why I just call all of this The Redundancy? It takes several minutes to just list some, but not all of the forces and movements that intersect at the point of resisting the ways, authority, and/or existence of the God of the Bible; there’s the common denominator. They understand this much if nothing else: either God rules or they do. This life on earth is the whole ball of wax for the atheist, the agnostic, and the self-centered, power-hungry, become-the elite-or-bust type of person. It’s the whole game, all or nothing, and it can’t end in a tie. This explains their obsession with power and complete control over all lives and their boundless selfishness. This (now) is all there is; grab it now or never. It’s your autonomy, stupid. [The supreme irony: to be free, all you have to do is surrender your individual freedom to the collective State; “subjection makes you free!” As if!]

The last basic premises (#3A and 3B), then, are simply: In the first place, the unwashed masses will NOT be allowed to encounter anything that runs against THE NARRATIVE; anything that smacks of The Truth must be mocked, marginalized, “explained away,” or “terminated with extreme prejudice” (and use that last tool, outright free-speech-assassinating censorship, as a first resort whenever possible, just to save time and effort). 3B? Go after all truth-tellers as the mortal enemies of THE STATE and its lifeblood NARRATIVE. So we’re back to this again: God or The State (Big government as god); God, who can NOT lie (Titus 1:2, Hebrews 6:18, etc.) or the Statists, who MUST lie constantly in order to survive at the top of the heap. Listen to your conscience before it’s too late, that’s all I’m saying to anyone who’s sitting on the fence. If what you’re seeing from “The Resistance” seems to you to be immature and childish at best and recklessly evil and ever-(D)estructive at worst, maybe it’s because your “gut” and your conscience are still properly aligned. And maybe — just maybe — when weighing the actual merits of  historical socialism where it has been tried (without any clear success stories; even Sweden is seeing the inevitable downside now) and historical free market capitalism where it has been tried (look at Chile in South America for a recent, current example), you can more easily reject the idealistic, UNrealistic, unsustainable, impossible fantasies of a cure-all Socialist America. THE NARRATIVE sells this poisonous snake oil as a magic elixir, and I hope that by now, every single one of you can see that’s what they do; keep your money in your pockets!

Links to more articles exposing the censorship of truth-tellers, and pro-NARRATIVE discrimination:

  1. CNN’s PR Team Eats Crow After Claiming That CNN Doesn’t Lie 
  2. Facebook bans Frontpage editor Jamie Glazov
  3. Adriana Cohen: Google’s Foul Play  and…
  4. Social networks shutting out conservatives
  5. Google’s search for a leftist America
  6. What should conservatives do about Silicon Valley?
  7. The human cost of fake news
  8. A new color of censorship

Links to more articles exposing the ignorance of the Socialist (D)s and THE NARRATIVE vs. reality:

  1. How are you gonna pay for it ? Part 1: Ocasio-Cortez 
  2. How are you gonna pay for it ? Part 2: Andrew Gillum
  3. Venezuelans ARE paying for it in the usual way; the elite eat, the people don’t
  4. Meanwhile, in capitalist America under Trump: good news for the Hispanics here

Time to step aside and let the memes do the talking (“The Patriot Post” (





Thanks again for the supply of “alternative” knowledge: “The Patriot Post” (


9/22/18: First, an article was overlooked, a loose end. On the topic of Eco-Tyranny, there was one I forgot to include in yesterday’s batch, but it’s a good one: The stealth agenda of climate cronyism; The issue of climate change is more about influence, money, and power than about science. (Brian Mark Weber, 9/14, before the Florence story had been fully told). Two tidbits worth citing up front: it was none other than Al Gore who predicted that the earth would be a “total frying pan” already by 2016, yet this knuckleheaded con man will be joining other loonies like Governor Moonbeam and the requisite “omniscient” celebrities in one of those leftist solve-all conferences. Of course, most of ’em will be flying to the confab in their fossil-fuel-wasting private jets, but no hypocrisy to see here, that’s for sure, ‘cuz these are the saviors of Mother Earth! 

Here’s an oddball item for the day: when did this “Blue and Red States” divide get started, and who got to decide which party got which color? I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought “they” got it backwards! After all, the (D)s are anything but “true blue” to America, positive values, and the truth in any area. But “better red (communist) than dead” belongs to that party, lock, stock, and barrel. So when did they flip that script, too, so that once again, everything was deliberately turned on its head and familiar realities were swapped out for new mass-(D)eceptions?

This Wikipedia article, “Red states and blue states”  provides some explanation. Key excerpt: The choice of colors reverses a long-standing convention of political colors whereby red symbols (such as the Red Flag or Red Star) are associated with left-wing politics, and right-wing movements often choose blue as a contrasting color.[5] Indeed, until the 1980s, Democrats were often represented by red and Republicans by blue. The current terminology of “red states” and “blue states” came into use in the United States presidential election of 2000 on an episode of the Today show on October 30, 2000, wanting to avoid any implied connection between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. According to The Washington Post, the terms were coined by journalist Tim Russert, during his televised coverage of the 2000 presidential election.[6] That was not the first election during which the news media used colored maps to depict voter preferences in the various states, but it was the first time a standard color scheme took hold; the colors were often reversed or different colors used before the 2000 election. [bold emphasis mine — SR]

For either more historical background or just confirmation, read the Smithsonian’s take here. Either way, the MSM are the enforcers of this color scheme, so the current scheme is as “non-negotiable” as any other part of THE NARRATIVE, like it or not. I choose to reject it in my mind. To me, (R)s — the authentic ones — are true blue and (D)s are red radicals. I go by truth, even in symbolism.

On our way out for this session, two things related to the issue of “Sustainability” and the HUD reforms proposed by Secretary Ben Carson: 1) Mr. Carson solicited public comments on those anti-AFFH proposals, Tom DeWeese (American Policy Center) passed that fact on to his readers, and I took the opportunity to respond. Here’s what I said:

This “Affirmatively Affirming Fair Housing Act” (AFFH) business is so typical of the Left: effective destruction by stealth, subterfuge, and sheer propaganda. It’s nothing more than another government-as-god power play that can only further undermine our democratic REPUBLIC while building up the idol and sacrificing the people to it. Repeal it fully if at all possible, but begin the reform process at least, and ASAP! This is an idea that should never have even occurred to “public servants!” Then again, thugs are never concerned with serving!

2) Well, there I go again. Not a PC guy, don’t care. I agree with Kathleen Marquardt on that score (read this excellent article), and on just about everything she writes about. She, too — along with Mr. DeWeese — is a big part of the APC. I heartily recommend your financial support for that fine organization. But first, perform some due diligence on this whole “back burner” issue that deserves more attention; be an informed and active citizen of the republic! As is usually the case in America these days, if we snooze we lose!

The grab bag of graphics/memes below from: “The Patriot Post” (

osama live




(Cartoon by Lisa Benson, find her work here)

poverty industry

Confirming attribution: “The Patriot Post” (


9/21/18: Taking a day off from you-know-what for two simple reasons: 1) Other than a novel, subtle nuance added here or there by an observant pundit, enough of the whole sordid territory has been covered many times over, to the point that it’s plain to see that this whole orgy of obstruction is just that: low-life leftists get their kicks (almost an orgiastic sexual pleasure, it seems) out of obstructing the processes of true justice and the utter (D)estruction of good people merely because they are good. So when even the San Francisco Chronicle (!), and famous liberal lawyers are scolding Findstain and her fellow (D)eceivers about this OBVIOUS 11th hour ploy, you just know that their base motives have been laid bare. We are so onto you, party of NO, NOT, KNOW-NOT, and (D)eath. 2) So all that remains is what remains to be seen, and only all-knowing God sees around the corners and in every corner. Predict away, pundits and “experts” (what a joke!). None of us will know more until it all sifts out, and whatever does happen is part of God’s over-arching plan.

Today’s simple web page plan is this: go back and collect some scraps re: Eco-tyranny, which has long been another aspect of the 24/7/365 NARRATIVE assault on all who are sufficiently gullible (they’re hoping) to swallow their “green” We’re-Killing-Mother-Earth! propaganda hook, line, and sinker. Below are some links to relevant articles that have appeared in recent weeks; claims made, claims debunked, alternative takes provided. This is only a representative sampling, mind you, since THE NARRATIVE — in all of its parts — is disseminated throughout the world, throughout each day, and throughout every possible area of outreach (mainstream media, corporate advertising and other promotions, pre-schools through grad schools, and even church denominations) in ways that are easily recognized, certainly, but also, and more dangerously, in oh-so-subtle ways. The success of brainwashing depends more upon insinuations seeping into the mind than exterior blows to the head. Let’s start with Stevie Wonder’s attempt to tie Aretha Franklin’s death to climate change (I promise you, I’m NOT kidding). Next, Trump rolls back anti-coal regulations (good news), and behold the outcry (no news there). A Chicago cardinal thinks his boss doesn’t need to talk so much about sex abuse, but should talk more about climate change. Apparently, Al Bore hasn’t yet shot himself into space where he can rule over his own pristine world, ‘cuz he’s still here, making a jackass of himself. How Solar and Wind Mandates Tax the Poor and Middle Class (Stephen Moore). Two knee-slappers: 1) WaPo actual headline (not a spoof, not an April Fools Day prank, not a comedian’s bit), and 2) Reporter hanging on for dear life? Errr…not so much, as it turns out (Weather Channel video deception).

Cartoons and memes time! (All via: “The Patriot Post” (

nye fool

blame game


crazy to deny

(Cartoon by Mike Lester; more of his work here)

Channel of transmission, attribution: “The Patriot Post” (


9/20/18: Figuring it would be counter-productive to dwell on the whole SCOTUS scat until things develop further next week, it seems like a good time to address some other parts of THE NARRATIVE (as opposed to The Truth). When Dr. Thomas Sowell (oh, how I miss his regular columns!) had more of a “grab bag” of multiple, unconnected musings-in-print to offer, he’d title that day’s column, “Random thoughts on the passing scene.” I always enjoyed those, as did huge numbers of others. In a decidedly humbler, pale-imitation fashion, I, too, would like to offer such random thoughts. But here is the plan’s saving grace: I’ll be linking you to the thoughts and commentary of others, and trying to trim my own pontificating (there could be quite a bit more of it, in case anybody’s wondering, so look on the bright side!). It just so happens that we’re agreeing with each other on substance, but only one party is conscious of the other; they have hundreds of thousands or millions of followers, and I’m not even a blip on the radar.

Still, I make it a daily practice to engage my God-given brain to piece things together, and guess what? It often happens that something that’s occurred to me and I’ve posted on these web pages (or written in my PDF books) is echoed by someone famous sooner or later. That makes me feel good, not because I convince myself that I thought of something first (I doubt that has ever been the case in any important matter), but the idea that sane minds have landed in the same place gives me this comfort: it seems that I’ve learned well from others and did some successful, valid extrapolating in forming my own view. I feel validated and confirmed in truth when the professional pundits are making the same observations, seeing what I’m seeing. They just have a more polished, proven way of putting it out there for public consumption, and I admire them for that. So allow me to continue to point out others you’d do well to listen to, as they fight back against THE NARRATIVE in its various aspects at a much higher level than the grass roots. We proceed now to the random thoughts/grab bag. Again, I miss your active presence in the media, Thomas Sowell. That much I just have to say.

Flash-card round: Irrelevant ne’er-do-wells Biden (link A; link B) and Holder bray on. Fellow “dregs of society” (NON-(D)s), take heart: “Beware when all manner of men speak well of you” — Luke 6:26. If you live to court the applause of men, all you have to do to get it is flatter them with the opposite of what’s true and buy into every identity group’s favorite conceit when you’re standing in front of them. They’ll throw wads of cash at you, concoct awards to give you, and fall at your feet. (D)s are always in campaign mode because they’re always promoting themselves; it’s pure, self-serving ego, and nothing less. “Servant of the people” with a (D) behind the name? Don’t you ever believe it, not even for a minute. You’re not the (D)regs. Case in point: State Dept. bureaucrat caught on tape in full (D)regs mode. (PROJECT VERITAS VIDEO HERE). High-level, veteran case in point; another serial-lying career criminal (Findstain link A, link B; we don’t know the half of it!). Erick Erickson echoes what I’d asserted, too. Ploy? Ulterior motives? Nothing to see here! (yet again, the accuser is a (D)regs hack). SPLC and MasterCard attack a truth-telling org. (and therefore, a natural enemy of Mo’ Money Dees and fellow (D)regs; PDF link here: FC letter. Today’s “Short Cuts” from “The Patriot Post (

Okay, that’s enough for now; on to the graphics/cartoons/memes! (Via: “The Patriot Post” ( —

11th hour

(Cartoon by Lisa Benson, find her work here)


(Nate Beeler cartoon: Me Too Weaponized; find his work here)


[Re: Nothing to see here! (yet again, the accuser is a (D)regs hack)]

[Relevant excerpt from that article: “She has worn one of those vagina hats at some anti-Trump marches. She has taken part in events opposing President Donald Trump, including a science march in California last year where she donned a version of the ‘p—y hats’ worn at the January 2017 Women’s March.”]

[So the parade of leftist paid NOT-ists rolls on. They’re often in the dark about what they’re protesting this time, but absolutely cocksure that they’re in the right every time. Read the article linked to above to get a better read on the recently spotlighted accuser. Quite the track record, yet not surprising in the least.]


[An encouraging word for those of us who are daring to tell the truth and are being attacked for it. Remember Luke 6:26: it’s a choice between fleeting applause from mere men or eternal approval from God above.]

The above graphics came to me via “The Patriot Post” (; always grateful! Thanks, too, of course, to the original cartoonists!


9/19/18: Today, we’ll get the unsavory subject matter out of the way first and quickly proceed to that good news I hinted at yesterday. “Assigned” (heartily recommended) reading for today: 1) Still timely, so pertinent — The Party of Some Women (Adriana Cohen, May 11, 2018); 2) Judging Kavanaugh — Feinstein’s ‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’ Strategy; Feinstein has scripted the Ford allegation to run out the clock on Kavanaugh (Mark Alexander, TPP) 3) Clinton Accuses Trump of Her Own Faults; Her tone-deaf whining is a great example of why Trump’s in the White House and she’s not (Nate Jackson, TPP; what was I saying just yesterday?)

The GOOD news, in two parts: Part 1 — Lots of solid upbeat news on the economic front and beyond (well, good for the (R)s, President Trump, and the nation, but…oh, so sorry, socialist (D)s, your whole philosophy prevents you from achieving any of these things):

  1. Trump economy spurs record entrepreneurship (Thomas Gallatin, TPP
  2. Federal regulations being cut at a record pace (S.A. Miller, Washington Times)
  3. Bill Wagner, TPP: More winning evidence
  4. Better off now than two years ago? (Nate Jackson, TPP)
  5. Here Are 3 Major Ways Tax Reform 2.0 Would Help Americans (Adam Michel, The Daily Signal/Heritage)
  6. Not so fast with that “blue wave” propaganda push (Washington Times)
  7. Christian camp hosts hurricane Florence evacuees (NGO shows true charity)

Part 2 of the GOOD news. Here, it’s all about the fact that we’re FIGHTING BACK against THE NARRATIVE and those behind it, pushing it, and attempting to force it down our throats.

First, just a little background via quotes from “The Patriot Post” (  

“For the record I: “There are dozens of documents that support the fact that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page had ongoing relationships with multiple reporters, and that they were feeding them information to spin a narrative. It’s not legal… They are denying it, and we have the proof. —Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC)” [my bold emphasis — SR]

“For the record II: “The dossier was a big lie. What they did is, they said, ‘It’s a big lie. The more people we can get to talk about the dossier, the more likely it is they will believe the lie.‘ So that’s why they had the leak strategy — to support a document that was the basis of everything.” —Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)” [big lies get better mileage, as the Nazis demonstrated; my bold emphasis — SR]

So the good news is this: President Trump has ordered many of these related smoking gun documents “declassified” and SOON. Fox News report is here. The truth will start to see the light of day.

Less momentous, but here’s a recent, very public example of the Left being caught in a lie and having to pay the price in public opinion; maybe this can gather some momentum and become a trend.

To get the most out of these scattered little tidbits of good news, let me suggest the following approach. Keep in mind that we don’t need to have forehead-smacking, jaw-dropping, overwhelmingly great “Wow, so cool!!” bombshell news to see that God is indeed working for good, even today, even now. Consider the small parts of the overall positive plan. We shouldn’t despise the day of small things (Zechariah 4:10). God IS working, and HE is actively involved in the details, not the devil. Even this current amoral morass shall pass. Let’s show faith in His timetable, the only one that really matters.

Time for the graphics and memes to be brought in? Yeah, I think so, too. Thanks to: “The Patriot Post” (

still too much

Still too much. They should pay you to take it out of sight.

cuckoonest - Copy

Still wanting to be at the center of the cuckoo’s nest.

convinced - Copy


Attribution for the 4 memes: “The Patriot Post” (

[Programming note: moving forward, it’ll be less about HRC, but there are always plenty of other (D)s who are quite capable, thank you, of making perfect jackasses of themselves; it’s just a matter of narrowing down.]


9/18/18: To keep it less confusing and more streamlined today, all postings will be done in one shot. Here’s the plan for this session:  1) I have to ask two questions. Because from the time the first wave of “MeToo” accusations started to surface, I wondered: A) just how far back in time could these accusations go and still be credibly supported by real evidence (is there a statute of limitations in force in any such cases?), and B), in this “special” area of sexual assaults, do accusations necessarily and automatically EQUAL convictions that necessarily and automatically mean due punishment (including the absolute decimation of everything a person is and has)? It seems to me that due process has been thrown out the window and into the gutter. I did consult a Wikipedia article on statutes of limitations and found out that they vary greatly, depending upon the seriousness and location of the alleged crime. That told me little, but I did find an article in the Boston Herald where the writer was giving voice to the thoughts I’d had and then some. Here’s that link, just to get into the channel. BTW, shouldn’t the Senate look into possible rules/ethics violations on the part of Sen. Findstain for the way she mishandled this last-minute mess? Step 2) of the plan: provide more links to articles that do NOT form part of THE NARRATIVE, but are instead credible sources of information that’s “best kept from you” by the Benevolent State. [ahem!]

To move things along, we’ll go with short titles/capsule descriptions, and just trust you to see for yourself what’s available at the other ends of those links.

Skipping the final (academic) stage of leftist brainwashing (college), but still able to start a good career? Sounds good to me!

Leftists are killing sex and gender. The gender-confused are killing themselves as a result.

Kavanaugh in the #MeToo Era (Mona Charen, TPP)

Brett Kavanaugh’s Kafkaesque Nightmare (Rich Lowry, TPP)

Hypocrisy: (D)s ignore Ellison-accuser while demanding Kavanaugh probe [Yes, I know, I knowI’M sick, too, of pointing out their consistent, constant hypocrisy, but let’s just face the facts: hypocrisy is no sin to them, and as good Marxist Alinskyites, setting up and maintaining a (D)ouble standard is an effective tool for ridicule (as is projection, with the very best example of a master projectionist being one Hi-liar Clinton); both phenomena (the ol’ double standard and projecting your own faults onto others and super-magnifying them IMAX-style) depend on the presence of heaps of hypocrisy in the DNA). This must be recognized and seen for what it is]

Speaking of the pot calling the kettle black… Yep, It. Is. A-live! Mt. Hellary spews more anti-MAGA magma. Recall all history textbooks that don’t tell the story the way HRC does (that give the (R)s credit for anything positive ever!). This is one (D)eluded, leftist, America-hating she-devil! (Sorry for the triple-redundancy).

Another good batch of Patriot Post Short Cuts for the day

Okay, enough. For tomorrow, several pieces of GOOD news are lined up. With what’s been going on in the Swamp lately, I think we could all use a break and a shower.

Graphics/memes below from: “The Patriot Post” (

benghazihypocrisy - Copy



crimespree - Copy


Memes property of “The Patriot Post” (; used by me with their permission and proper attribution (like this, before and after).


[9/17 “Late edition” correction: For the would-be nitpickers who’d love to try to discredit everything I’ve had to say by pouncing on a micro-detail error: Back on 9/10, I incorrectly referred to “Papa Joe” Stalin, while the nickname his pal FDR gave him was in fact, “UNCLE Joe.” I pass this on because I care about veracity.]

[“Late edition” additions: 1) Nifty little video for Constitution Day from Heritage and 2) The “evil genius” of the well-practiced (D)s (Thomas Gallatin, TPP)]

FIRST PRIORITY: If you read nothing else today, do read THIS (4-Star article by Arnold Ahlert). Explains so much, takes so little of your valuable time!

9/17/18: For those of you who still care, Happy Constitution Day! Where would we be without it? Even when it’s been mangled almost beyond recognition, trampled upon, and ignored as an extinct relic, even the nation-ruining (D)s have flourished under it; it has had that kind of strength. [So you’re welcome, ingrates!]

Since I had no firm plan for a specific issue to examine today, maybe a grab-bag approach is most fitting. But if you can walk through these few articles and right-on memes and judiciously engage your mental powers, I defy you to go on defending the indefensible (all leftists) and siding with their (D)emonic agenda of (D)estruction and (D)eath. Am I overstating how evil that “once-proud” but now decidedly leftist-overrun party is? No. No way. Consider that all of this last-minute obstruction to the SCOTUS nomination process — even decried as a “highly partisan show” by Ginsburg, of all people! — is more than 90% about “reproductive rights” being threatened! These callous, stone-cold murderers are insisting that they retain the “legal” “right” to snuff out the lives of defenseless, harmless human beings by the millions, and in unimaginably cruel ways. And all because a majority of “justices” in their UNconstitutional mold invented out of thin air that “right” in 1973. Ever since — ever since, I’m telling you! — ABORTION has been the central plank in the (D)-rat platform, its sine qua non. Try running as a pro-life (D) these days; can’t be done, since it’s an obvious contradiction in terms, and such a candidacy would be likewise strangled in infancy by the party powers (unless they could extract a promise to do a full flip-flop on the issue once elected, which has happened, too). So you (D)isingenuous (D)s can yammer about other issues that could come before Justice Kavanaugh, and fake concern about his stance on executive office powers or anything else under the sun, but you know, I know, we all know that it comes down to your “right” to slaughter babies without restraint, and how that is “settled law,” even if nothing else is. ALL moral issues are tied to one’s stance on abortion, since that directly concerns Right #1: the right to LIFE. It’s therefore beyond obvious — when you try to objectively assess their behavior in this recent turmoil and uproar — that the Left will consider the whole “game” to be lost if a “strict constructionist” like Kavanaugh is seated on the Supreme Court. THEY know how utterly convoluted and wrong the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions were, but they’ve had their people legislating from the bench in support of the whole dog’s breakfast for 45 years! They’re used to getting their way, so naturally, they feel threatened by the possibility that SCOTUS will finally see the light and square the Constitution with its original intent and commonsense morality, by returning the issue to the states and the people. THIS is why they’re beside themselves in their rage and stopping at nothing to defeat a good man’s appointment to a body they think belongs to them.

We’ll just point you now to some good sources of news outside of the outlets for THE NARRATIVE, as well as some sane commentary and graphics/memes.

For several takes on this whole Kavanaugh-accusation desperation toss by the Left, it looks like your best bets today would be Townhall and Hot Air (follow the links). One in particular: Let’s Put Brett Kavanaugh’s Accuser To The Chris Hardwick Test (Jazz Shaw, Hot Air).

Kelsey Grammer speaks plainly about abortion (D)oublespeak (Daily Wire)

Featured today from “The Patriot Post” ( are the following; 

  1. This whole page of “Short Cuts” — especially…
  2. (excerpt): And last… “If the GOP does not stand up to this character assassination attempt on Kavanaugh, every judicial nominee moving forward is going to suffer last minute sexual assault allegations.” —Erick Erickson
  3. TODAY’S INDISPENSABLE, 4-STAR READ: It’s Time to Hold America’s ‘Educators’ to Account
    Every serious problem with which this nation is afflicted has education as its common denominator. (Arnold Ahlert) Excerpt: 

Our universities have become de facto kindergartens, where social justice warriors make the now seamless transition from their helicopter parents (educated by the same system) and “everyone gets a trophy” lifestyles to campuses replete with safe spaces, trigger warnings, and utter contempt for the First and Second Amendments, all enabled by cowardly or complicit administrators.

[“Educator” cousin, and any of you inside the academia bubble, THIS is what I’ve been trying to say, so I hope you read this whole article with a receptive mind–SR]

Related humorous link, though not originally from TPP (

And now, since you’ve been more than patient, bring in the memes!


only here...

cowardlyfems - Copy


Once again, thanks to “The Patriot Post” (https://patriotpost.usfor the material posted above

Try to have a good Constitution Day. It’ll go a long way towards upsetting its mindless enemies!


9/15/18: It might be helpful today to change the format a bit by putting up one of those word-picture memes/cartoons issuing from “The Patriot Post” ( first, as the articles to which we’re linking to should then have more relevance. Here we go:

sanity my butt

Cartoonist A.F. Branco can be found here:

[My own 9/15 commentary text starts here]: Would you buy a used car or a worn-out, discredited ideology/political philosophy from any of these “sane” people? If so, I’m worried about you. Either you don’t care enough about the peaceful security of your loved ones, fellow citizens, OR yourself, or you’re hopelessly drowning in a sea of ignorance and just can’t be reached by any truth. THE NARRATIVE’s cure-all kool-aid has been laced with the poison of incessant lies, and you simply can’t buy enough of the stuff from the peddlers. This is beyond sad and tragic, both for those individuals who are in this position of enslavement, and for the United States of America. How many distractions, misdirections, and bald-faced lies are YOU willing to put up with? Your (true) liberty is (D)iminished daily, yet you’re forfeiting that for licentiousness, which is a whole different animal entirely, and wholly (D)estructive. Human minds and souls have to be nourished by the Truth in order to survive and flourish. If you’re truth-starved, you can only collapse in a dead heap. This is fine with the statists, since to them, you’re only a nameless part of a voting bloc, and then, when their power is secured, part of the amorphous Blob. You think you matter as an individual to the Left? Think again, think long and hard (if you’re still capable of thinking things through for yourself). I’ve already asked this question, but now ask it again as you look into the mirror in an honest moment: How many distractions, misdirections, and bald-faced lies are YOU willing to put up with? How long will you call your worst enemies your best friends? The (D)s — every one of them — have only their own self-interest at heart. Witness Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Fauxcahontas attempting to position themselves as viable 2020 presidential candidates. John Kerry (remember that traitorous charlatan?) engages in false modesty to drum up a “draft Kerry” movement for 2020, as well. Osama Obama apparently thinks he’s got all of the answers, and there’s no hope that that will ever change. He’s his own god, and he should be yours, too, by his own reckoning. In a close race for Most (D)elusional Banshee, there are Nonsense Pelousy and Maxevil Waters (in addition to those other perennial front-runners in the category, the have-it-both ways Warren, and the most qualified candidate ever for PRISON, Hellary herself). Feinstein is a lost cause, too, if you’re waiting for her to ever gravitate towards the truth and sane judgment; it’ll never happen. Then there are the two would-be “new lights,” the ignorant, admittedly socialist Ocasio-Cortez, who can be seen already leading the league in socialist elite hypocrisy, and that unwanted mouth-at-large, the product of conception of Bill and Hill. Can anything good come out of Clintonville? No. The answer is no. Read and learn the truth time; here are some worthy links:

The (D)isingenuous Harris ploy goes down in flames (Hot Air)

“Spartacus” Booker quotes violent racist (not a one-off, either!) 

Fauxcahontas spewing her non-stop bilge.

Democrats Like to Talk About Trump Breaking Norms. Now Obama Is.

Benghazi was nothing/overblown/never happened? Osama is still hard to beat for lying.

(Excerpt below comes from “The Patriot Post” (

Upright: “The president whose reign included an attorney general who was held in contempt of Congress, an administration that refused to enforce federal law, and misled Congress and the American public with meaningless executive orders wants to lecture evangelicals on lawfulness? That’s like Judas lecturing Matthew on proper accounting principles.”Tony Perkins

Pelosi is here for us. How comforting, in the era of Trump!

(Excerpts below also come from “The Patriot Post” (

Non Compos Mentis: “I pray a lot. I believe in the power of prayer and I think it is urgent. … [Kavanaugh] is a danger to affordable health care, women’s right to choose, any stare decisis — Brown v. the Board of Education, civil rights, voting rights, environmental protection and the rest. So, this is as serious as it gets.”House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) [and “devout Catholic” pro-abort, BTW]

Non Compos Mentis: “I did not threaten [Trump] constituents and supporters. I do that all the time, but I didn’t do that that time.” —Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) elucidating on her “push back” remark from June

Braying Jenny: “There’s a difference in how some of our leadership talk about how we should handle all of this. They say, ‘Maxine, please don’t say impeachment anymore.’ And when they say that, I say, ‘Impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment.'” —Maxine Waters

Another Leftist Attacks a Republican. The MSM continues to give Maxine Waters’s rhetoric and antifa violence a pass. (Political editors, TPP)

Domino theory of M.W. : First Trump, then Pence, then… (Washington Times link)

FEINSTEIN STUNT: Thomas Gallatin’s article and excerpt below come from “The Patriot Post” (

“As we previously noted, Democrats seek to weaponize the Kavanaugh confirmation process as a means for ginning up support from the party’s largest base, women voters. This latest play by Feinstein is a bald-faced attempt to exploit the #MeToo movement for this purpose. It’s also a cynical replay of the “high-tech lynching” Clarence Thomas endured in 1991. Without providing even a single specific allegation, Democrats and their cohorts in the Leftmedia are playing up vague and unsubstantiated innuendo as enough evidence to justify delaying the vote on Kavanaugh until after the midterm elections. It’s one of the most despicable displays of dirty politics seen in quite some time, and that’s saying something given the Democrats’ history of smearing GOP Supreme Court nominees and their nonstop resistance campaign against Trump.” [bold emphasis mine — SR]

It’s Our Constitution — Not Kavanaugh (Walter E. Williams, TPP)

Ann Coulter: The pantsuit that cried wolf

John Sexton, Hot Air: An unwanted return (even by (D)s; especially by (D)s?)

How many times have I said it? Socialists in power make the biggest elitists.

Her most idiotic statement ever? To date? Stay tuned?

Clinton product-of-conception: UNchristian to end legal abortion! Astoundingly arrogant, hypocritical insanity!

Here’s what we’re in for — economically speaking — if we insanely put the (D)s back in charge (surprise, surprise!); Alexander Hendrie, Washington Examiner

We distrust and despise the MSM now? (poll says we most certainly do). But contemplate how that’ll be even worse if THE NARRATIVE  is the ONLY thing you ever hear if/when the (D)s completely control the media! Do some extrapolating by using this statement as a jumping-off point (David Limbaugh, quoted in TPP):

The truth is that Republicans are [for the time being] witnessing how radical the Democratic Party has become and that these leftist policies were greatly damaging America. With their reasoning powers fully engaged, Republicans recognize that Trump is fighting to preserve the America they love, and that on a policy level at least, he is making major strides toward reversing Obama’s destructive course. While Democrats plead that they want to remove Trump because of his reputedly appalling manners and values, their [the (D)estructocrats’] real motive is to oust him because he has been so effective in thwarting their America-crushing juggernaut.

(Bold emphasis again mine — SR). But study those key phrases and put ’em together to paint the picture of a not-so-far-off leftist, totalitarian society where your true liberties are a thing of the past, never again to be regained. Because right now, those of us who want to know what’s going on still have some scattered sources of light and a president who has a keen sense of what must be done to right the ship. Nation-ruining socialist evil can return in a heartbeat, however; that beast wasn’t slain in the last general election, so you’d do well to wake up and get into your right mind this time around. Get off the sidelines and out of the gallery rimming the action! There’s no sleeping on the battlefield in this phase of the war. Side with the truth and fight for its ability to preserve and enhance the lives of millions! 

We’ll wrap up with some more great material from “The Patriot Post” (

PatPost meme12

fauxcahontas - Copy



The attribution, once again: “The Patriot Post” (

9/14/18: In the beginning, God created man and woman, the TWO SEXES: “Male and female created He them” (Genesis 1:27). When the last chapters of the Holy Bible had been written, over 4,000 years later, it was still: two sexes, male and female, and not a single word about another sex had been included in all of the Scriptures. When referring to human beings, the terminology was alwayssex” and NOT “gender.” Gender as a term was only part of linguistics and grammar, as modifiers in German and Spanish, for example. So it wasn’t until at least 1955 — almost 6,000 years into human history — that the new “bright idea” of using “gender” when discussing “sex” was introduced, and it was the radical feminists (and what is the root word there?) — about 15 years later — who took the concept and ran with it. Don’t believe me? Here it is from the Wikipedia article on gender:  Sexologist John Money introduced the terminological distinction between biological sex and gender as a role in 1955. Before his work, it was uncommon to use the word gender to refer to anything but grammatical categories.[1][2] However, Money’s meaning of the word did not become widespread until the 1970s, when feminist theory embraced the concept of a distinction between biological sex and the social construct of gender.”  [Bold emphasis mine — SR; but there you have it, word for word. Note the further irony: Money is called (still, in AD 2018) a “sexologist,” and NOT a “genderologist!”]

Of course, you didn’t have to know just when things began to change to be able to recognize that there has been a fanatical push by radicals to turn this matter, too, on its head. SIX THOUSAND YEARS of males and females ONLY living under God and in His universe means nothing to professed atheists and perverse practical atheists (those who know God exists, watches, and righteously judges, but live as if He does not, including professing “Christians”). This, too, is part of THE NARRATIVE. “Speaking the truth in love to your neighbor” has been massaged into “Live and let live, it’s none of my business” and finally morphed into “ANYTHING GOES, so no Bible-thumping, goody-goody “Puritan” can have anything to say against it!” Tolerance by Christians for unchristian behavior has come full circle to intolerance of everything Christian. THE NARRATIVE is dispensed on every battle-front in order to enforce this new “ethos.” Deviancy from Biblical and traditional norms is constantly affirmed and elevated, and adherence to those norms is cause for ostracizing and persecuting those of us who are “slow to learn” (“Thus says the LORD: Learn not the way of the heathen…for the customs of the peoples are vanity” — Jeremiah 10:2-3). As for which of the two major political parties is fully on board with sexual anarchy and all other tenets of THE (STATIST) NARRATIVE, I don’t need to say any more, do I? It’s time for the articles and memes to tell the story:

(D)s vs. reality

DNC goes “gender neutral”

Brown University caves in to rainbow mafia

A slice of sanity in California?!? Yes, there is some good news here

(Graphics/memes below from “The Patriot Post” (; thanks!)


[Well, two SEXES, but close enough…]

gender confusion


PatPost meme24

Thanks again to: “The Patriot Post” (


9/13/18: We’ll keep it short and to the point today. 1 link on immigration and 3 on abortion, then some of those succinct statements made via Patriot Post memes. In the next couple of days, another couple of aspects of THE NARRATIVE will be spotlighted and dissected. I’m now gathering the blowback for the counter-offensive, so that’s what’s in store.

Pull back from “zero tolerance?” Here’s what you get (Stephen Dinan, Washington Times)

Charity-to-abortion funding pipeline (United Way to Planned Murderhood)

New prez of that aforementioned abortion mill (a “doctor”): unbelievably, insanely hypocritical!

Really? They’re still trotting out that old “back-alley abortion” dung? When you see who’s still stuck on stupid, it won’t be a surprise, however (D-Bansheechusetts)

Graphics/memes below are from the gold mine that is “The Patriot Post” (





left's feat

Well, there are four things you’ll never hear as part of THE NARRATIVE! Thanks again to “The Patriot Post” (


9/12/18: To whom was I referring just yesterday (see immediately below)? Shock of shocks, they’ve attacked — again, and with the aid of the Sick Propaganda Lies Center (again) — David Horowitz’s Freedom Center. This time, they convinced Discover card to cut off  all attempts to donate using that credit card. Recall: first it was Mastercard and Visa, but when that blatant, hate-driven discrimination came to light, they had to back off due to the response they received for making those rash, ill-advised decisions, and they restored those avenues for funding (as well they should!). So we see yet again — since the “charge” leveled against the Freedom Center is that it is “islamophobic” — that the Left and radical Islamists are clearly in bed together, using each other to defeat the enemies they have in common: truth, truth-tellers, and anyone seeking The Truth (John 14:6). There are a couple of supreme ironies here. First, there is the fact that JUST YESTERDAY in America, we relived the horror of 9/11/01 that was undoubtedly the work of radical Islamists, and no other, so consider the complete inversion of perpetrators and victims that these murderers are pulling off by convincing now a THIRD credit card issuer that THEY are the victims of hate! Preposterous! Second, they are finally waking up in Europe, of all places! Well, the people are roused, anyway, and the election just completed in Sweden is the latest example of how they’re finally getting the attention of a nation’s hapless and oblivious “leaders.” What happened in Sweden is the continuation of a trend: Austria, Italy, Germany, and yes, even France and the UK! are seeing citizenries rising up to demand protection from the murderous thugs invading, endangering, and ruining their homelands. American liberals and socialists of a “light, European-style” stripe are constantly looking overseas for advice on effective governance, but THIS is an instance where we can recommend it! Learn from the over-run and overwrought; they’ve been there, are there, and are sick to death of it! They want no more of it and they know it’s high time to take potent actions, and with an equally strong sense of urgency. It’s do or die time.

So, yes, today’s spotlight will be on immigration issues. THE NARRATIVE has it thus: America has no right to even create its own borders, much less maintain and enforce them (apparently, all other nations can do those things, but since all people everywhere have the perfect right to live in America if they so choose, only America has to be without borders; another irony: MEXICO jealously guards its own southern border more than we do!). But you already know, too, the other shoe of the inescapable NARRATIVE, that twin tenet of the “victimhood” of all of those “undocumented migrants” (ILLEGAL ALIENS to those of us who haven’t lost all of our marbles). “Hey, they’re just trying to eke out a better living in America, a nation of immigrants. They just want to provide for their families.” Oh, well, okay, I guess that cuts off any possible arguments to the contrary?

Like, for example: you know who else can be justified on those grounds? Mafia hit-men; any thief; any extorter, unscrupulous businessperson or merchant; everybody who ever trespassed, destroyed property, or stole it; everybody who underpaid or never paid lawful income taxes; everybody who ever fraudulently obtained taxpayer-funded benefits; every doubly-criminal ILLEGAL ALIEN (breaking and entering/illegal trespass always coming first) who also engaged in abetting human trafficking, kidnapping, drug-running, sexual assault, rape, assault and battery, DUI, DWI, attempted murder, and successful murder. All of these types of people could be said to just be living out their version of the “American Dream” as they understand it: “Because I’m standing on American soil, I have all rights. I can do as I please, and without bad consequences for me or any family. So back off, if you know what’s good for you!” And…all of those individuals can say that they’re just doing what they have to do to survive, regardless of legality. Taking and giving don’t have to balance out. “No way! I’m in it for me, looking out for #1, man!”

Enough from me. Time for links to truth that counters THE NARRATIVE. You’ll find well-reasoned and fact-backed commentary and reporting in these articles, and as is usually the case on this page, the word-picture memes will follow. Have an informed day!

Leftists defend illegal-alien murderers because the Narrative trumps everything.
(Arnold Ahlert)

COMMENTARY By Rep. Michael C. Burgess (R-Texas), via The Daily Signal: Securing the border is the most humane policy

Abolish ICE abolished Mollie Tibbetts (Daniel Greenfield,

Mollie Tibbetts and the cheap-labor lobby (FAIR,

Put some ICE on it (Lewis Morris, TPP) Excerpt: “It has been said that Democrats and the Left care more about illegal immigrants than they do about American citizens. But even that’s a stretch because they don’t care about illegal immigrants, either.”

Surge in assaults on ICE border patrol agents (Stephen Dinan, Washington Times)

Immigrants and disease (Walter E. Williams, TPP)

ILLEGAL aliens become ILLEGAL voters, and quite easily (seeing just the tip of the iceberg here, a representative sample): link A; link B

Birds of a feather: (D)s supporting criminals (Adriana Cohen)

More evidence of that (D) madness (Hans von Spakovsky, TPP)

Mr. President, I believe Ann Coulter is offering some sage advice here (defending Jeff Sessions, who is defending you, the Constitution, and we, the people)

And now, those great memes from “The Patriot Post” (

and all the other perks

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immigration cartoon

Again, above graphics via “The Patriot Post” (


9/11/18: Remember what happened on this date 17 years ago. Remember how those of a distinctly totalitarian “religion” plotted, trained for, and carried out the mass murder of thousands of Jews, Christians, and any other “infidels” in three key, heavily-populated areas of the United States. Remember who the bad guys were and are, who was evil, and who the victims were (and continue to be). Get your head on straight about this, and remember just who would love to lop it off. Fight evil. Fight evil, and not those who want to protect you from it. Get informed. Focus. Prioritize. 

We’ll turn it over shortly to some people who do have their heads screwed on correctly, as they point out the misleaders and (D)eceivers who don’t. “We, the People” continue to look at the general theme of THE NARRATIVE vs. The Truth, consider various aspects of that ongoing clash, and assess how that affects us all. Today’s mini-themes are the (D)isgusting antics and groundless rhetoric of (D)eranged, (D)estructive obstructionists (the party of NO, NOT, Resist, and God (D)__n America!) and how the biggest America-ruiner that ever occupied the Oval Office is — sticking with his usual modus operandi — claiming credit (!!!) for the booming economy! HE built that, we are told (this is the same guy who told entrepreneurs who built their businesses from the ground up that they DIDN’T build those companies; the government did, and since in his own (D)elusional mind, King Barry was The State, ultimately HE built all of that, too!). Talk about an ego without borders! Is there no end to his hubris or his bald-faced lies? But I digress. We all (D)igress, any time we give any credence to that evil charlatan. Maybe we can crowd-fund his being shot out into space, where he’d be in the optimal position to rule over his universe.

BEST ONE FOR TODAY (9/11): Bruce Bawer,

Another, shorter piece on this day (“Publius,” “The Patriot Post” (

(D)egradation of American patriotism (Mark Alexander, TPP) Excerpt: And given the propagation of “fake news” by the contemporary media, Jefferson was downright prophetic: “The press is impotent when it abandons itself to falsehood.”

Democrat Swamp Antics, Theatrics, and Malevolence (Robin Smith, TPP; EXCELLENT!)

Mob Rule in America (Marvin J. Folkertsma, TPP; RIGHT ON!)

3 great reads in one place from a very perceptive American citizen (Gary Bauer)

Larry Elder: ONE sane, moral voice at the (D) campaign rally “funeral”

The “handshake snub” setup. So typical, so childish. So (D)-ratish

Just remember how much Obama “helped.” (Lewis Morris, TPP)

“The One” vs. the one who won in 2016 

And by now, you know that the great graphics/memes and cartoons that follow have come from: “The Patriot Post” ( They produce ’em (or pass ’em on from the original cartoonists), and I use ’em with their permission and appropriate attribution.


resist rolling eyes


i built that

“The Patriot Post” (


9/10/18: THE NARRATIVE vs. The Truth; the series continues…

Let’s look today at some more tenets of the conglomerate of opposition, or, “The Redundancy.” (Both terms are my own, and explanations can be found below in previous posts). Two non-negotiable themes of their 24/7/365 propaganda package have already been spelled out: 1) Abortion, pro-aborts, and abortionists are good, and the pro-life position, pro-life people, and abortion-thwarters are evil; 2) Guns, The Second Amendment, and gun owners are evil, and all opposition to gun ownership outside of The State — specifically, by private citizens, “the people” is unquestionably good. That much should be obvious, but here are some more aspects of THE NARRATIVE that the “narrators” are obsessed with chiseling into our collective, state-worshiping brain:

1) “God” — the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible — either does not even exist, or he is so utterly irrelevant today that people who give him any sort of regard are out-of-step (not in lockstep) fools who don’t have any valid opinions (at the least) or don’t even have the right to go on living (at the extreme) in the godless State Paradise.

2) You insist on worshiping someone or something? “Thou shalt have no other gods before The State; behold your God!”

3) “Behold your government god, and thus saith The State” … (insert any part of THE NARRATIVE here: repeat; pound pulpit; repeat; grab bullhorn and pound heads; repeat, repeat, chisel, chisel, and chisel some more…)

4) You say that you disagree with the official, one-size-fits-all State Narrative in any aspect? You have earned the “right” to shut your mouth or have it shut for you, or the right to sit in the corner of a prison and think long and hard about your “politically incorrect” evil vs. the ever-benevolent State. [NOTE: Mao was one of the first to use the term, “politically CORRECT,” and he “corrected” millions in his own benevolent, charming ways: prison camp labor until death, death by starvation, or instantaneous death. “Uncle Joe” Stalin (nicknamed by his good friend, FDR) kindly corrected millions, too, in the name of thinking The State’s thoughts after it (unlike David, a “man after God’s heart” — 1 Samuel 13:14 and Acts 13:22 — and Johannes Kepler, who strove to “think God’s thoughts after Him.”)]

5) All of the following are good people, pure as the driven snow, and the very salt of the earth, incapableINCAPABLE, we tell you — of doing what the enemies of The State do constantly, as they go on in their purely evil ways:  (D)s/liberals/leftists; socialists/communists/anarchists; ALL non-white males of the correct political stripes, in or out of prison; ALL women of the correct political persuasion (Republican/conservative women are she-devils, BTW); ALL “undocumented migrants” (including, as we’ve come to find out, those who HAVE documents, but they’re forgeries, and detected as such; we seem to have a crying need for competent forgers, and hence, document forgery reform); ALL Muslims, not only those who are NOT blatantly radicalized and militant, but also — especially — those who are (who really wants to be decapitated or blown into a thousand pieces?); ALL those in the media (“mainstream” mostly, but not necessarily) who toe the line and aren’t afraid to concoct “news” that supports THE NARRATIVE and/or condemns any opponents or perspectives to the contrary; Hollyweird, Pop Culture, Rap/Hip-Hop culture, NON-white minority street culture, LGBTers (both those actively engaged in such lifestyles, and all the supporters/promoters of any of them), anti-(U.S.) military (only America and its allies use their arms and armed forces in bad ways), anti-law-enforcement (Black Lives Matter, Colin K., “Reverends” Jackson and Sharpton and all of the other race-baiters, rappers who advocate cop-hate and cop-murder, etc. etc…); 90% plus of public school academia (same rate as the MSM), from college faculty members on down, all of whom are eager to assert and renew their traditional America-loathing, “white privilege”-bashing, revisionist history credentials (“See, Boss? Shakin’ the bush, boss, shakin’ the bush!” — think “Cool Hand Luke” — or, “See, Mommy, I was a good little girl! I told on Daddy for not recycling!”); and last, but certainly not least, “Republicans” In Name Only and “Christians” In Name Only (they go together well): “Aww,… those willing dupes are there for our use, State bless ’em!” [I find it so it amazing (not really) that the horrible John McCain of 2008 (RINO, truth be told, but still the “Republican” presidential candidate, and therefore worthy of boundless contempt at the time) has lately morphed into a bona fide hero of the Left (despite his actual military heroism, which they resent), merely by departing from this life after siding with them so often politically, and especially against the party, the nation, and Trump in the NON-repeal of Osamacare (sic; yes, I intended to spell it that way). As you may recall, McCain was the deciding vote that killed the repeal and made all repeal-promising (R)s look like liars who turned their backs on those who elected them; and that’s always a big part of THE NARRATIVE (true Republicans can never do good; corollary: the only good Republicans are either (D)-lite (R)s or dead, or both)]

My hope today is that anyone who happens upon this site recognizes these two facts: 1) This business about the existence of “THE NARRATIVE” is not of my own making; not by any means. I’m just giving a particular pet name to the phenomenon that has existed under increasingly broad light over the past couple of decades: blatant media bias, and that by design, and with the clear goal of turning all things inside out and on their heads, in active opposition to the will of God. So whatever you choose to call it, the fact remains that there is a painfully obvious, concerted effort to tell the people only one side of the story, and for the most part, that’s the only side the people will ever hear, from cradle to grave. Unless... 2) There are also legions of truth-tellers who care enough about their fellow human beings that they do NOT want them to remain in the dark; who speak and write truth that stands against THE NARRATIVE and on its own, as objective, factual truth; these are the people to whom to turn for more independent, rational, and moral advisements. In the same way that the (D)s have never been the true friends of African-Americans, the co-opted MSM are NOT true friends to any of us these days. They see themselves as king-makers and indispensably a part of the ruling elite (they ARE the elite); they don’t want to inform or help us, they want to keep us ignorant, silent, docile, without options, and under the boot of the plantation boss. Sound familiar? If not, that’s only further proof that you haven’t learned from real history or from actual current events as they develop. As long as THE NARRATIVE prevails, the story of America can not end well. Know the essential differences between what’s being force-fed and what has the genuine, sensible ring of truth. Fight for the right to know the truth, the right to reject lies, and the right to live a life of liberty under God!

Now let’s hear from some of those truth-tellers (article links, quotes, and memes):

Deroy Murdock, via Townhall: Mueller’s malpractice

Corroboration for what I’ve claimed about LBJ (from a neutral fact-checker)

State-run “educational” system is failing most students (Oren Cass, Manhattan Inst.)

Margot Cleveland, The Federalist: Deep State sabotage and Trump’s infidelities

How to get what you want and then disclaim how you got it. Warren (D-Banshee)

Note: From here on down (in today’s posting), this material comes from: “The Patriot Post” (

More on Warren’s pattern of media-abetted (D)eviousness and (D)eception

For the record: “There are two groups of people in this country: People who have wanted to get rid of Donald Trump since the moment he won election and people who chose to vote for him because he said he would advance their agenda. That latter group is extremely happy, probably pleasantly surprised with how well things have gone. The first group, it doesn’t matter what the details are. They’re just moving to get rid [of] him by hook or by crook. The fact that people can see this — that we live in a swamp where if you have the right connections you get away with crimes and if you don’t they’ll go after anybody, anyway, anyhow, whatever it takes to get rid of the president — is a credibility problem for those institutions that are supposed to practice the rule of law.”Molly Hemingway

Louis DeBroux belts ’em in the mouth: Trump will change for no one. Excerpt: After all, the media and Democrats have, since the nomination of Trump, lamented the “good old days” when Republicans nominated nice, respectable men like Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney (who couldn’t be more bland and inoffensive if he was a vanilla bean). Yet when these men ran for president, Democrats still accused them of being racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, rich (and for the rich) white guys.”

Insight: “No one understood better than Stalin that the true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.Leonard Schapiro (1908-1983) [emphasis mine — SR]

And last… “Lanny Davis says he was a source in an unsourced CNN story which lied by saying Lanny refused to comment for the story, but which Lanny later apologized for lying about on TV, but trust us with all the facts with Dan Rather up next on CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources.'”Twitter satirist @hale_razor

Last, that is, except for the Meme Parade…

assault vehicle - Copy

outrage machine

fakenews - Copy


So glad you’re there for us, TPP! — “The Patriot Post” (


9/8/18: Since I’m feeling again today like more of a hunter and gatherer than a sower of seeds of truth, how about I provide 4 items from writers at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and 4 from The Patriot Post? Yes? No? Meh? Well, that’s the plan for today, and I’m sticking to it. Next week, however, I want to plunge back into the series on THE NARRATIVE vs. The Truth, especially focusing on issues like immigration, “gender” confusion, and socialism vs. free market capitalism. Too dry for you, maybe? Well, even if for no other reason, visit this page to check out more memes emanating from the fun-and-facts-factory part of The Patriot Post (always worth those few minutes!). And with that, we’re off…

  1. Farrakhan hijacks funeral (Lloyd Billingsley,
  2. Nike and “social justice” (Daniel Greenfield, [And what was I just saying the other day about ESPN? Confirmed again in this piece.] Excerpts: “Nike’s embrace of Kaepernick marks its transition away from sports and into social justice. It’s the same trajectory that crumbled ESPN and the NFL’s core business. And it’s not doing wonders for Nike.“We believe Colin is one of the most inspirational athletes of this generation, who has leveraged the power of sport to help move the world forward,” Nike’s VP of Brand Marketing Gino Fisanotti told ESPN.Colin Kaepernick is to sports what Nike is to conscious workers [read the article to see the connection — SR]. Gino is signaling that Nike, like ESPN, is more interested in leftist politics, moving the “world forward”, than in any of that yucky sports stuff.” [emphasis in bold is mine — SR]
  3. (D)isruption, ruckus at Kavanaugh hearing (Joesph Klein,
  4. Bruce Thornton absolutely nails it re: “Never Trumpers!” Today’s 4-star piece! Excerpt: “Perhaps NeverTrump Republicans stick with peevish complaints about Trump’s style because they know that making a legitimate case for a President Hillary is as impossible as making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”

Enter today’s grab-bag of memes (from: “The Patriot Post” (


supreme nap

PatPost meme7


“The Patriot Post” (


9/7/18: Today has been more of an organizational day than anything else, and I thought it might be best to just hover a bit around the SCOTUS nomination drama and the histrionics of those who oppose a judge who acts like a judge, and doesn’t see himself as another black-robed legislator for the leftist agenda. There’s the rub, isn’t it? These nation-ruiners are so used to getting their way in every single sector of society, that when something looks like it’s NOT gonna go their way for once, they become unglued. They apparently have very little respect for the democratic process in this American republic; for legitimate law and order (anywhere, like all leftists); or for any opinions that have been proven as valid and constructive for even thousands of years. You can’t tell ’em anything; they know it all. Arrogantly ignorant, just like Ocasio-Cortez, the “future of the (D) party”— DNC head, Thomas Perez. Just a mild admonition before I go this time: please don’t continue to follow these blind leaders of the blinded masses; they will all end up in the (D)itch.

Those memes that say so much in so little space keep coming from: “The Patriot Post” ( Today’s batch follows, with some of my own sparse commentary interspersed between:


[“Oh, sure. I can help you with that. Do you have the receipt that’s less than a year old?”]


[I feel your pain. Every bit as much as Mr. Sincerity, Bill Clinton, did.]


[Relax, Bernie! Kavanaugh has no designs on any of your 3 homes. So there, there. Let’s just put those eyes back in their sockets, okay? Maybe sip some chamomile.]


[Yeah, nobody knows the Bible better than Government-as-god leftists, that’s for sure!]

Thanks, as always, for the memes: “The Patriot Post” (


9/6/18: I’m so (D)isgusted and annoyed today that I think it’s a good idea for me to stand aside and let others with whom I am in nearly total agreement describe what’s going on and why. So here are 6 links to articles that provide insight into THE NARRATIVE that is being constantly force-fed, as well as its maniacally loyal adherents, many of whom are pathetically irrelevant (like HRC, Her Royal Heinousness), yet still insist on joining in the feeding frenzy. Whatever, Monster Woman, whatever…

  1. Can’t keep her tweeter shut to save her life. The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave Returns.

But abortion was her chief focus.” (Alex Swoyer) [why would it be anything else? — SR]

2. Mark Alexander, “The Patriot Post” ( Excerpt:

“So rude, contentious, and disgraceful was the behavior of adolescent Democrats and their anti-Kavanaugh cabal of gallery hecklers (70 of whom were arrested), that Judge Kavanaugh’s wife, Ashley, removed their young daughters Margaret and Liza from the hearing room…

At least Durbin was honest about the pathetic rants: “Why is this happening for the first time in the history of this committee? I think we need to be honest about why it’s happening. … You are the nominee of President Donald John Trump.””

 3. Withstanding a coordinated attack (from the Washington Times, as are #4-6)

 4. Unanimous rating of “Well-Qualified” means nothing to these over-qualified hypocrites (when it’s their nominee, it of course means everything!) 

 5. Leaders of The Redundancy can’t separate themselves from the embarrassing and deeply-(D)isgusting actions of the mob they assembled. Only fair.

 6. Cheryl K. Chumley, once again, you are so right on, and you say it so well! (This one is on “gun control,” and it should not be missed.) Favorite part:

“Private gun sales are not the problem; the root of gun violence is the condition of the human heart. And the factors impacting the human heart include fatherless homes, broken families, gang membership, the illegal drug trade, a dramatic upswing in prescriptions of questionable drugs, and oh yes, the biggest issue out there — the turning of our nation, as a whole, from God and the removal of virtue, morals and the teaching of biblical principles from society, both public and private.[Wow! and Amen! Bold emphasis mine — SR]

And finally for today….Why yes, I do have some graphics/memes queued up! Thanks for asking, and thank YOU for the material that follows, “The Patriot Post” (


justlikethat - Copy

illogic again - Copy

Gorsuch - Copy

Repeating the attribution: “The Patriot Post” ( Thanks for being you!


9/5/18: People wonder out loud, “Why would a holy God allow sin in the world in the first place?” or “Why does He let evil get so far, where good people almost give up hope before He steps in?” May I suggest an answer or two as to possible, logical reasons why God does what God does?

Witness the Orgy of Obstruction that was the first day of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, where the contents of sin-filled hearts were uncovered and displayed in full color — with an astonishing lack of all decorum or civility — and contrast that with the calm restraint on the part of those who side with what is good, true, and godly. Then merely connect the dots:  when you can compare good and evil side-by-side, the true nature of both sides can be better discerned; the difference is that much more apparent when a direct basis for comparison is provided. So going all the way back to the beginning, it was only after Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (Genesis 2:9 and 3:1-11), were they aware that there was good (always had been, to that point), and there would now be evil, too. They didn’t know either how good good was or how evil evil could be until they could make immediate, direct comparisons, especially between the polar-opposite consequences that resulted. What I’m suggesting then, is this: just maybe God — in His omniscience, knowing His creatures better than they could ever know themselves — also knew that stark contrasts would often be absolutely necessary before whole swaths of humanity could differentiate between sinfulness and holiness, between evil and good, and between wrong and right. And.…He surely presented us all with a clear object lesson yesterday, didn’t He? Because on the left hand, you had (D)isorderly and (D)isruptive, rabid, unhinged defenders of anything-goes evil, including — nay, especially the slaughter of millions of defenseless unborn human beings — making complete and utter asses of themselves in the process. But contrast that with those present in that Senate chamber who respected order, behaved themselves, and calmly reposed in the power of the truth to peacefully convince rational people of the well-ordered way forward. It could hardly be clearer. When you see good and evil side-by-side like this, the differences become more than just obvious: (D)efense of (D)eath vs. loving Life; Law and order vs. lawlessness and (D)isorder; speaking logically with civil restraint vs. uber-emotional shouting down and mindless chanting, mob-style. I almost feel sorry for these Leftbots. They are their own worst enemies, and they are clueless about that.

Moving on with the series, I half-promised yesterday that there would be more to come on this whole “gun control” aspect of THE NARRATIVE, so let’s proceed accordingly, starting with a shorthand version of my already-wordy take: THEY work for their god, THE STATE; as good “non-violent” soldiers (how does that work?!?), they, too, — following the dictates of THE STATE — insist on taking away YOUR guns (those of law-abiding citizens protected by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution), while also insisting that their bodyguards must be walking arsenals, so that THEIR more precious lives are protected; the genuflecting “mainstream media” dutifully circulate THE NARRATIVE’s talking points, which they can (I’m quite certain) repeat in their sleep by now (as can you and I); since they are in unified lockstep, it’s extremely easy to hold the line against any parade-crashers who might want to add some facts to the mostly one-sided “debate,” and such voices of rational dissent are squashed like a bug or merely sent into exile in the Siberia of public opinion. That’s where we are, folks. We may have been shouted down, locked out of the town hall, or banished to the outskirts of civilization, but we haven’t lost our minds. We know a thing or two, and we notice a thing or two. Here are some helpful hints from people who know evil and falsehoods when they see ’em because they’re dedicated to trying to pursue and promote the opposite: what’s good and true. Those are two completely different sets of marching orders!

Graphics/memes below are all from “The Patriot Post” (

hypocrisyno.twomillion - Copy

degenerate - Copy

Amendmt2effect - Copy


“The Patriot Post” (

[How about them apples? The facts are not your friends, leftist gun-grabbers!]


9/4/18: As if chiseled in stone, two of the non-negotiable, permanently fixed elements of THE NARRATIVE are 1) Abortion and abortionists are good, and 2) Guns and gun owners are bad. Try to tell me I’m wrong about that; you know it’s true. This is what moved me to introduce and maintain the“Legal” Mass-murder Ticker. It was the utterly stunning, glaring, daily and thoroughgoing hypocrisy of the Left and all under its thrall. As I’ve said often — even on this very page (scroll down, way down, if you dare or if you care) — that their hypocrisy is “truly the wonder of the age!” This is why I had to start a more aggressive campaign against the propaganda and for the truth, even as the attacks on my own free speech started to become a virtually daily given.

Background notes: I can actually document the beginning of my conscious awareness of malevolent censoring on the part of my newfound enemies. It was in the first week of March, 2018, when I posted links to articles emanating from the David Horowitz Freedom Center and… initiated that abortion ticker, which I’d clearly linked to the oh-so-obvious hypocrisy of the relentless (D)rumbeat for “gun control” (THE NARRATIVE saturated — OVER-saturated — the “mainstream” “news” outlets, and it was beyond nauseating), yet those who were supposedly all-in “For the children!” were the same people, by and large, who thought nothing of murdering and throwing an average of over 3,000 developing children into the trash 365 days a year! I struggled to find the words to express how (D)espicably evil and sheerly (D)emonic that was (and IS!). So that’s why, when I ran across that meme prominently featured above — about not sitting still for lectures from such remorseless murderers of the defenseless innocent — I just had to add it, front and center. Pro-aborts, this is how much respect I have for any of your opinions on morality: ZERO!! David Barton (Wallbuilders, author, attorney) has said — and I’m sure there are tons of folks who agree — that where an individual stands on the issue of abortion tells you just about everything you want to know about where they stand on any issue. After all, if you don’t respect innocent developing human life in the sacred womb and are cavalier about ending that God-given heartbeat, what evil won’t you engage in, support, or promote? You’re all about YOURSELF. Your convenience, your ease, your lusts can not be denied; your every desire must come first, and at the expense of anyone else’s. So I wrote extensively about this prevailing uber-selfish (D)ouble standard, and all of a sudden, the teeth, fangs, claws, and spittle came out and the real haters did what they do; they only know how to (D)estroy, and they are incapable of building. Of course, I’ve said all of this before. I just thought I should remind one and all that I’ve been consistent. I still say now what I’ve said all along. My “narrative” doesn’t change because the basis for my beliefs doesn’t change: Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). And since I want to focus on the Second Amendment issue today, especially in juxtaposition with the baby-murder issue, I wonder if you’re aware that Jesus Himself urged His disciples to arm themselves for their self-defense? Yep, read Luke 22:36-38 if you care to check it out: “And let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one.”  Jesus came bearing a sword (figuratively, to sever earthly loyalties that got between His people and Himself; read the context, Matthew 10:32-39) and good, just government (“God’s servant for your good”) bears not the sword in vain (Romans 13:3-4). So weapons in themselves are not inherently evil. Proper use vs. abuse by, in turn, responsible vs. lawless human beings, that is the issue. Program note: I anticipate a two-segment, two-day look at this part of THE NARRATIVE.

As is my habit lately, I’ll back up my own observations and assertions with several links to articles that lend support. (Hey, why wouldn’t I do such cherry picking? You can get THE NARRATIVE shoved down your throat just about anywhere else!). And as usual, we’ll enlist the power of the graphics/memes supplied by “The Patriot Post” ( Let’s start with a quote from Brendan Kirby:

“Any horrific shooting that makes national news brings a predictable cacophony of calls from progressives for gun control. But what if the Left applied that logic to immigration? We’d be hearing a lot more demands for ‘immigrant control’ and ‘common-sense immigration restrictions.’ Instead, liberals tend to emphasize what they claim to be the relative rarity of crimes committed by illegal immigrants, even as they treat much more unusual events — like police killings of unarmed black people — as a national crisis. … If you are looking for consistency in politics, in other words, don’t hold your breath.” —Brendan Kirby

On the most recent (?) knee-jerk overreaction in blind obedience to THE NARRATIVE, here is Ryan Saavedra.

Speaking of Florida, here’s one of the leading wrongheaded (D)emagogues from that neck of the swamp:  (this is from a Patriot Post newsletter/email, with bold emphasis mine — SR)

Wrong: “At the very least, just common sense would tell you we oughta have a law that is a comprehensive universal background check in the acquisition or purchase of a gun. That would have caught [the Pulse Nightclub assailant]. A comprehensive background check may have caught some of the mental health problems of the killer in the high school in Parkland because he had not been adjudicated mentally incompetent.” —Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) (Both perpetrators passed background checks.)

[Ahem. You can pile up the laws to heaven, but the bodies will continue to pile high, too. Why? Because people who become soulless animals have no problem with murdering human beings seen — by the dictates of evolution — as other soulless animals; they’re hellbent on doing that, and no amount of law-making is going to get in their way.]

A two-fer: A) Grossly-inflated shooting stats, and B) The gun numbers are (again, and of course) wrong. Make it three; more (D)istortion of the facts highlighted.

Corporate America bows to THE NARRATIVE out of fear. (D)isgusting cowardice on display once again.

We now turn to those who say it so well and so succinctly: “The Patriot Post” ( The memes belong to them, but I make good use of them.

ppfa vs. nra

[Note: that annual figure of 300,000+ is just for Planned Murderhood, the main culprit of Big Abortion, and only the leading murder mill]


bedtimestory - Copy


Thanks again, TPP, for such valuable resources: “The Patriot Post” (


9/3/18: It’s Labor Day, so I’m happy to labor on behalf of the truth. We resume the series on how THE NARRATIVE dominates 90% plus of the “mainstream media” and the “educational” system (starting already at pre-school, and carrying all the way through the brainwashing factories at the college level); all (D) political demagoguery; kowtowing corporate entities don’t dare to challenge it; and even our “friends” in the vanity-for-sale-in-exchange-for-your-privacy “social media.” All of these components are stacked against the common American, as they are united in, with, and under THE NARRATIVE of the Left, and it’s all distraction, misdirection, and wholesale lies meant to keep YOU in the dark and mindlessly voting for nation-(D)estroying (D)ung and worshiping the government as your god. It’s an utter tragedy that things have (D)eteriorated to this degree, but it’s by no means a fluke that just came out of nowhere and took us all by surprise! No, if one has eyes to see and ears to hear, there have always been tyrants who exist only to rule completely over the lives of all others — from Nimrod to Nero, from the pharaohs to Pol Pot, from Herod to Hitler, from Omri to Obama and all such (D)ictators — so that’s nothing new under the sun. It’s a well-worn path and plain to see IF you are disposed to see at all. On the other side, the side of TRUTH, there also have been — throughout the same history — thousands of prophets, predictors, pundits, and even poorboy purveyors of propriety like myself who have pointed out the immense and even redemptive value of being able to get to the truth, so that the way out from under The Boot can be known, and that escape route can be taken. This is what it’s about here at Trutholio, and in this series:  with a “confidence level” of far greater than 90%, you can listen to just about any aspect of THE NARRATIVE, invert it (turn it upside down or 180 degrees the other way), and there — THERE — is the truth of the matter. What THE NARRATIVE says is the opposite of what one would do well to believe if one cares to know. So at a bare minimum, at the very least, anything that the Redundancy (the constituency of THE NARRATORS in charge of today’s NARRATIVE) are parroting as “everybody knows” truth should be suspected, if not entirely rejected as just more of the same pack of lies; lies to add to the tower of lies that can never be high enough. So,… #2: If the only conduits of speech and public “information” are wholly-owned subsidiaries of THE NARRATIVE — that is, if the story-tellers are successful at eliminating any alternative takes — well, it stands to reason that without the competition, the “official” tale will be the only one heard, and the only game in town. What chance does the average person have to access the deliberately hidden and isolated truth in that system? Virtually none, of course. And that’s why it’s the all-consuming goal of the Left and the whole conglomerate of opposition to God and godliness:  kill truth and truth-tellers to do away with God. That’s all it is. Their trinity is Power, Control, and personal “liberty” (it’s really self-destructive and neighbor-damaging licentiousness), and woe to you if you don’t absorb and promote their group-speak!

We proceed then, with more evidence from other, more public voices of reason, common sense, and truth, that countering THE NARRATIVE is dangerous business these days (recall Orwell), but business that must be undertaken nonetheless by those who truly care about their fellow citizens and neighbors.

Links to pertinent articles:

  1. Social media: enemy of the people (James S. Robbins)
  2. Google searches for its own credibility 
  3. Project War Path’s language here is a bit crude, but still 98% cleaner than the average leftist comment on the average internet page; but see how PWP was censored in a way that millions of the Redundancy have not
  4. 3 on the Eco-tyranny front: A) The joke that is the Paris Accord; B) Who is the cleanest?; C) Childish antics of the alarmists (as always!)
  5. Against ILLEGAL immigration? “That’s racist!” (thus saith THE NARRATIVE!); excerpt from the Ben Boychuk article:“…the public in general looks at immigration in a somewhat more nuanced way than do our elites, who tend to answer objections to greater immigration enforcement with two words: “That’s racist.” Sovereignty is not racist. Consent of the governed is not racist. Consent, in fact, underpins our immigration laws, or at least it used to. As the U.S. Supreme Court said in 1884: ‘No one can become a citizen of a nation without its consent.’ ”
  6.  THE NARRATIVE: “Voter fraud? What voter fraud?” Well, right here is some, and it’s only a symbolic tip of the massive iceberg.
  7. (D)emocrat corruption? Where?” Okay, let’s see. How much time do you have? Oh, none? No time for their corruption. Color me surprised!
  8. (D)emocrat sexual indiscretions and transgressions (while IN office)? Glad you asked, oh ye of ultra-convenient short memories! (that’s NOT any part of THE NARRATIVE!); excerpts from Marc A. Thiessen’s piece“It would be the height of hypocrisy if Democrats tried to remove the president over allegations of illegality relating to extramarital affairs. During the Monica Lewinsky scandal, congressional Democrats told us the private sexual conduct of a president does not matter, and that lying under oath to cover up a ‘consensual relationship’ is not an impeachable offense. …If Democrats are upset that they cannot remove Trump over this, well, sorry — they set the precedent.” [article and excerpts: “The Patriot Post” (
  9. Double standards, but just one NARRATIVE (Larry Elder piece)

Okay. For 9/3, we’ve had 9 links, so how about wrapping up with 3 graphics/memes from The Patriot Post? “The Patriot Post” (




Thanks again to “The Patriot Post” (, and to Gary Varvel, via TPP


9/2/18 (posted in advance, 9/1 PM): What’s offered today is just a small sampling of some of the good news that’s developing. Good men and women are waking up and doing something, so the triumph of evil is at least being slowed somewhat (recall the Edmund Burke quote?). Some specifics that you’re not going to encounter from their side (THE NARRATIVE mouthpieces and enforcers): 1. SPLC, you may have overplayed your hand one time too many; a storm is coming your way; excerpts from the Daniel Greenfield article — 

“The Southern Poverty Law Center, founded by a lawyer who had formerly defended a violent racist who beat a Freedom Rider on behalf of the KKK, has a swollen bank account but is headed for a reckoning.

Like most big scams, the SPLC is a victim of its own success. The Klan, which its founder had once helped before launching a lucrative career of fighting it, is irrelevant. And the SPLC’s efforts to expand into fighting the Christian groups it deems “homophobes” and critics of Islamists whom it accuses of “Islamophobia” have begun to backfire on the venerable civil rights mail order scam organization.

What the SPLC’s expansion into fighting “homophobia” and “Islamophobia” have in common is that they both touch on issues of religious freedom: the religious freedom of Christians and Jews to be true to their beliefs about sexual morality or even the freedom of Muslims to criticize the Muslim Brotherhood.

A perfect storm of lawsuits is headed for the SPLC. And the outcome will help determine the fate of religious freedom in America.” [bold emphasis mine — SR]

2. In a similar vein, but with more details of the plan to fight back and neutralize the money-grubbing, reckless accusers. Key line:

 “Liberty Counsel is organizing a coalition of 60 mainly religious organizations who have been slandered as “hate groups” by the venomous SPLC” [bold emphasis mine — SR]

3. Probably the best news? Dissenters who work under Zuckerberg are courageously rebelling against the thoroughly leftist slant and agenda. Kudos!

4. (Put these two together to produce a smile): A) President cuts off  Fed/bureaucrat pay raises (saving taxpayers money) and …B) blue-collar optimism soars (tax cuts and booming economy mean more money in the pockets of people who genuinely work for a living, outside of Swamp, Inc.). Two key excerpts:

(From A) — “A final note: Given that Hillary Clinton received 95% of all donations from non-military federal employees, this is a low-cost move for Trump in more ways than one.”

(From B) — “Needless to say, the large swaths of the country that Hillary Clinton and Democrats maligned and ignored — and then lost in 2016 — are clearly reaping the benefits of their vote. Go ahead and try convincing them that they voted for the wrong candidate.” [Hey, (D)s, your traditional base is eroding!]

Graphics/memes below from: “The Patriot Post” (

PatPost meme2




As usual lately, much indebted to “The Patriot Post” ( for the memes


9/1/18: Updating the plan for the next few days:  Today (Saturday), we’ll concentrate on giving more evidence of social media censorship, of which there is plenty! As you may recall, I do NOT do Farcebook, Tweedle-dee, or any of those. I have zero interest in making atheist Zuckerberg a zillionaire or dictator over my speech. Neither am I a fan of Trump’s favorite outlet (I can’t imagine my heroes, Reagan or “Silent Cal” Coolidge, handling things this way!). As far as I’m concerned, all of that is ego-driven and appeals to vanity. Nonetheless, many people I respect do make extensive use of those platforms, and those who run counter to THE NARRATIVE (why else would I respect them?) are consistently attacked, ridiculed, marginalized, and censored, and what’s more, they experience all of that very publicly. A gnat like myself, who cares if they squash me? But conservatives who can and do manage to sneak some truth through The Wall to millions, well, they are pariahs, and must be publicly scourged with forty stripes and then put into the “cooler” at the remote edge of the prison camp, so that they will not mix with the other prisoners and do further harm. So that, in a nutshell, is my beef for the day: A) As a Christian, I’m not allowed to work up sinful hate against sinful individuals in themselves (it would be fine and dandy to do so as a Muslim, per their “holy book,” or as an atheist, who denies the existence of God and any objective standards of right and wrong), but I do have an admitted severe prejudice against the evil actions they take and the putrid ideologies that they spread and zealously enforce; B) But when I see sane and morally accountable, responsible reporters, observers, commentators, scholars, organizational heads, and all such truth-telling, real educators doing their best to show how THE NARRATIVE is full of gaping holes and deliberately seeks to (D)estroy all that can be reached, and THEY are discriminated against and silenced, I naturally become rather cross, as they used to say! So between today and early next week, I’ll have plenty of evidence for the more-than-obvious selective censorship that conservatives have been enduring just in recent days, and we’re not even talking now about the somewhat-exposed IRS targeting scandal, for example. However, in between is the Sabbath, the only holy day (“holiday”) that God has commanded, and that goes all the way back to Creation, as an ordinance for all of the descendants of Adam and Eve (ALL of us). So for tomorrow (Sunday), I’ll gather the good news that’s emerging. We are fighting back, THE NARRATIVE is falling apart (because so many of “We, the people” can still sense (eventually) when we’re being lied to, and lied to intentionally for extremely self-serving purposes). To recap: much more light to shine on evildoers and their evil (we’ll help you to fill in more of the blanks on 9/1 and 9/3+), and positive news upon which to build delivered in time for the Lord’s Day (9/2). A restful Sabbath is just one of the myriad blessings available to the person who is under God. Just sayin’….!

And now, some links to articles that afford us some useful clues:

  1. Farcebook actually admits “error” (it happens from time to time, but they ‘fess up only after much damage has been “accidentally” done and the attack sortie has been pulled off).
  2. Farcebook strikes again

“There seems to be a concerted effort by a group of militant social media goons to purge any content it finds offensive or contrary to its ideology.

Apparently, there is no room in its freedom-stifling world for conservatives, Christians, or patriots.” (Todd Starnes,  “The Patriot Post” (

3. “Hall monitor nation” (Ann Coulter, Townhall link)

4. Michelle Malkin bats clean-up: The left’s long war on conservative speech.

5. John Stossel: Social media censorship II

6. Can anything good come from the WaPost?!? Yes! Cartoonist Lisa Benson. (go to the most relevant second cartoon (currently, use right arrow to access), the one with the “social media” theme)

Lineup slots 7-9 and a bonus designated hitter all from: “The Patriot Post” (

commstdsteam - Copy

leftisttolerance - Copy

goolag - CopyTwitshit

“The Patriot Post” (


8/31/18 (Part one): My first thought today was about all of the students (at every level, including “pre-school,” where the indoctrination already begins these days), and how they’ll be returning to classes shortly. So my sincere hope and prayer for them is simply this: may each of you come under the instruction of at least one educator in whom your trust is NOT misplaced; someone who has the moral courage to run counter to THE NARRATIVE and the personal integrity to tell you the truth. I ask this in the name of The Lord of lords and King of kings.

(Part two): I’m sorry if I haven’t already provided enough background here before launching into this series that is designed to help expose the existence, extent, effectiveness, and enmity-with-God nature of THE (STATIST) NARRATIVE. Before we resume, let’s define some of the terminology that I have been using and plan to continue to use with consistency. “THE NARRATIVE” is simply the one-channel-only, forcefully pushed flow of “information” to which every human being must subscribe, digest without discernment, apply in fully-compliant practice, and unquestioningly enforce throughout all of society (or else!).

In other words, new commandment-style, then:  “Thou shalt ALL march to THE drumbeat” (set by the Government-as-god State; as disseminated by the State-run media loudspeakers; and which sets the cadence for their hordes of unthinking sycophants and go-alongs) … “OR ELSE ‘Thou shalt suffer the consequences for ever turning the slightest bit to the RIGHT'” (left, more left, all the way to the left is always the way to go if you want to save your skin). And by The STATE we do NOT mean the Trump administration! No, what a rapidly-growing number of profoundly perceptive pundits and eyes-open observers are calling the DEEP STATE, that’s what I’m referring to when I use the term, “THE STATE” (and a “STATIST” is — obviously enough — a “kool-aid drinker” (once again, a Jonestown massacre reference) who obeys the marching orders given throughout the chain of command of the top-down STATE — in blind obedience — even to the point of (D)eath. (I believe others more in touch with the American political structure dub it “the Deep State” because it is so extensive, as it involves HUGE numbers of government bureaucrats throughout all levels, or depths within it, and… because those “lifers” appear to be nothing short of immovably ENTRENCHED as holdovers from Big Government regimes, the vast majority of which bear the familiar (D) trademark). So under THE STATE you live for THE STATE, and THE STATE may “graciously” allow you to continue to live. But it is (always) THE STATE’S call, so watch your step! Compare that with living under God, and if you’re still capable of doing any real thinking, and not just absorbing, you should be able to see a whole world’s worth of difference! God sees you as an individual person; God sets rules for living that tend toward LIFE, and NOT toward (D)eath, so His marching orders are for our own good, and never for our (D)etriment; God always tells the objective, unassailable Truth, and His enemies (possessing the DNA of  the “father of lies,” see John 8:43-47!) put their trust in any and all (D)eceptions they can pass off. The point? There is more than just the one drumbeat, and you’re just plain foolish to follow the drummer who doesn’t know The Way (John 14:6).

And, the “Redundancy,” what’s that again? There are two parts to it: 1) Since there are probably dozens (hundreds?) of virtually interchangeable descriptive terms that attempt to make only slight distinctions in various emphases between liberal/progressive/leftist/socialist/Marxist/radical Islamist (and so on) ideologies, tenets, and group-think, I find it useful to just call that whole anti-GOD (meaning, against the triune God of the Bible) CONGLOMERATE OF OPPOSITION, “The Redundancy.” It’s all of a piece, this hunk of foul hooey, so why be redundant, waste time, and split semantic hairs? What God wants, they don’t want, and that’s all you really have to keep in mind; 2) Because members of “the Resistance” (their term of choice) exist in an echo chamber where “talking points” are (D)ictated and “grievances” to whine and scream about are assigned to various identity groups, it all keeps bouncing off the walls with a maddening redundancy. You’ve heard it all a thousand times before, and you ARE gonna hear it a thousand time more, you little, lowly vote-bag! We’re drumming, now march!

I guess I should admit to some lack of genuine faith in God’s plan, because I can’t seem to be able to rise to the level of being a “happy warrior.” I certainly tend to get frustrated with how even so many I personally and specifically care about apparently just don’t see any need to get informed and get off the sidelines while the political-culture wars are raging. So I get depressed and down ala Elijah, Jeremiah, and Habakkuk (see Hab 1:2-4), or impatient and angry. Either way, it indicates that while I can intellectually grasp the fact that God is in control, I must persist (it seems) in the habit of questioning the timetable and effectiveness of His methods, which is flat-out stupid for the Christian (Romans 8:28, anyone?). So yes, I do wish that I could be more upbeat and positive in my presentation of much-neglected, much-shunned, much-marginalized truth. Even so, with all of my rough edges and penchant for sarcasm — my “bosom sin,” possibly, but remember that even Elijah, Paul, and the Lord Himself (Luke 6:41, re: the speck in another’s eye, log in your own) — used sarcasm to make points that might not be made as well without it. And in this day and age, calm, sober, monotone phrasing is something that only a select few can abide for even a moment. So when in the ring, you have to throw some punches to let the other guy know you’re there, awake, focused, and engaged. There are times to speak up and fight for what is right, and this is certainly one of them! (Ecclesiastes 3:7-8)

Time for me to get out of the way and let others do the talking and the teaching. Today’s meme theme is the blatantly obvious censorship perpetrated by the enforcers of THE NARRATIVE, those zealous censors of any speech that makes leftists/statists/LGBTers/Muslims/what have you (the Redundancy) look bad, especially (oh my badness!) those glimmers of light and truth that manage to filter through that the American voting public are in “danger” of apprehending. I mean, eyes are in danger of being opened, and minds may even change! We can NOT have that! Not in our America! Pull that curtain back in place, and line up the dissenters before the firing squad! [Again with the sarcasm, in case you’re wondering]. But those truth-suppressors, my how they do go on! Paul knew about ’em already way back when (Romans 1), and they’d been there from Cain onward. Some things never change.

Graphic/meme and quotation content below is from: “The Patriot Post” (


freespeech - Copy

hatemerch - Copy

farcebookredux - Copy

Insight: “A democracy needs informed citizens if it is to thrive, or ultimately even survive.” —Thomas Sowell

Gary Bauer: “Here we go again… The Southern Poverty Law Center, a left-wing hate group, has reportedly convinced Visa and MasterCard to cut off the David Horowitz Freedom Center, essentially shutting down its ability to raise money online. This is yet another disturbing example of the Left turning corporate America into active combatants in the culture wars as it tries to silence conservative views. Progressives are operating on two fronts. They are using antifa mobs to shout down conservatives, and they are using corporations, whether it is social media or payment platforms, to lock out conservative organizations and voices from the public policy debate. The Left is fundamentally opposed to free speech and increasingly intolerant. It does not want to win the debate. It wants to stop the debate.”

[My own words follow up here (SR)]: Yep! I know this from personal experience, both as one who has dared to opine against the grain (repeatedly endured content removal at the hands of Lycos/Angelfire and Google), and as a supporter of the Freedom Center, the Christian Action Network, and Tom DeWeese’s American Policy Center (so far...), all of which have felt the iron glove coming down on their heads at the behest of the SPLC and associated forces. Gary Bauer is NOT kidding, and neither am I. But as we’ll see tomorrow (Lord willing), we are waking up, we are aware that it’s high time to fight back, and there are signs that the many cracks in THE NARRATIVE are being exposed; the rotten edifice may be coming down!]

Repeating the attribution of the content that preceded the paragraph immediately above: “The Patriot Post” (


8/30/18: Yesterday’s postings were introductory. We now proceed with a series that should extend sometime into September (as always, Lord willing!), wherein we point to different aspects of THE NARRATIVE, that “word of god” of the Redundancy. (By way of review, I use that term as shorthand for that collectivist blob of conscience-eroded amoebas subsumed by The State. Whether we call them (D)s or leftists, progressives or radical Islamists, or whatever… they are all on the same side in fierce opposition to God, His ways, and His people. So they all work for the (D)epartment of Redundancy (D)epartment in the (D)evil’s army. Get it? Got it?).

As we go forward, try to remember what has been analyzed, asserted, and shown to be true by not only this insignificant backwater pipsqueak, but also by so many others who discuss these matters for a living, and with a passion for things political that I can’t match. And…. simply connect the dots; put the facts together to see a coherent picture. Embrace actual history — warts and all — and reject revisionist history, which nine times out of ten will issue from the sworn enemies of the truth in the Redundancy (special forces units of the Echo Chamber Corps, if you will). Speaking of which (the revisionist, radically-altered and fake “history” of America, as “It is written!” by the script-flipping anti-God powers), we have some fresh examples to add to the trenchant trash can. [Insider tip: read this first, then come back here if you so desire; I must say, though, much of what I’ve previously written in my books and posted online here — about racist LBJ and some other glaring transgressions of those erstwhile “best friends to black people” with (D)s behind their names, for just two quick examples — has now been publicly confirmed (though Mark Alexander has no idea who I am, so I’m not claiming that what he set out to do was to confirm what I’ve written!)].

Okay, I hope you have read that fine piece by Mr. Alexander (“The Patriot Post” (, but if not yet, make a point of it, so that those neural pathways of the brain may be unclogged, cleared of (D)amaging (D)ebris. But we press onward…

I referred to “fresh” trash that can be added to the stinking pile. In part, I’m talking about the latest meltdown at Disney-owned/Left-owned ESPN (take a moment to reflect upon their track record of muting and/or firing “uppity” conservatives who dared to speak in any way that didn’t line up under THE NARRATIVE, The Law of the Propaganda Plantation); we linked to the report yesterday. Also, there was Jim Brown going “off script,” and I’m sure the State Narrators are working ’round the clock to try to figure out how to deal with a relatively “dark-skinned” person who speaks with such credibility and authenticity. But that’s their problem. My only suggestion in this area: maybe people like Jim Brown, Samuel L. Jackson, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Ben Carson, Star Parker, Kay Coles James (see this link!), Ken Blackwell, Tim Scott, Clarence Thomas, and an apparently growing host of others are wise to the ways of the society-destroyers and brave enough to tear up THE NARRATIVE instead! Ever think about that? But here’s a new wrinkle from a New England “MeToo” yahoo, who’s running for office on a pledge to impeach the aforementioned Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas — first — and then — of course! — President Trump. Does anyone else smell a (D)-rat abortion-lover? (Hint: purge SCOTUS of the staunch pro-lifer, bar a life-affirming Kavanaugh, and voila! — baby-murder can continue forever! Oh, the joy that is in (D)eath!). Sick beyond belief!

But as Dieter from Sprockets used to say, “Your story has grown tiresome.” Stop pretending you stand for anything good or constructive. Stop lying to yourselves and to the people, claiming the high moral ground on the basis of supposedly honest and moral convictions. Admit that you don’t actually believe IN anything other than power and control. Your chief prophets at least have had that much honesty: they’ve put it down on paper, taught it everywhere they could gain a foothold, (see Alinsky, Saul, and his “Rules for Radicals“; amusing Patton meme link here) screamed it in public, and started war after war to show they’re dead serious about it. So drop the masks, we’re on to you. Come out into the light, reveal the hand with which you’re playing, and if “hate Trump” is both the means and the ends, you are to be greatly pitied. It would be far better to check out sane people who have done much profitable thinking of their own and therefore were able to see through THE NARRATIVE. The graphics/memes below are succinct and yet pack more truth into a small frame than a library’s worth of leftist tomes could ever gather together, and that totally by accident! (They didn’t intend for truth to slip through!)

Again and again, I am amazed at how well they say things at: “The Patriot Post” ( The graphics/memes below are their property, but are shared with their written (e-mailed) permission with my due attribution. Just FYI.

PatPost meme11

perfect as well



“The Patriot Post” (


8/29/18: All hail THE STATE NARRATIVE!!! “So that at the name of THE STATE every knee should bow, in heaven-on-earth, and every tongue confess that THE STATE is Lord, to the glory of Government the Father-Mother!” Perversions 2:11

And with that, we’ll start a loosely-planned mini-series on how the leftist-(D)emoncrat-live-to-(D)eceive “mainstream media” controlling coalition goes about as a roaring lion, seeking whom it may devour. And that means YOU, whoever you are (if you’ve not already been hopelessly sucked into The Blob), so our naming of names and putting things out into the light should be helpful for any of you who have any desire to escape being crushed by evil without borders. [my own term, BTW, not picked up from another–SR]

The basic idea: 1) Demonstrate through links, quotes, and memes just how (D)emonically-(D)edicated all leftist/(D)-rat/MSM propagandists are to their SOLE “ISSUE,” which is….., everyone? Say it with me now: TRUMP MUST GO!!! [I really should’ve tripled the size of the font, in order to emphasize just how all-important that core (D) “issue” really is!] 2) Demonstrate beyond that, just why Trump is the all-consuming hate-missile target of the Redundancy. They call it the “Resistance,” but I call it the “Redundancy” because it gets so tiresome to have to keep reiterating that there are only micro-shades of difference between the Left, the Jackass Party, antifa, the commies, the Nazis, the fascists, “progressives,” including RINO traitors, the LGBT crowd, liberal “Christians,” race-baiters, militant anti-law enforcement thugs, and haters of human beings in general, and of, especially “white” “religious” “conservative” Americans in specific (and at all times, mind you; their hate is consistent, though not their logic). They are all on the same side: ANTI-God. No need to go into hair-splitting and looking for subtle nuances or different emphases. Here it is again: the always-political population of the Great Redundancy is the “Get lost, God, and take your [stinking] “morality” with you” mob, the “God is not the boss of me!” sputterers whose faces visibly contort with rage almost as much as their hearts and minds have been methodically (D)istorted. Spoiler alert, then: the reason these politics-is-everything maniacs are so focused on hating Trump is simply because he is the one human being (THEY figure, and in their thinking, “God” has no part in anything) who ROBBED the professional socialist thieves of what absolutely belonged to THEM: at least four more years — but probably a never-ending skein — of continued socialist, free-speech-squashing domination over all of society via Government-as-secular-god. CLICK? There it is, plain as day. 3) Shine the light on light-squelching censorship and show what happens to anyone who deviates even one iota from THE NARRATIVE, which is the “word of god” that comes down from the top in the secular, anti-God religion. Tip: look for identity politics at every turn, and in every discussion; they are ever-present. And the best way to become “less black” in a heartbeat? Why, simply say things that blacks are not supposed to say but do make sense and are truthful! As a matter of fact, here are two on-topic links: A) ESPN (Extensive Socialist Propaganda Network) has sunk to even deeper depths; rock bottom is in sight, and B) Look for all-time great football HOFer Jim Brown to be the next “person of color” portrayed as a “traitor to his race” because he said something pro-Trump!!! Can you imagine the horror!!! Down with his bust in the Hall of Fame! Boot him OUT of the Hall of Fame, and take down any and every monument in his honor! Ban him for life from ever speaking in public again! [it’s called sarcasm, folks; Jim Brown is right!]

But when we’re speaking of tearing down monuments and such, why don’t we hear about the monuments honoring these “heroes” as candidates for removal? Good suggestions from Matt Walsh here

We’ll wind up for today with 3 more gems from “The Patriot Post” (


duelingvisions - Copy

hate crime - Copy

Again, thanks to: “The Patriot Post” (


8/28/18: We’ve already seen what Nosferatu-with-slipping-glasses Schumer has said in the past about how we should regard and treat ILLEGAL immigrants — which should be compared to the current strategy, made clear in that accompanying graphic/meme (below), making it a full 180 for this “leader.” Today, we offer 4 more, all courtesy of “The Patriot Post” (

PatPost meme20

PatPost meme17

PatPost meme19

PatPost meme18

Repeating the attributions: “The Patriot Post” (

‘Nuff said, I should think. Compare what they’ve said as candidates when in full hoodwink mode to what they’re all (all of the (D)s, I mean, and their gutless RINO accomplices) insisting on now. Full flip-flops. And once again, this is further evidence that these (D)s mean to rule you, not ever do they see themselves as public servants. They have just about as much respect for the common sense and intelligence of the average American citizen as they do for the nation, the rule of law (which is the polar opposite of rule by an elite of those in power at a given time,  whether in public OR behind the scenes in an entrenched, cover-your-own-butt, deep state bureaucracy), or anything that God has deemed good for the people. Lip service they do, and they excel at (D)eceiving in that way because they’ve had SO much practice! Sadly, it works, and maybe at least partly because we conservatives  — in our naive wishful thinking — overestimate that common sense and intelligence that we like to still (even now) attribute to the majority of the voting public. You see this, don’t you? Those who are called — or call themselves  “conservatives” — retain an abiding trust in the ability of most thinking American citizens to see a semblance of God’s benevolent will for them, still poking through the smoke and mirrors of myriad leftist (D)eceptions, coming from every angle. God has ordained governments primarily as agents of protection and service for the people, and under God, the ultimate source of all benevolence and good. And do you not see, also, after so much (D)ishonesty, chicanery, and bald-faced usurpation of power, the totally opposite flip side? All leftists, (D) or not, are by nature elitists who are convinced of the rectitude of their every position and every action taken in service to the perpetual goal: POWER. Get power, establish it, entrench it, expand it, use it without limitations or remorse, and never give back any ground. This is simply the Marxist, means-justify-the-ends playbook by which every leftist is enslaved; they know no other way, and truth be told, they are to be pitied as individuals who will stand ALONE before the Judge that they wish, with every fiber of their being, did not exist! Summarizing: THEY think YOU are stupid, must be led around by the nose (or by the genitals, as is often the case), worthy of contempt as stuff between their elite toes, possessed of extremely short memories (maybe some truth there, sad to say), assumed in-the-bank votes for whatever agenda THEY command at present (subject to change at a whim, as we’ve seen with immigration flip-floppers and the scores of FORMER pro-lifers like Jesse Jackson and the Gores, et al, and by what’s designated as the fire-of-the-day that must be put out by the MSM). In short, you only have worth to them as some thing to be used. But on the RIGHT hand, we who recognize that in some way — at least, even if not ever-consciously or totally (we do not live in or advocate for a theocracy!) — we are under God, the One who truly rules the universe, over and above any god of government, “We, THOSE People” don’t take our orders from the opponents of God’s designs for government and safe, secure, prosperous societies. WE say that it appears we can continue (or get back to, much more accurately) an America in which those duly elected are of a mind to recognize just who the Boss is, and just who serves whom in this Republic. WE say to the leftists, (D)s, and all who stand in opposition of what is good and proper — if we can engage in some low-level playground talk — “YOU aren’t the boss of me!” This clip is “dated” by today’s instant-turnover media standards, but it remains a must-see (Becky Gerritson, right on!). As I’ve so often admitted, there’s always someone else who said it better.


8/27/18: A challenge to all professing Christians: are you truly following Jesus Christ (Mt 16:24; John 10:4-5 and 12:26; 2 Tim 1:13; 1 Peter 2:21-22, etc.; look ’em up in those Bibles I know you professors have! Right?), or trying to remake Him in your own image? Do you worship a fictitious “Jesus” who says only things that you want to hear? A wax-nose “christ” like that will save no one. Consider these Scriptures below in the same context, as well. Carefully.

Mt 10:32-33 — So everyone who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven, [“Our Father, who art in heaven,” does that not ring a bell?] but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.

2 Tim 2:12 — If we endure, we will also reign with him; if we deny him, he also will deny us. [note the clear dichotomy and the justice that the deniers will receive]

Rom 10:11 — For the Scripture says, “Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame.” [anti-God forces will always try to heap shame on true believers, while they’ll smilingly approve of professing “Christians” who can be duped and co-opted; but eternal glory belongs to those who confess Christ Jesus before the world!]

2 Tim 2:19 — But God’s firm foundation stands, bearing this seal: The Lord knows those who are his,” and, “Let everyone who names the name of the Lord depart from iniquity.” [yes, DEPART from iniquity (sin); don’t run toward it, don’t embrace it, don’t encourage it, don’t further it; “If you love me [Jesus], you WILL keep my [HIS holy] commandments” (John 14:15 and 8:31: abiding in His word makes you a true disciple); turn your back forever on anything that breaks the tether between yourself and the Savior!]

Summing up the challenge: do you still think that you have the Biblical Savior in your back pocket? Or is that really a “Jesus” who exists there simply to serve YOU and your own interests, bound and gagged by the “new” commandments of sinners until you have some use for him? Sober questions and sober, eternal consequences!


8/26/18: Just two items for today should suffice (courtesy of “The Patriot Post” ( :  1) Yet another example of the horrific consequences when arrogant men add to God’s Word, shoehorning in aberrant teachings (like the “celibacy” of the priesthood), and staking a claim that they are the “vicars of Christ on earth”; and 2) Frederick Douglass: Christian, black, and Republican (as I’ve pointed out before) . Deal with it, race-baiters.


“The Patriot Post” (


8/25/18: Mighty disappointed in the one who opened my eyes to the fact that fascism is actually a leftist ideology. But here he’s seen in a different light, as David Horowitz explains the feud between the one I’ve often cited re: Liberal Fascism and himself over the character of Donald Trump, notwithstanding the obvious advancements of conservative causes by President Trump, which can’t be denied (even by such “Never Trumpers”). If anyone cares to know where I personally have stood re: Trump (the individual and the candidate), one need only scroll down this page or consult Wayback Machine “snapshots” of But here’s a shortcut: only after Ted Cruz was eliminated from the (R) nomination race did I see fit to actually vote for Trump. The alternative of an even more deeply-flawed, thoroughly corrupt, America-hating, baby-murder-supporting, Judeo-Christian morality-oppressing, totally self-serving, walking horror show like Liarly Clinton was — and isunthinkable! So call me a “I sure wish there had been a viable and truly good choice to support” American voter. But also call me a realist, one who recognizes that as president, this man who certainly lacks exemplary character  (and remember, someone’s going to attempt to hold up Hellary, a Clinton!! as an honorable person, and even less, as an admirable leader (ruler would be much more apt), now THAT is beyond ludicrous!), this man you throw so much shade upon is looking out for the core conservative values and political ideology you purport to hold and support (you “looking for perfect pols” hypocrites!). It’s always going to be a matter of a lesser of two evils anytime Jesus Christ is not running for office. And anyone who wants to make a claim that president #45 is not fit for the office has apparently slept through #44’s years (2009 through 2016), where a born-in-two-places-Barry (compare his claims at various times), an Indonesian citizen (by law, as a youth, never relinquished), a socialist-communist, radical Islamist-favoring, pro-infanticide (literally, because he stood — almost alone — in opposition to “born alive” protections for infants surviving botched abortions!), ever-lying (multiple winner of “Lie of the Year” “awards”), LGBT-pushing (and immoral in the same ways himself), criminal-protecting, America-RUINING, head-to-toe criminal FRAUD UNCONSTITUTIONALLY RULED — over the officially nearly-extinct “We, the People” — and is probably still actually eligible to be president (by having actually been born there) in Kenya! Any way you slice it, use any means of comparison, and it comes down to this: with President Trump, you’ve got a blustering, non-PC man who happens to recognize what’s wrong with America, but he’s doing much of what he’d promised to do to try to fix it (all “conservatives” should be pleased with the results achieved by this president). On the other hand (that would be the Left hand, JG, et al), how would 4-8 years of Clintonian ruinationfollowing 8 full years of bedrock (D)estruction —better serve this nation? And if you Never Trumpers have a perfect, entirely flawless candidate to somehow install in the Oval Office (without subverting or circumventing constitutional processes, the way the Left does things!), please, oh please, tell us who that person may be, and provide details on how you’re gonna do that! One thing more: I probably like Mike Pence at least as much as you do (personally, I’d have preferred him at the top of that ticket), and he certainly appears to be a man of sound judgment and truly good character (humanly speaking, and by comparison, remember!). But if you think that taking down Trump so that VP Pence can succeed him (and all will then be well), you show yourselves to be incredibly naive and unrealistic! If the leftists succeed in toppling the duly-elected Trump from office, the dominoes that follow suit will be Pence, the Republicans in office at any/every level, any conservative dissent (including yours), and the nation itself. The handle will have been jiggled, and down goes America. You know it as well as I do. So it would be best if YOU reposition your head. I side with David Horowitz and all other realistic speakers of the truth that must be told

Similar, but more eloquently said: Mark Alexander’s piece here. The Patriot Post” ( Tip: while there, read the Walter Williams article, too!

And lastly, a parting shot at the Leftmedia, term and meme also courtesy of The Patriot Post” (


[Yep. Wall-to-wall jackasses. And if their jaws are flapping, you know they’re lying.–SR] The Patriot Post” (


8/24/18: The (D)EATH party: (D) is for (D)ivision of all Americans into more easily-controlled identity groups and the designated, spoon-fed, tailor-made grievances that they must make public, ad nauseam; E is for the Elimination of any expressions that run counter to their agenda of (D)estruction of all that is good for the country and individual citizens, and (D)eath to any “infidel.” (On point: lest you think I was hyperventilating about how major credit card companies kowtowed in obeisance to those arbiters of “free” speech headed by Mo’ Money Dees (the Sick Pro Lie-spewing Center) and shafted a FORMER leftist who knows ’em when he sees ’em, read it here for yourself from another source); A is for Ass/donkey/jackass, the all-too-appropriate symbol of the party of arrogant, stubborn, averse-to-facts ignorance; ignorance can do you in just as surely as just about anything else (I could have said, A is for Abortion, but that would’ve been too easy and redundant, since anybody with two IQ points that can be rubbed together knows THAT much, right? Right? Hello? [Cue either the crickets in the night or an antifa mob of “abortion is a holy rite” screamers wearing p___y hats over their masks; yeah-h-h,… let’s go with the crickets, most definitely the crickets. So sick of the Soros-paid punks!] T is for Totalitarian Tyranny: The hamster keeps running on the wheel in the (D)’s “brain,” panting, “Must. Control. Everything. Must. Rule. The masses. Total control. Through our god, BIG government. Own the media. Control the schools. Control OUR children; belong to US!” H  is a no-brainer: H is for Hate from those who are for a Hell-on-earth. For all their empty, illogical, mindless blather about an earthly “utopia” (literally, “NO/NOT a place,” Word origin of ‘Utopia’ ModL < Gr ou, not + topos, a place:) — a non-God, secular “heaven on earth” (like they sing about in those “subtle” ads for that pathetic insurance company) — that utopia that is supposedly the inevitable result of the socialist march towards “pure” communism, or “socialism done right,” that just is NOT gonna happen, folks! Get over it! Get a clue. How many MORE examples of what TRUE hate looks like — where real, honest-to-goodness people suffered real (and undeserved, NON-self-inflicted) pain, torture, maiming, and death — does any rational, perceptive human being need to see the difference between expressing a valid, dissenting view (even if — Oh, perish the thought!! — someone has been accused of doing “a bad” based on some idea of time-tested morality) and directing “hate” at that person. There’s a whirled world of difference! [Examples, only a partial list: the French Revolution and any and all Karl Marx-inspired coups; the KKK, brought to you by the esteemed (D)s; Jim Crow laws and segregation, wholly owned by the 19th Century (D)s; every socialist party and “progressive” movement since Woodrow Wilson (admirer of the KKK), including Mussolini’s Fascists (Italian National Socialists), Hitler’s German National Socialists, the international socialists (communists) from the Red Revolution onward (Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chih Minh, Pol Pot, Castro, Chavez, et al); the eugenicists  (Sanger, founder of what is now “Planned Parenthood,” permanent SEPARATORS of parents FROM babies: kill the babies of the undesirables/”human weeds” — especially the poor and feeble-minded, but let’s not forget “the negroes”), the ACLU (“communism is the goal”–Roger Baldwin), George Soros and all of his puppets (he admits that he likes feeling like a god, controlling so many things as he thinks he does; yet, somehow, he and the sold-out leftist media failed to install their hand-picked successor to the biggest head-to-toe fraudulent con-man “president” in U.S. history; THAT’s why they’re beside themselves with an unabated HATRED for the guy the real God used to prevent Hellary’s coronation; Get it, now?); rather than run on and on (because I could, mind you!), let’s just take a breath and sum it up this way: What do all of those individuals, groups, “leaders” and movements all have in common? Hate. Hate for the God they know exists, Whom they can not displace, and hate for anyone who doesn’t join in their opposition to their just tormentor. You follow Christ and God’s ways? Here, have a whole bunch of hate! You’ve hurt someone’s feelings by calling attention to what is eternally true? Here, have a whole hell-full of hate, you “hater!” It’s beyond ridiculous, and it’s just as obvious. What today’s (D) party stands for is anything that God and Christians stand against. It’s really that simple. But here’s a VERY IMPORTANT SET OF DISCLAIMERS: Never have I ever even hinted that the (R)s are perfect in their ideologies, ways or means, or especially as individuals. We are ALL filthy sinners and finite in our knowledge. Ours is to obey. Obey GOD, that is. And I mean the God described in the Bible (self-described through the inspired writers), not the god of Jamie Foxx (“Our Lord and Savior, Barack Obama!” — 2012 Soul Train Awards, see video here); not any “god” of exclusively human descent, nor any ideological or institutional god either (Marxism, capitalism, feel-good liberalism, conservatism, government as god, favorite talking heads, the NFL, your kid’s sports teams, your religious denomination or local church, your sexual preference, being part of the political establishment, or ANYTHING that gets between yourself and the holy, triune God (it’s Commandment #1, people!). But here’s the thing: when it comes to acknowledging God as the Creator and Sustainer; as the Governor of the Universe, the ultimate source of all life, wisdom, and all that is good; THE Law-giver to Whom we are all accountable — over and above any created thing —  and Who never holds up a finger in the wind to see which way it’s blowing; Who will not share His glory with another, there is just no comparison. TRUE Republicans respect God’s eternal existence, His holy, unchanging will and natural order, His GIFT of a truly protective and well-ordered governmental system that serves the people (rather than subject them to an ever-deepening tyrannical rule), and abhor any notion that small-minded, sin-soaked humans ever know better than God; they realize — to a vastly greater extent, at least — that God’s the One Who Knows, and what He wants us to know has been preserved in His Word, so why not consult that error-free source? This nation was built upon Biblical precepts, they haven’t changed, and they are there for our good, both as a nation, and as individuals. There are still plenty of (R)s that understand these things, and an apparent total lack of such people on the other side. God loves and grants life; they promote and carry out death. God designs and blesses marriage; they make a mockery of His design and curse it. God says deviant sexual behavior is an abomination, and they make an idol of it. God gives us government to protect and serve us, and they erect another idol, the ruler-god of man-made Government. God says we shall not covet or steal, and they gleefully covet and steal through government (socialism/involuntary charity and wealth distribution, oppressive taxation, property appropriation, never-ending fees, and lest we forget, citizen’s benefits for those who steal access to them: ILLEGAL aliens, the darlings (for now) of the “welcome to every American home except MINE” (D)s (officially and party-wide, though abetted by some spineless, selfish, unprincipled (R)s, just to be clear). All the way down the line — on every issue — the (D)s do their best to ignore the will of God and put sin, illegality, destruction, and death on a pedestal. 

No, God is not a Republican. But an unrepentant baby-murdering, immorality-promoting, criminal-protecting destroyer of the law-abiding is clearly not God’s friend, by any stretch of the imagination. It’s Life vs. death, Wisdom vs. foolishness, and Good vs. evil. Each of us owns the consequences that must follow.


Abortion is a good thing, in the words of one Chelsea Clinton. (From Life News)

Follow-up, from Jeff Jacoby, “The Patriot Post” (

“Has abortion made America more prosperous? Chelsea Clinton seems to think so. …’American women entering the labor force from 1973 to 2009 added three and a half trillion dollars to our economy,’ Clinton said. ‘The net, new entrance of women — that is not disconnected from the fact that Roe became the law of the land in January of 1973.’ … Since the Supreme Court’s decision in 1973, there have been 60 million abortions in the United States, the overwhelming majority of them for nonmedical reasons. What would it have meant to the American economy if those tens of millions of babies had been born? Of course, there would have been costs. With more children to educate, feed, and clothe, the US economy would necessarily have faced a much higher price tag for childrearing. But those tens of millions of additional babies would have grown into tens of millions of additional productive adults. They would have generated an immensity of new value — more goods, more services, more innovations, more art, more entertainment, more businesses. They would have created more capital, both financial and social. Their taxes alone would have flooded government coffers with trillions of dollars (the average US adult pays $10,000 in taxes per year). Whatever the US economy may have gained as a result of the post-Roe abortion culture, it plainly lost far more. What makes Clinton’s argument truly deplorable, though, isn’t history or economics, but morality. Her approach is chillingly utilitarian, treating the destruction of life in the womb as, ultimately, a question of dollars and cents.[bold emphasis mine-SR]

And look at wonderful Oprah, cheer-leading for abortion, as well! (Salt of the earth, that lady, salt of the earth!)

More from “The Patriot Post” (

PatPost meme1

PatPost meme3

PatPost meme6

PatPost meme4

“The Patriot Post” (


8/23/18: Utterly callous and thoroughly (D)espicable: opportunist fraud Warren — among a cast of similarly deluded leftist thousands — ignores and despises the law-abiding and innocent (murder victims at the hands of ILLEGAL aliens, here, there, and everywhere, and ABORTIONISTS). Over 3 THOUSAND children were PERMANENTLY SEPARATED FROM THEIR PARENTS BEFORE THEY WERE EVEN BORN TODAY — AND EVERY DAY!! The complete lack of any moral sense of the (D)emoncrats STINKS to high Heaven!! But listen to this braying jackass spin it:

“I think we need immigration laws that focus on people who pose a real threat and I don’t think mamas and babies are the place we should be spending our resources,” Warren continued. “Separating a mama from a baby does not make this country safer.

Yeah, how about that? It’s called ABORTION, and YOU OWN IT, (D)s!! And it’s called ILLEGAL immigration, and you America-(D)estroying career criminals own THAT problem, too!! 

More on how the “open borders” mob operates and the results:

 “The Patriot Post” (  

“No matter how Democrats and open-borders proponents try to spin it, crimes like this committed by illegal aliens are on their heads.”

PatPost meme15

PatPost meme25

PatPost meme14

But wait, isn’t that the same guy who said this (below), just a few years ago?

PatPost meme16

Thank you, TPP, for maintaining some accountability in the mass media!

“The Patriot Post” (


8/22/18: Let’s call this installment, “Only The Left May Speak.” We look at more unmistakable, rabid, unbridled, (D)emonic hate (the REAL stuff). Business as usual for the truth-hating, Satan-serving Left: Today’s Exhibit A (a brief follow-up on attempts to thoroughly destroy an honest, good man, his family, and all who support his right to exist in harmony with the will of God); Exhibit B (Prager U unlawfully censored AGAIN by Farcebook); Exhibit C (for Communist “tolerance” in action: Southern Professional Lie-spewing Center intimidates MasterCard and Visa, so they cave in and pull the plug on donations to the David Horowitz Freedom Center — just the latest organization that tells the TRUTH that just had to be silenced by these cowardly credit card companies (Discover has done the same with at least two groups that I personally have supported, so they’re all apparently listening to the accusations of “hate speech” coming from America’s leading hate machine!)). Excerpt from the Freedom Center email: 

“For years, the SPLC has labeled the Freedom Center a hate group and tried to get organizations like Amazon, Facebook and Twitter to ban us and silence our message.

Yesterday, SPLC finally convinced MasterCard and Visa to cut us off. Now we can’t process donations from any major credit card companies.

In fact, if you received Robert Spencer’s e-mail last night, you may have noticed your donation was DENIED.

[name], this blow could be the end of the Freedom Center. Decades of work, down the drain because the hateful Left wants to squash free speech and silence an organization that dares to question them.”

And you probably thought I was exaggerating about the relentless, unhinged actual hate coming from the Left! If anything, I understated it. Then again, anybody who insists on a “right” to commit cold-blooded murder of defenseless, innocent human life in the wombs — too often via torturous burning and mutilation, for no good reason, or for no reason whatsoever — is capable of encouraging, supporting, promoting, and carrying out ANY evil under the sun. And in the canon of the Left, silencing any “conservative” or “right-winger” or “person of faith” (Judeo-Christian ethos) puts you on the path to living “sainthood” and a place in the pantheon of Marxist gods. [Oh, you thought leftists are NOT Marxists? Wow, you are naive!! Does any rational truth permeate that bubble you float around in?!?] [Sorry for that little aside, you people who know better; I speak to zee knuckleheads, you see.]

Finally for today, let’s throw in a fourth exhibit, Exhibit (D): I find it hard to shed any tears for the daughter of two of the most corrupt, totally selfish, nation-ruining, world-ruining certified evil jackasses ever to “grace” the world’s stage. SHE’s a daily victim!?! More super-insulated ignorance and (D)eluded (D)emagoguery here.


8/21/18: Taking the lazy way out today, for the most part. Advice: just make a daily visit to the Patriot Post or subscribe to the newsletters that provide the gist and article/meme gateways. I’ll only add a couple of pull quotes below, which are also from the Patriot Post Mid-Day Digest. [Full disclosure: 1) I only recently “discovered” the Patriot Post (shame on me); 2) I used to be more capable of displaying my own sense of humor about such important issues, but leftists have bludgeoned it out of me (shame on them); 3) I recommend, therefore, that you partake of the gold mine of “conservative”/”right-wing” (often biting and ironic, but on-the-money) humor provided by my “new best friends”; 4) I have received no compensation or consideration for attempting to steer folks their way, nor could I expect any. But truth-lovers and truth-tellers should hang together, or we’ll assuredly hang separately — paraphrasing Ben Franklin)].

(On the recent condemnation of America by New York’s Head Jackass, the “Inartful Dodger”; tip of the iceberg, really, and shows the collective, colossal ego of the U.S.-hating Left): [Hey, is it just me, or do I hear echoes of the Obamas in this, too?]

“The Patriot Post” (

Backpedaling: “The expression I used the other day was inartful, so I want to be very clear. Of course America is great and of course America has always been great. No one questions that. As you know, my family is evidence of American greatness. My grandparents came to this country as poor immigrants and their son became governor and his son became governor. That’s never been a question.” —New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (How modest of him.)

OPINION IN BRIEF (“The Patriot Post” ( )
Gary Bauer: “After his remark [last] week questioning America’s greatness, New York GOP officials bought Gov. Andrew Cuomo a one-way bus ticket to Canada. Not a bad investment for $55. I love the impulse. Hopefully, Donald Trump’s fighting spirit is beginning to catch on with the rest of the party. But why Canada? Why not send Cuomo to some place where he could gain a better appreciation for how great America truly is? How about Cuba, where socialism often leads to shortages … of toilet paper among other things. Or perhaps Venezuela, where the ‘Maduro Diet’ — that would be starvation as a result of socialism — is helping to fight the obesity epidemic in the West. Since he’s so concerned about helping women achieve their ‘full potential,’ maybe we should send Mr. Cuomo to Iran — where women are persecuted for refusing to wear the veil. But I have a better idea. Being an eternal optimist, I think Mr. Cuomo might still be redeemable. (Unlike Hillary and the rest of the intolerant Left, I don’t want to write off half the country.) I suggest we sponsor a guided tour of Arlington National Cemetery. There Mr. Cuomo can see many, many names of men and women who had no doubt about America’s greatness when they laid down their lives for our country.”

“The Patriot Post” (


8/20/18: 1) Meet the standard-bearer for the anti-human party (he’s a Democrat) and 2) Jim Jordan: speaking truth, pulling no punches, giving credit where it’s due.

AND… Two more from the “The Patriot Post” ( 3) A valid question; 4) (D)estruction via (D)-style diversity. [And just look at all of the independent-thinking “rebels” conforming, and doing exactly what they’re told to do by their leftist lords and masters! Oh, can’t you just smell the irony? –SR] Robin Smith’s bottom line: “Diversity for the sake of itself and the advancement of politically correct indoctrination is the uniform destruction of America.” [I give this one 4 stars!] “The Patriot Post” (


8/18/18: Countering the Leftmedia (D)rumbeat: 1) MSM would-be mountain molehill; 2) One of the Left’s fave banshees shows her true colors again (ala Cuomo, et al); 3) You say you didn’t hear about this? Hmmm…go figure! 4) and (5) GOOD stuff from Rand Paul (R): pro-life proposal and Brennan did himself in, so no boo-hooing, leftists! 6) No argument here with this reminder from The Patriot Post:  Join us in daily prayer for our Patriots in uniform—Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen—standing in harm’s way in defense of Liberty, and for their families. 

“The Patriot Post” (

Excerpts/full articles below — correspond to numbers 1) through 5) above:

  1. “If anything, this past weekend demonstrates just how vacuous is the MSM’s assertion of Trump’s presidency being responsible for stoking latent masses of white racists. The identity politics of promoting and provoking racial grievances is embraced by Democrats and the Left. It is clearly not popular with conservatives and the vast majority of Trump supporters, no matter how much the Leftmedia claims otherwise.”
  2. “To Warren and her fellow travelers, there’s really no such thing as “too big to fail,” nor can they resist the corollary “too small to control.’ ” [control is always the issue, no matter how small you are!]
  3. “The abuse included grooming the children to become Islamists by inciting future school shootings[yeah, school shootings, remember those?] A nationwide search eventually led authorities to the compound in Taos, which was set up by … Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, 40, who authorities allege had kidnapped his son.” And then apparently oversaw his death.” [(D)s, the Left, radical Islamists, and report-no-true-evil but live-to-lie media: united in hate and wall-to-wall (D)eath; charming!]
  4. Dr. Rand Paul Introduces Amendment to Stop Federal Funding of Abortion Providers“One of the top priorities for a Republican Congress that professes pro-life values on the campaign trail should be to stop taxpayer funding for abortion providers.Yesterday, I presented my fellow legislators with another way to do just that by introducing an amendment to broader funding legislation that would stop taxpayer dollars from going to Planned Parenthood and other entities that perform abortions.It contains the same language that has already passed a committee in the U.S. House of Representatives, and it would not block funding for women’s health services from still going to health care providers that do not perform abortions.Those providers affected by the amendment would be eligible to have their funding restored if they stopped performing abortions in the future.I have worked in the past to stop American taxpayer dollars from going to Planned Parenthood, including forcing the Senate to go on the record on my proposal in 2015, and I have also taken a stand for life by cosponsoring the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, as well as introducing my Life at Conception Act in multiple Congresses.Now, this amendment gives our Republican Congress another chance to turn its words into action, stand up for the sanctity of life, and speak out for the most innocent among us that have no voice.You can read my amendment HERE.” 
  5. Dr. Rand Paul Applauds President Trump for Revoking John Brennan’s Security Clearance“On Wednesday, the White House announced that President Donald Trump had revoked the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan. I met with President Trump in July to ask him to take this step, and I released the following statement after the announcement:“I applaud President Trump for his revoking of John Brennan’s security clearance. I urged the President to do this. I filibustered Brennan’s nomination to head the CIA in 2013, and his behavior in government and out of it demonstrate why he should not be allowed near classified information. He participated in a shredding of constitutional rights, lied to Congress, and has been monetizing and making partisan political use of his clearance since his departure.”  ————————————

8/17/18: Two links and two excerpts will suffice for today. Alert from Ahlert

“What sticks out like a sore thumb? The egregious and routine double standard. It is virtually impossible to catalogue all of the Obama administration scandals the media either downplayed or simply ignored, a reality that stands in stark contrast to its ongoing effort to shape the Trump-Russia collusion Narrative, almost invariably relying on “unnamed” or “anonymous” government sources to do so.

Media assertions of Trump’s “assaults” on the press ring exceedingly hollow. They get even hollower when they are asserted by those whose coverage of Trump and his administration has been 91% negative, whose Democrat members outnumber Republican members by four to one, and whose political contributions favored Clinton over Trump by a 96% to 4% margin, according to the Center for Public Integrity.”

Hanson is (again) right on:

“In these polarized times, Americans are not so much angry that newspapers and magazines fire reporters, or that Robert Mueller indicts those under suspicion. What bothers them is that our guardians of morality do not offer any principles to explain why some people’s lives are harmed or destroyed, and others’ lives are not.

When there is no blind code of justice, people suspect that our institutions define wrong behavior and bad words as those in service to the wrong political agenda.

And they are right.”


8/16/18: Although I posted today’s stuff yesterday, so that I could devote the whole day to other business, I ran across this article that could not make the battle lines any clearer, so here ’tis. I side with Jack Phillips. And you, cousin? Pick your side. The two sides are completely incompatible, and this article shows exactly who is acting out of pure hate and who is just trying to honor the Lord; darkness hates the light — 2 Corinthians 6:14-15 (“…what fellowship has light with darkness? What accord has Christ with Belial?”); John 3:19-21: “And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their deeds were evil. For everyone who does wicked things hates the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But whoever does what is true comes to the light, so that it may be clearly seen that his deeds have been carried out in God.” I take it back: GOD did make it all even clearer. And with that, I rest my case.

8/15/18 “Late Editionortomorrow’s (8/16) edition in advance, wherein we link to 6 articles from my new friends at The Patriot Post. For those of you who are compelled to obsessively keep track of such superficial, nonsensical distinctions, 5 of the 6 were written by “non-white” “people of color” (2 women, BTW) and another “black man” — for whom I might have actually campaigned for, had he ever chosen to run for political office — is appropriately quoted; only the last piece was written by a “white guy.” Yet, somehow…these seemingly-disparate individual  THINKERS are united in their opposition to what is false and (D)estructive. Hmmm…..imagine that!

Link 1: Larry Elder on the actual history of WORLD slavery; Link 2: Michelle Malkin on glaring media bias; Link 3: Star Parker on where urban violence begins (see, for example, Chicago, the poster child); Link 4: Walter Williams,Enough’s Enough; Link 5: Williams again on capitalism vs. socialism; Link 6: This spot’s “token white guy,” Mark Alexander, on “escalating Demo-inspired violence.”

So, what do we have here? Let’s assess this rationally. Five people of different backgrounds, all of whom have landed on a “right-leaning” perspective. They all have admirably engaged their brainpower, closely studied human nature and political systems, experienced the abuse and consequences of their trust in smiling liars, and lived (so far) to tell about it. And tell about it they do! These very public people have to be careful to deal honestly with their millions of readers, or that readership will disappear virtually overnight; most people do NOT like to be lied to, and they often have a better innate nose for the truth than the media elite could ever imagine. The takeaways are obvious:  yes, nasty rhetoric is issuing forth from both sides, but if it’s ever going to stop, the ones who poisoned the well initially (just who got this all going in the first place?) are the ones who must first back off, show they can actually behave like civil human beings, and just stop —cold turkey!– the constant flood of hate-based lies. It’s not in the leftist’s DNA to be able to do so, though what IS right there in his Marxist playbook is to lie whenever it seems to serve as means to the end. This is ALWAYS justified, in their warped, anti-God view, and there’s all to be gained and nothing to lose (they think!). Quick review: #1) Unrepentant liars lie as a matter of course, without remorse, and seldom live to regret it. Since they see no good reason to NOT deceive others (no consequences in sight, only potential gain), the first tool in the kit to grab is the lie. #2)  Those who lie as a last resort (WITH remorse, WITH repentance, and WITH a watching God consistently entrenched in conscience) are going to be farrrrr more reluctant to  play games with the truth, because they know there are huge ramifications ahead for not only themselves, but for others as well, even equally so. “Love your neighbors as yourselves” means caring for their souls, NOT approving of their every action — good OR bad — as a valid, Christ-honoring way to go. There is the Christian way, and there is the world’s way. The difference is all-important.

I have to say — to any and all of my detractors —  that I have no plans to get my thinking “corrected” by any of your Maoist P.C. thought-enforcing thugs. As I’m seeing more and more each day, I stand in good, healthful, sane company with the likes of the folks I’m citing here. More importantly, if I indeed belong to Christ and am able to present Him and His will accurately (because it’s all Bible-based and Bible-derived), God is looking out for me. In the end, your argument is not with me or even a convention’s worth of “conservatives.” You’ll never have to give a final account to any of us, just like we don’t have to ever buy what you’re trying to sell us, but we EACH have to be able to justify all of our actions to THE Judge (you really should read John 5:22-24!) at the end of our ever-dwindling days on earth. Beware, then, “anything goes” types, because your argument is clearly and ultimately with God.  Broad is the path that leads to destruction — Matthew 7:13 — it’s easy to do, especially for “Christians” who think they have Jesus Christ tucked safely away in their pockets, so that neither obedience (John 8:31-32 and 14:15) nor love of the truth is a factor in their salvation (they falsely assume). 2 Thessalonians 2:10-11 instructs those who care to learn that those that perish (eternal death) “received NOT the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for THIS cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.” [my emphasis] In plain, 21st-Century English, if you’re taking Jesus for granted as the savior of your soul because either He’s going to save everybody when all is said and done, or you, because you “don’t judge anyone or their behavior,” you’re fatally deluded. 

5/18: Victor Davis Hanson almost always writes with a calmer tone than I do — and he is well-known, whereas I certainly am not — but we’re saying the same things with regard to the leftist-dominated press and “mainstream media,” as well as the fact that a perceptive majority of Americans are onto their (D)eception. Read his article and take note of how John Adams, Woodrow Wilson, and the sainted FDR and JFK abused the press (all but Adams were (D)s, of course). So I’m hardly alone in my assessment and resentment of this choir of liars and the (D)amage they do on a daily basis. Excerpt:

“The media seem to have little concern that their coverage is biased even though polls show that the vast majority of Americans believe the media intentionally reports fake news.

The list of such false news reports is long. The common theme is that even recklessly derogatory news is seen by many as serving the higher purpose of delegitimizing the Trump presidency.” [bold emphasis mine]

Pair this with what I said immediately below (yesterday), and with what I’ve been “yammering” about for years now, and you’ll almost be forced to conclude that what I’ve been consistently affirming has been confirmed by the famous and the anonymous (again, the majority of thinking Americans) alike. So who should really “get help?” Put down that poisoned “kool aid” (see leftist James Jones and the Jonestown massacre of the duped innocents) and face the FACTS:  the Left lives for full control, and the agenda to accomplish that is in place and an open secret; their enslaved media mouthpieces live to lie for their slave-masters, and truth must be slain to advance the agenda. Add it up! What are the real chances that truth is going to get to you via this “ends always justify the means” (MARXIST), monopolistic conduit? C’mon, folks! Use that marvelous brain that God gave you to do more thinking for yourself, more dot-connecting, more fact-facing. Leave ignorance, falsehood, and ongoing support of evil behind. Eyes and feet forward!

8/14/18: SO typical of the ever-(D)eceiving, (D)istortion-machine “mainstream media.” But look at who sees through it:  “Now, after Trump’s deregulation and tax cuts are starting to take effect, we’re seeing still more signs of stronger growth. Polls show that the public gives Trump credit for what’s going on today. They, not the mainstream press, have it right.”

And how ironic is this? Here you have over 90% of the “free” press enslaved by the party that went to war for the “right” to keep, extend, and preserve forever the slavery of human beings! You’d have to be dedicated to maintaining a willful ignorance that can admit no light of truth in order to go on taking the word of the professional (bought-and-sold) propagandists that inhabit the vast majority of the so-called (only by themselves, if truth be told) “mainstream media.” It would be utterly hilarious if it wasn’t so sad and so utterly (D)estructive!


8/11/18: The “future of the (D)s” in all her cowardly, ignorant, man-baiting glory! Here’s your poster child-of-the-moment, (D)ying Party!

8/10/18: Real simple: The ABC’s of Trutholio



I acknowledge — without reservation or apology — the full and final authority of the eternally-living, triune God, as He presents Himself in His holy, written, error-free Word, The Holy Bible, and through His inspired writers on every page of both Testaments. The all-wise God has indeed spoken, what He has said goes (always) in the universe He created, and no man or woman can gainsay it, an admission I freely make, along with that of my own filthy sinfulness. I will not attempt to correct the LORD of lords and King of kings about anything, but that doesn’t stop millions upon millions of astonishingly ignorant-yet-arrogant anti-God “prophets” of the “we know better now” religion from trying to pull God down to — actually, below — the level of the Creator’s creatures. Such dedicated deceivers serve the head demon and chief adversary of God, even though those who make some profession of being followers of Jesus Christ are often blithely ignorant of what they are actually doing; they claim to love and serve Christ while ignoring many/most/all of His commands (against John 14:15 and 8:31-32; Love Him? Then keep His commandments and abide in His word!). So these “Christian” people, above all others, pose the greatest dangers to the mankind-trusting populace, and at the very top of that chain-of-command and consequential influence are those who claim to know the true Christ, yet presume to teach (James 3:1 and Matthew 23:10) and preach a “christ” who winks at every sin (if there even IS such a thing!), never judges anyone (squarely against John 5:21-24), and will save everyone, regardless of their respect or utter disrespect for Him and His commands. Such false teachers must be exposed and attacked, and the holiness of God must never be compromised in the eyes of the sinners who need Himexclusively (Acts 4:12 and 1 Timothy 2:5) — if they desire to be saved from eternal death. Those who seek to redefine “the Lord” in their own preferred image are the worst of idolaters, since they have tasted true knowledge of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, and thought they’d “improve” God — give the Maker a makeover — in order to be able to continue in abominable sin with this “god” smiling down upon it in approval.

Just what does God actually say — in His perfect, unchanging written Word —  is “abominable” in His sight? As it turns out, the main things that the priests of the “new” religion are fighting tooth, fang, and claw for: unrestricted murder of human babies (abortion) and unrestricted adultery (any sex outside marriage as instituted by God, but especially sex against His created order: sodomy (Genesis 19 is where it got its name), or male-with-male “sex”; female-with-female “sex” (lesbianism); bestiality (human-animal “sex”); changing one’s sex (transgenderism) in total defiance of God’s determination and design, anything that involves putting one’s sex organs to inappropriate use per God’s standards, which remain forever constant). Ready to read for yourself, lest you think I’m misleading you? Here you go:

On abortion as the murder of human beings and how that’s an abomination, read Exodus 20:13 (do no murder); Ex 21:22-25 (“life for life” when the baby a pregnant woman is carrying dies as the result of an attack); Lev 18:21, 20:1-5 and 24:21; Deut 18:10-12 and 12:31; Proverbs 6:16-19, and every passage that reminds the reader that GOD provides each one of those lives to us on earth as an intended blessing, like Psalm 139:13-16, for example, and 127:3, and so many others. God is the ultimate Pro-Lifer, and He absolutely hates death! So anyone who tries to jimmy some justification INTO His fixed and perfect Word for the gruesome evil of abortion is playing with fire!

But you know that, don’t you? It then becomes a matter of arrogant and willful disobedience against knowledge of conscience, the stuff of Romans 1. You’re a “yeah, but…” robot if this is how you continue on in life, getting closer all the time to endless misery, that woeful bed you’re making for yourself.

And what about homosexuality and all of the other sexual deviancies? Read Genesis 19:4-28 for the full account of how SODOM was destroyed for their most prevalent and infamous sin; Leviticus 18:22 (“IT IS AN ABOMINATION”; need it to be any clearer?) and 20:13 (“BOTH OF THEM HAVE COMMITTED AN ABOMINATION”; did God stutter, or were you hard of hearing and hard of heart?); Judges 5:22-25; Romans 1:18-30, especially on topic: verses 26-28; 1 Corinthians 6:9; 1 Timothy 1:6-10; Galatians 5:19-21; Revelation 21:7-8 and 22:15; and two verses that command to NOT partake in OTHER people’s sins (CONDONE/ABET/ENCOURAGE/PROMOTE EVIL), 1 Timothy 5:22 and Rev 18:4 (that which you permit is that which you promote). Fact is, I probably missed some relevant passages. Stacked in favor of such behavior — any positive sanction — we find not even a tad of an iota of a hint that “gay” behavior is even acceptable, much less a “beautiful expression of love.” But just like the reaction of Stephen’s murderers in Acts 6:10, the LGBT-pushers can “not withstand the wisdom and the Spirit with which he was speaking” (he was quoting and citing the Scriptures, just as I’ve been doing), so the most immediate action they can take is to stone the messenger; they can’t get to God and harm Him in the least, but they can silence His messenger — even permanently — (or so they THINK, because one’s words can linger on for years, decades, even centuries if God wills it, praise be to Him!) by intimidation, ostracizing, character assassination, and actual, full-fledged assassination. It’s to the point now that if you’ve never experienced that kind of backlash, you’re probably not spending much time telling neglected, Biblical truth. Please think about that.

But you know that, too, don’t you, about what God has always thought about unnatural and illicit “sex” in any form, I mean? So we’re back to arrogant defiance of God’s perfect, holy, and never-changing laws, the rules of God’s universe for God’s creatures. When you can’t break the chains and cords of God asunder (Psalm 2), all that’s left to do is repent and ask for His forgiveness OR… gnash your teeth and accost the “watchman” who warns you about what’s at risk if you go that way. It’s not hard at all to see why people want me to shut up or “get help” when I take on the burden of the responsible watchman, as it’s depicted in Ezekiel 33:6-9: they do NOT want to hear the truth. Period! And just to be clear, I’m not even remotely claiming to be on par with any inspired prophet or Bible writer. No, I’m just a rather ham-handed but active defender of the faith once delivered (for all time) to the church of God under Jesus Christ (Jude 3 and 2 Peter 3:15; 1 Cor 3:11; Eph 2:20), and a vigilant “warner” regarding the inevitable consequences for rank disobedience. It boils down to this: if I am diligent in warning you, even if you don’t heed my warnings, then I am off God’s hook; your blood is NOT on my hands! But woe to me if I see destruction headed your way and fail to warn you; then I am on the hook, and we both meet with the appropriate, respective consequences. Better that I warn you, you take heed, and both of us can be saved from unrestrained evil. This is what I’m about here at Trutholio.

Parting passages on this head: Christians are to ABHOR evil (Romans 12:9), identify evildoers and NOT bear with them (Rev 2:2), and WOE to those who turn good and evil upside down, mock God, and expect to get away with it (Isaiah 5:18-21; reminds me instantly of the sold-out evil-purveyors with the (D)s behind their names). 



By now you should be keenly aware that every position I take in religion/theology and politics is based on the bedrock of the Bible. Other ways to state the same thing: A) If God’s Word teaches it, I believe it; if it’s not taught there, it’s subject to a close comparison with what is taught in Scripture, and only consistency can validate that teaching as a companion truth, and inconsistency or downright contradiction will necessitate rejection of that NON-biblical notion (see Isaiah 8:20 and Acts 17:11 for the spirit and gist of this principle); B) If you’re wondering where I get some idea or particular perspective, it may start — on one end — with a commentary, op-ed, book, or video, but I can always tether it to what Scripture has said about it long, long ago. I don’t claim to have any original ideas when it comes to either of these important fields of study, and the mere thought of my adding to or taking away from Scripture makes me shudder (Deut 4:2 and 12:32, Proverbs 30:6, and Rev 22:18-19; ignore those warnings at the risk of losing everything!). So I either start with a passage (and any parallels) in God’s Word and work outward, or I follow a thread back towards it to see if it is indeed soundly rooted there. It’s the only safe way: God makes factual pronouncements, and our duty is to line up our mere subjective opinions with what God has declared as objective fact. Do they connect? Then move forward in that truth. Failed connection? Then YOU or I have it wrong, it’s just that simple. No amount of wishful thinking, weeping, or wringing of hands is going to change things. To those who constantly try to shoehorn something into the Bible (usually to enable continuing in a “bosom sin,” as the Puritans used to say), I speak the truth in love: “Boo-hoo! Get over yourself and your errant judgment! You know what you have to do, so do it already!” I’ve said that many times to myself, by the way; it can be painful for a while, but it feels good when I get back on the right foot. C) Simplest version: if God said it, that settles it! (My belief or disbelief in between is actually irrelevant; objective truth stands on its own).

And, a corollary…

Galatians 1:6-10 clearly teaches us that even if an angel should come down from Heaven and preach/teach something that doesn’t line up with the rest of the Gospel message (this is a hypothetical, of course, because any angel actually from Heaven would not even be capable now of doing such evil), let that FALSE messenger be accursed, or damned! The inspired apostle Paul goes on to make it clear, though, that there is only ONE AUTHENTIC GOSPEL, the one which he, the other apostles, and Jesus Himself taught and preached. I’m so glad this passage is there for our instruction throughout the ages, because between what is taught here and in those “Do not add OR subtract” passages cited above, it’s SO-O-O-O easy for anyone with an ounce of discernment to detect the distinct odor of a false teaching when it comes around, courtesy of a snake-oil peddler (like a LGBT-pusher, shall we say, or a pro-abort, or any merchant of death; I’m looking at you, radical Islamist!).



In at least 3 places in God’s Word, the fact that Jesus Christ is the Creator of all things is made patently clear: read this for yourself in John 1:1-3, Colossians 1:15-20, and Hebrews 1:1-3. A careful reading of Romans 11:36 will reveal the same fact, and in that Colossians text, we learn that Christ also — even now, and forever — holds the universe together (in Him, all things consist, or hold together). So that tells anyone who’s paying attention that Christ has always existed and holds all power, at the very least. But more than that, He commands and demands obedience; as true God, He will not share His glory with another (Isaiah 42:5-8). And guess what? He NEVER changes: Hebrews 13:8. It follows that His commandments which we’ll want to obey if we truly love Him (John 14:15) have never changed either, nor will they. If you could convince all nine billion people on Earth to hold their collective breath until all human beings were blue in the face in order to try to change His mind about how certain evils could now be pronounced good, it would only mean that there are 9 billion gullible, hellbound tragic figures who totally wasted their time. So give it up. Give it up, God-haters. You lose. Turn from your abominations and those who insist on promoting them. Each of us has the same duty to perform, according to God: Be holy, as He is holy (Lev 11:44 and 1 Peter 1:14-16). Can’t do that? That’s absolutely right, you can’t, and neither can I. HOWEVER, The Creator Himself has come down from Heaven to be born as a full-fledged human, live an earthly life of sinless, PERFECT obedience, suffer unspeakably, and DIE in agony so that He could not only remove all sins from all who believe in Him, but also impute that perfect law-keeping of His to their accounts. If He had only removed the sins of the faithful, admission into Heaven would still not be possible, since without holiness, no man shall see God (in His holy Heaven, Hebrews 12:14). That’s where the transfer of Christ’s righteousness (imputation) comes in: we go beyond “breaking even” with slates cleared of all sin, and obtain the active and positive holiness necessary to be with God forever. Colloquially speaking, Christ gets us to the gate AND hands us the admission ticket. Apart from Christ, we can do nothing (John 15:5).

But on the other hand, for the one who rejects the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6) — one who does NOT abide in Christ — that person will be “thrown away” (John 15:6) and is “condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God” (John 3:18). It’s a clear-cut dichotomy; no wiggle room available.

Okay, now you’ve had life and death set before you, via the very Word Of God (Deut 30:15). You know who you have to listen to (Deut 18:15), and who you will naturally want to obey if you truly are in Christ (John 14:15). There’s nothing complicated here. We acknowledge the Creator, He is the only One who can save us from the endless misery that we justly deserve if we insist on doing things our way, and on our own, and it is certain — beyond doubt — that we are lost without Him in every sense.

This watchman has given you fair warning, love me or hate me as you will. That’s probably the best I can do. May God grant light, true repentance (2 Timothy 2:25-26), and true faith, the GIFT of God (Ephesians 2:8-10). 


8/9/18: Yesterday’s postings finally drew one of my “fans” out enough so she just had to issue my correction and comeuppance, not to just me by personal reply, but to the whole list of people I’d sent the postings to (thereby making MY list HER list, in effect, and attempting to stake out the moral high ground for her ilk, just as they always try to do). I won’t stoop to publicly naming her, but here are excerpts of what she wrote, followed by my entire reply (name only withheld; those of the same political persuasion who also trust in anyone/anything other than the risen and reigning Christ can insert their own names in the blank space).

“You obviously do not know that I am a moderate Democrat and have been all my life. I find that what you send, when I do look at it, offensive!!”…The Lord asks us to love our neighbors and that’s what I intend to do, regardless of political affiliation.

[My reply]:

“Silly me! I’d thought that I might be able to prick that misshapen bubble of leftist-controlled academia in which you and your “partner” live. When pigs fly to Heaven will I join you in condoning, supporting, and promoting the thoroughly evil and UNbiblical agenda of the baby-slaughtering, LGBT-pushing, TRULY racist, free speech-squashing, historical revisionist, nation-ruining, world-ruining, ever and always ANTI-God democrats.

Especially as an “educator,” you should be ashamed of how you spread their lying filth! I fully reject that NONSENSE term, “moderate Democrat.” Since at least 1973 and Roe v. Wade, there has been no such thing; they’ve turned EVERYTHING on its head and inside out. So is that just “moderately” abominable?!? 

It’s particularly galling when “Christians” invoke the name of “the Lord” as being on board with the new “ten commandments” of ANTI-Christ evil. They only BLASPHEME Him when they put ungodly words into His HOLY mouth and attribute evil notions to an idol-christ of their own making. The “christ” that you “progressives” have constructed is a lopsided savior of NONE, because he never actually fought and DIED to overcome evil because sin wasn’t on his radar! Love — God’s way, Christ’s way, the BIBLICAL way — is keeping the commands of the REAL Jesus (John 14:15) and telling our neighbors the TRUTH! How are you loving your neighbors by proffering falsehood and letting them stride right into Hell in their deluded pride? THERE’S your “hate speech!”

So I will continue to go by what the all-knowing GOD has said — it’s fixed in place in His Word, the Holy Bible, for all generations — and refuse to be led by the nose or the sex organs by puny-brained “progressive” pipsqueaks who — barring repentance — are headed for Hell.

I fear for your soul, ____, I truly do.

I’ve removed you from “the list.” Ezekiel 33:6″

[Final comments on this: 1) I certainly could have added, “evolution-believing and teaching” and “Creation-by-God-rejecting” to the descriptors of her (D)-rat heroes, and isn’t that the root problem and the basis for all of their madness? Only evolutionary poppycock gives us multiple races around which they can constantly conjure up imagined battlegrounds, whereas the Bible teaches ONE HUMAN RACE; 2) Again, each person on “the list” had (still has) the ongoing option of declining to hear from me via my emails, and all others had the good sense to keep replies personal, and not blast their gripes with me to a dozen or more people that wouldn’t know her from Eve. But this is what morally clueless leftists (sorry about that redundancy) do; they have to do their “virtue signaling” to collect their points publicly and show how much they hate people who dare to say anything that’s true and that makes them uncomfortable, even when — especially when — they know they’re getting a glimpse of reality; that they can NOT stand! 3) Finally, in the real universe that God has created, HIS rules are still the rules and always will be. Whether or not you like those rules, they didn’t come from me; I just abide by them and pass ’em along in order to get you thinking about where you’re headed, which is for EVERYONE one of two eternal destinations: either in God’s HOLY Heaven, to where you’ve been carried completely by God’s grace in the person and work of Jesus Christ and faith in Him applied to you by the power of the Holy Spirit working through the Word of God, OR… utterly hopeless, joyless Hell, because you had just too much pride in yourself and your own sinful ways, and you listened to the choir of liars instead of the loving, yes, but HOLY, perfectly law-abiding Savior.

How about REAL love for a change? Lose the artificial stuff, and grab hold of Christ! May TRUE repentance and TRUE faith be granted to everyone who reads this! In HIS name and no other, that is my prayer.


8/8/18: 1) Queen of the new wave of (D)ense-o-crats: a like virtual bottomless well of like total like ignorance and stuff. And “POD Save America,” what in blazes is that?!?

2) “Police nab illegal immigrant ‘family’ after man found to have raped girl;
DHS says they weren’t related but still managed to sneak in as family” Excerpts:

“…children getting abducted by people trying to falsely claim to be families.

Indeed the number of such cases soared by 900 percent this year, according to a Washington Times report in May.

In some cases children were kidnapped, while other cases — such as the latest report involving Mr. Pedro — children were apparently loaned to other immigrants to further the family fraud.

…Judge Dolly M. Gee, the federal judge who issued the 2015 ruling blamed for creating the situation, declined to respond earlier this year to a request for comment about the abductions, other than to tell a reporter to read her rulings.” [bold emphasis above: mine]

Gee, Dolly, you’re swell!


8/6/18: Back in 2004, the (D)s stole the Washington State gubernatorial election, via obvious chicanery in notoriously corrupt King County. After Dino Rossi was TWICE declared the winner, lo and behold, a (D)emo-rat miracle! Boxes of “uncounted” ballots kept showing up, and when the dust cleared, Hellary’s virtual clone (or favorite relative?) — one Mrs. Gregoire — claimed final victory with a 129-vote margin. Here are some details (Wikipedia article; note that Rossi, the (R), won the vast majority of WA counties, too, but Korrupt Kounty came to the “rescue” of one of its own). If it sounds like I’m still bitter about this outright fraudulent theft of my adopted state’s highest office, you are correct! Because of this bald-faced criminal activity, WA was “blessed” with 8 years of a Gregoire badministration, which led to the election of her successor, that walking joke, Inslee. Which eventually led to this third-generation-fraud’s latest sheerly clueless pronouncement at the (D)-rat Governors Association (spoiler alert: it’s ALL about getting President Trump out of office — a totally new and constructive idea! — even though these knuckleheads purportedly have jobs to do in their own respective states; guess that all has to come behind priority #1, as dictated by this nut-job). Methinks I smell some more (D)-rat projection: according to THIS “unhinged narcissist,” the president is one. To which I say, maybe he IS a narcissist, but he is NOT unhinged; four fingers are pointin’ back at you, fella! So Inslee has learned well from the Clintons, I must say. 

So the point is…? I’ll offer three: 1) If elections aren’t conducted honestly, dung happens; 2) Any time the (D)s can cheat, they will. GUARANTEED! This is what their gods — Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Alinsky, and all of the other radicals in their ever-expanding pantheon of evil humans they’ve raised to the status of deities — directed them to do, whenever and wherever they can pull it off; 3) I have lived through the outrageous, disillusioning, and depressing experience of election fraud perpetrated by the amoral (D)s, and on more than one occasion (I wonder if my votes in WA have ever NOT been canceled out by an ILLEGAL alien vote, or the “vote” of a dead guy); I don’t wish that experience upon you, but it’s up to you personally to do what you can to ensure that organizations that strive to make elections free, fair, and honest (starting with CLEAN voter rolls) have your support (Judicial Watch; True the Vote; ACRU ).



They don’t want socialism, they want Trump dead.
July 31, 2018 Daniel Greenfield

[Okay, now you can read mine…]

8/4/18: August is the only month in which we don’t have a national “holiday” to observe and/or celebrate. While I’m no advocate whatsoever for any more man-made, so-called “holy days,” for those folks who’ll try to manufacture one anyway, just to fill that one-month gap, I suggest “Republic Day” for the second Monday in August. Why that designation? To remind Americans that we are a Republic, NOT a straight-out democracy (something which the Founders avoided like the 18th Century equivalent of high fructose corn syrup or whatever happens to be the Left’s political pet plague-of-the-moment). Yes, we are a democracy, but a representative democracy, a REPUBLIC. It’s not mob rule that’s the rule, but the rule of laws duly enacted by duly-elected representatives in a responsible, informed Congress. And why that date in August? It’s fairly equidistant between July 4 and Constitution Day, September 17 (Wikipedia link here). By putting “Republic Day” in the middle between those two great bookends, all three events and associated concepts can be linked in the minds of Americans and kept in view. Three last observations:

  1. We still pledge allegiance to the flag and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, NOT the “democracy”;
  2. We hear every day about how America is a democracy (a strict, flat-out one which we are not), but when was the last time you were reminded of the fact that we are a republic, other than in that increasingly rare Pledge? (I’ll bet you never hear that from any of today’s (D)-rats, who are constantly and militantly controlling the terminology!);
  3. Founding Father of what eventually became today’s (D) party, one Thomas Jefferson, initially called his party, the “Republican Democrats,” and they often were known for decades — even by themselves — as just the “Republicans” (it was the republican philosophy that they put out front, and scream-and-stamp-your-feet mob rule was NEVER on their radar! (Wikipedia article link here; note especially these words: They called themselves “Republicans” after their ideology, republicanism…During the time that this party existed, it was usually referred to as the Republican Party.” ). Jefferson himself  — possibly above all others — would be appalled to the point of illness by what today’s (D)s stand for, by what they oppose, and by what they seek to (D)estroy: The American Republic itself.

Well, there’s my “August holiday” proposal, such as it is. Long live the Republic!


7/29/18: Bad news for the rats, good news for real Americans


7/28/18:  It appears the truth is finally being forced out… Hi-Liar’s dossier, link 1; more in-depth, link 2. Pertinent pull-quotes —

Article #1: In sum, the Clinton team paid for the dossier via middlemen and received its contents.

The Clinton-financed dossier was used to fuel an FBI investigation into the Trump team that continues today by special counsel Robert Mueller. Well, I knew that, you say; read on…

Article #2 (Daniel Greenfield): A Democrat smear was used by a Democrat administration to undermine a Republican’s victory.

The unredacted FISA application was based entirely on the work of Democrats and their media allies. [bold emphasis mine-SR]

Instead of providing a second intelligence source, they offered a news story anonymously citing an intelligence source providing information to intelligence officials. But they were the intelligence officials.[bold emphasis mine-SR]

Media reports of the investigation, provided by Steele, were used to create a sock puppet second source and second investigation. These echo chamber tactics were typical of the Obama administration which routinely seeded stories into a media echo chamber, and then used those stories to justify its policies.[bold emphasis mine-SR]

The FISA application shows that the Obama administration didn’t just deploy its media echo chamber to manipulate public opinion, but also used it to justify its abuse of domestic surveillance against its political opponents.[bold emphasis mine-SR]

AND…more arrogant ignorance from the nation-ruining (D)-rats;

  1. Pelousy’s 9-11 “incident” (not the mass-murdering attack that it really was)
  2. Heir-apparent to the Lady (D)unce-more throne spouts off again
  3. (D)eleting true (LEGAL citizen) votes by giving ILLEGALS preference; such a beautiful thing! Must be encouraged (saith a (D)estructocrat)!

…the push for noncitizen voting comes and goes — though Mr. Renshon said the places that are experimenting with it do tend to be liberal bastions.

“They’re all places which are left-leaning, which have an agenda about citizenship they want to start out with,” he said, with the goal of blurring distinctions between citizens, legal residents and illegal immigrants. [bold emphasis mine-SR]

FINALLY FOR TODAY… I just can’t get over how these ILLEGAL immigrants are pure as the driven snow! More recent “testimonials” right here.


7/21/18:  3 important lessons in actual, factual American history re: race relations, courtesy of David Barton’s work,  SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT:  AMERICAN HISTORY IN BLACK & WHITE:

Direct link to the DVD in the Wallbuilders store:

(Links to Wikipedia accounts of horrific events for which the (D)s are solely responsible, and the real reason for the founding of the KKK, its initial goals and targets, and especially its very real and often murderous voter-suppression tactics. You want to see some real “disenfranchisement” in action, unlike simply requiring proof of a legal citizen’s right to vote? Read, learn, and orient your thinking accordingly. [Caveats:  Wikipedia article writers usually lean left, so in the KKK article, for example, one has to go deep into the article — it’s never explicitly stated, so one has to go by the KKK’s vehemently opposed targets and connect some dots — to discover that the (D)-rats founded that quintessential hate group; THEY OWN it, they can’t rewrite history! “Jim Crow” belongs to them, too, 100%. I suggest you use these Wikipedia articles as launching pads for more independent research.])

  1. (1864)

Clearly, the more you know about true American history, the more you have to realize just how consistently and brazenly the leftists have lied to all of us. As I’ve said before, lies are the first go-to tools in their kits, and far too often, the only ones they need. Where the lies don’t take hold, violence soon follows. It’s an undeniable pattern, engraved in history, and it is truly tragic.


7/20/18:  Leftist arrogance in ignorance! DNC chair tabbed this defiantly ignorant socialist as the “future of the party,” and here’s a glimpse of what that means. It would be hilarious if this was only a comedy skit, but this is real life, folks. Real people on the Left — and many such products of their own brainwashing factories some people still call “schools” — are this clueless! More confirming evidence here: “Ocasio-Cortez is a confirmed ignoramus.” AND...leftists are this unhinged and unapologetically mean: (Whoopi Goldberg again shows her true, off-camera character)….”a perfect representation of how the political Left has acted over the last several years.”


7/19/18: Judicial Watch continues to defend us and arm us with the truth:

Article link (Soros and the Left vs. you and me). Video link (17 minutes well-spent)


7/18/18: SIX links for those who value truth (five links to articles with accompanying core quotes; one ultra-solid book recommendation and a direct link to where you can get it). Here we go:

1) Ann Coulter: Kavanaugh threatens the left’s right to cheat  The only rights conservatives ever seek under the Constitution are the ones that are written in black and white, such as the freedom of speech and the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Mostly, we sit trembling, waiting to see what new nonexistent rights the court will impose on us, contravening everything we believe.

So when you hear liberals carrying on about all the “rights” threatened by Kavanaugh, remember that by “rights,” they mean “policy ideas so unpopular that we can’t pass a law creating such rights.”

2) Victor Davis Hanson: Progressives should back up their rhetoric on immigration 

It is almost as if the louder one rails about unfair border enforcement, the more likely one is to avoid encounters with illegal immigrants. Outrage has become a safe way for elites to signal their virtue, acting out in theory what they are uncomfortable doing in fact.

[NOTE from SR: see below on this page and on my Immigration page, where I’ve linked to Mark Belling on “virtue signaling” and posted my own “Immigration Fix,” the gist of which can be summarized as, “You invited ’em, you house ’em WITH YOU and pay their way completely. Stop stealing from the rest of us who want to live peacefully and securely, and who did NOT invite ’em, and start using your own money. Put that where your mouth is!” VDH, too, exposes the utter hypocrisy and impracticality of the leftists.]

3) VDH again: Reciprocity is the method to Trump’s madness  

During the lifetime of NAFTA, Mexico has encouraged millions of its citizens to enter the U.S. illegally. Mexico’s selfish immigration policy is designed to avoid internal reform, to earn some $30 billion in annual expatriate remittances, and to influence U.S. politics.

Yet after more than two decades of NAFTA, Mexico is more unstable than ever. Cartels run entire states. Murders are at a record high. Entire towns in southern Mexico have been denuded of their young males, who crossed the U.S. border illegally.

4) David Inserra: Abolish ICE? Let’s think this one through  

Additionally, ICE works with state and local authorities to remove criminals, gang members and fugitives from the law. [NOTE from SR: THIS is reason numero uno why leftists want to get rid of ICE; they’re removing (D)-voting recruits because criminals are the (D)’s base!]

In essence, ICE finds, detains, prosecutes and deports immigrants who have broken U.S. immigration laws. Most Americans understand that U.S. laws define the pathways through which an individual may legally enter and remain in the U.S. Anyone who does not enter the U.S. through these pathways, or who after entering legally does not abide by the terms of their immigration status, has no right to remain in the U.S.

5) Owen Robinson (West Bend WI and Illegal Immigration. Neat.  

All of this brings us to the hilarious theatrics of Wisconsin’s Congressman Mark Pocan. Hailing from the comfortably safe liberal District centered on Dane County, Pocan authored a bill to fulfill the fantasies of the radicals and abolish ICE. Under Pocan’s plan, the criminal functions of ICE would move to other agencies, but the enforcement of immigration laws would cease. Pocan apparently forgot he could write bills to change the immigration laws and instead opted for the anarchy of laws without an enforcement arm instead.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, from the neighboring Wisconsin Congressional District, obliged Congressman Pocan’s effort and announced he would bring Pocan’s bill to abolish ICE to the floor. Despite the fact that Pocan is a member of the minority party, Ryan and the Republican leadership decided to call the vote and let the chips fall where they may.

As a member of the minority party in the Congress, Congressman Pocan intended his bill to be political posturing to feed the anger of the radical Left for the election. He never actually intended for it to be voted upon. Stoking the fires of hatred before an election is far more important to Pocan than serious immigration reform. With his bluff called and his shameless charade on display for the world to see, Pocan immediately called “foul” and said that he would vote against his own bill.

When people complain about the divisive state of political discourse in our nation, it is politicians like Congressman Pocan who is responsible. Instead of using the office entrusted to him by his constituents to work for rational immigration reforms, he chose to author a bill that even he would not support for the purpose of fueling rage before an election. Wisconsin, and the dedicated public servants of ICE, deserve better.

6) I’ve recommended this eye-opening, perspective-changing book before. Just recently, I purchased my third copy of it (loaned out the first two after the first two readings) and re-read it with renewed fervor. In the near future, you can expect quotes from it and referrals to online articles that confirm what David Barton wrote in SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT:  AMERICAN HISTORY IN BLACK & WHITE.

Find a used copy on the secondary market or at your library, or order it directly from Wallbuilders, but get it! The DVD is also excellent, and it, too, is a favored possession of mine. Unless you’re almost as astute as Barton when it comes to America’s TRUE history, I can guarantee you’ll be astonished at the well-documented facts that he brings forth, many of which have been purposefully buried by nation-destroying leftists (especially the (D)s, who have everything to lose by letting the truth come to the surface!). Quite frankly, this book should be assigned reading in all schools, public and private, because it does set the record straight!


7/16/18: Oh, what a surprise! Who saw this coming? Well, only this reporter and every reasoning person with even one eye open, including any honest (D)s (if even one actually exists). Ah, those wonderful, holy “undocumented” “parents separated by the U.S. government from their children!” Nope, they separated themselves by arrogantly and (D)efiantly putting themselves above the laws of the nation of which they (D)emand to be a part, and by sending their actual children out to run point!!! Character survey results and examples numbers 20 million and 20 million and 1. Frankly, if you don’t get what’s going on by now — and understand who the real bad guys are — you’re displaying willful ignorance and have set a course for your own inevitable (D)estruction at the hands of your “friends,” the America-(D)espising vote-whores of the Left. [thanks for the term, CM; it’s so apt]



Even abortion enthusiasts know Roe v. Wade is a legal abomination (right on, Charles Hurt!)


7/14/18: Two cut-and-dried immigration-issue/national security links. In case there’s someone out there who still doesn’t get both the ideological reason (they hate this country and are doing everything they can to take it down) and the practical reason (read the last line of the first article; these ILLEGAL voters go overwhelmingly the way of the (D)-rats), for the (D)estructocrat opposition to the work — and very existence of — a vital national security force, these two quick reads have been supplied for your education. It’ll be clearer than ever that even when non-citizens want to admit and correct their transgressions, the amoral leftists want just the opposite, and the illegalities are what they enforce. Anti-rule-of-law, anti-American, and anti-God: there’s your leftist mob in all of its “glory.” 


7/12/18: Example number 3 zillion and 4 of what happens when you let your sex organs do your “thinking.” New York Nut-job-in-chief.


7/11/18: On and on and on they go, constantly sowing the seeds of (D)estruction via wall-to-wall (D)eceit. Two more examples offered today: 1) Attempted character assassination (business as usual) of a good man by amoral, master-projectionist jackasses (Jim DeMint identifies it); 2) Judicial Watch again has the goods on Osama Obama and his gang of career criminals.

Also, some more to-the-point observations from American Patriot Daily (and my added comment at the end):

One by one, the Democrats are finding that all their avenues to remove President Trump are closed off.

Their first scheme was pressuring the voting members of the Electoral College to withhold their votes from Trump or choose Hillary.

*Then they moved to the Mueller investigation.

When that began to sputter, Democrats and the media turned their attention to Stormy Daniels’ accusation of hush money payments to claim Trump conspired to violate federal campaign finance laws.

That went nowhere.

So Democrats circled back to the Russian collusion fake news and filed nuisance lawsuits hoping to catch lightning in a bottle.

Their argument was so far-fetched that even a Clinton-appointed judge laughed them out of court.

There is only one way to remove President Trump from office – the 2020 election.

But President Trump will be running for re-election with a booming economy and an America First foreign policy and immigration agenda that is popular with the American people.

Democrats’ long-shot gambles are their only chance of stopping the President.

But even those are doomed to fail.

*[My comment applies here: they haven’t moved off this farce by any means, and are in fact trying to delay the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings until after its “conclusion” (as if they have any plans of concluding it without removing the president who nominated him)]


7/10/18: Self-appointed press secretary for the Son of God and God Himself, Jimmy Carter ((D)umb-as-ever), declares what the holy, unchanging Christ (Heb 13:8) thinks (now) about gay “marriage” and which abortions are just fine with Him, because they’re okay by Jimmy. Talk about NON-biblical NONsense! Just another sad example of how leftist (D)emagoguery can totally warp a “Christian” mind. Hey Jimmy (and all your fellow leftist society assassins), give us chapter and verse where Jesus Christ — the Law giver and the ONLY perfectly obedient human being ever — positively affirms your “gay marriage!” NOT. ONE. WORD in God’s immutable Word along those lines. The rare, somewhat-honest LGBT-pusher at least acknowledges (publicly) that the Bible only condemns sexual deviancy, strongly and consistently. That’s why those rare birds who are honest about this know that they must discredit God’s Word, and pretend that it has no authority over their lives; there’s nothing to lean on in support of their pet sin. Nothing. So give it up, “Christian” LGBT promoters; you can’t have it both ways. Either you stand on the Bible and with Christ, or you blaspheme Him by putting your UNholy words into His HOLY mouth and into His HOLY Word. How long are you — personally — going to be willing enough and gullible enough to listen to such (D)amnable lies, and give such rank (D)eceivers an attentive ear? “Ephraim is joined to idols; leave him alone.” — Hosea 4:17. Consider every anti-God ideology, movement, party, or individual to be Ephraim in that context. Go the other way, the way of Truth (John 14:6; Jeremiah 6:16-19). As long as you’re still breathing, there’s time to turn to Christ and gain Heaven in the bargain. But the sooner you do it, the better it will be for yourself, your loved ones, and this blessings-drenched, but all-too-often ungrateful nation. Become a full-fledged asset, and not just three-fifths of an asset! You and I are here to serve the Lord; it’s not the other way around.


7/7/18: I’m giving you a day off from my usual bombastic admonition and “scolding” (for the most part, anyway). Instead, I urge you to enjoy and learn from three calmer, more informed, and more astute FrontPage Mag writers:  1) Ari Lieberman details yet more (previously hidden) Osama Obama evil (deals with Iran and Muslim connections); 2) Daniel Greenfield on the usual (D)-rat chicanery and (D)eception, always playing the “race card” as the sold-out media pump up a “new (female) Obama”; 3) ending with the most optimistic piece, Bruce Thornton delivers cogent observations on what freedom is and what it is not, and why there’s hope for regaining true freedom in our day.


7/6/18 (Two parts; part two at ** below): If you’re not staying in touch with FAIR, you’re not getting in touch with reality. Get the story from people who don’t live to lie and push an evil agenda:    and

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to read (again?) what I’ve posted below at ***. I’ve been consistent on this (immigration) issue, but have you noticed how the nation-hating leftists are constantly running around starting new fires and then screaming that they must be put out NOW, damn the laws and due legislative process? For one extended news cycle, it’s all about “gun control,” then the next one is all about “parent-child separation” and “children in cages” and how none of that ever happened under Saint Barry (which is complete field manure!). Of course, it should be obvious by now to anyone with one eye open that the (D)estructocrats haven’t had a good, constructive idea for decades! ALL that they have is their anti-conservative, anti-Republican, anti-Trump, anti-God hateful agenda; they’re driven by hate (emotion) only, and they have empty skulls where calm, thinking brains should be.

How any aware, thinking person can ever vote for these unhinged, murderous arsonists is beyond me.

***6/23/18: Add these two “character witness” testimonies regarding the quintessential enemies of all that is true and life-affirming; I speak of ever-lying, pro-mass-murder (D)emonic leftists, the kings, queens, and in-betweens of hypocrisy: link 1; link 2


**7/6/18, part 2: Remember that warning from Scott Adams? “They’re coming for you next” is what he said (video link here). Well, after relentlessly pursuing and attacking that terrible, terrible guy, Scott Pruitt, they got him to resign. The facts are the following. He apparently showed a lack of good judgment in some secondary or tertiary matters, but that’s not what made him a prime target of the Left; rather, it was how effective he was in exposing their foolishness, hypocrisy, and their utterly contemptuous death wish for America, all in the name of “climate change” or whatever they’re calling it THIS week. Pruitt did very well on the national policy level, and the ever-projecting  (“see what he’s doing that’s wrong that we — truth be told — do more of, and without regret”) leftists just had to take him out, so they found some speck in his eye and turned it into a campfire’s worth of logs (like in their own eyes: MATTHEW 7:3).

So they got their man. And if you agreed with his sensible, overdue, pro-prosperity, pro-America policy changes, you just might be next. It might be a neighbor, co-worker, classmate, or teacher that turns you in and/or makes your life miserable, but if they can destroy high-level public officials (he wasn’t the first and won’t be the last), they’ll certainly have an easier time with you.

Please get a clue, get a backbone, and vote for any and all true Republican candidates (let the RINO candidates fend for themselves). And between elections, get informed by truth-tellers, disregard the daily onslaught of the leftist, live-to-lie (and (D)estroy) media, defend truth, life, and the lawful pursuit of happiness, get on the good (RIGHT) foot, and stay there. Be the “last one standing” in your neighborhood, but stand! If nothing else, it’ll make it harder for the enemy to put his boot on your neck!

One last reminder for today. Frederick Douglass stood with the (R)s in his day, too. Here’s a quoted section from that oozes with relevance:

After the 15th Amendment was passed in 1870 allowing most of the black males in the former Confederate states to vote,  the Republican Party (also now known as the Grand Old Party or GOP) commanded the loyalty of an overwhelming majority of African Americans, prompting Frederick Douglass to remark that for them, “The Republican Party was the ship and all else was the sea.” 

And so it is now. The ONLY candidates worth supporting all are aboard the GOP ship. While not every (R) is a good choice — and some have jumped ship to be seen as “mavericks” or “moderates” — the (D)s are the embodiment of the sea of confusion and (D)eath. Their way does NOT lead to life or anything positive. Abandon ’em. Now and forevermore. 


7/4/2018: Happy Independence Day. Enjoy it while it lasts — your independence, that is — because now the very head of the (D)-rat party confirms what we’ve been persistently warning about: the (D)s are sold-out SOCIALISTS, and they’re all about overrunning this nation with criminal aliens. They obviously don’t care a fig about you, your security, or your legal, law-abiding pursuit of happiness! They’re willing to “sacrifice” what belongs to YOU in favor of trespassing thieves and even rapists and murderers. Latest confirmation from them here. Stop slapping that snooze button, real Americans!


6/30/2018: Hellary sticks her snout into it again. Can’t stand to be left out of any political discussion. Needs to prove again that SHE is the phoniest of all and THE most insufferable female on the planet. Shut up, go off by yourself to pray for guidance on how to become a REAL caring human being, and then get back to us when you’ve learned something. As things stand, YOU can teach us NOTHING about morality! NOTHING!!! You should be utterly amazed (and THANKFUL, if you’re even capable of gratitude and appreciation for totally undeserved “breaks”) that you’re not in prison (pick a scandal, any scandal) where you most definitely belong. Like this fellow lawless, career criminal (Osama Obama, rewriter and gutter of the U.S. Constitution; thank God that some of his nation-(D)estroying evil is being reversed). The (D)s of today bear ZERO resemblance to America’s Founding Fathers and are OPPOSED TO THE SPIRIT OF INDEPENDENCE DAY AT EACH AND EVERY TURN.


They (today’s (D)s) live to turn individuals into non-thinking, easily-controlled sheeple; silence all dissension (i.e., objective truth, up to and including, “terminating with extreme prejudice”); and steal from YOU — via their governmental god — anything that they possibly can, leaving you hopeless and lifeless. This is pure totalitarianism. This is imported Marxism-Leninism-Soviet Communism, and nothing less. This is what the totalists have always done, and what the (D)s are doing now. And what you do to yourself if you aid and abet their (D)estruction, especially by believing that you’re getting the truth from the sold-out-to-evil, live-to-lie (D)eceivers that populate 90% plus of the “mainstream media”  and follow their every lead. I’ll say it once again: where they want to lead you, you absolutely do NOT want to go. It’s an eternal dead end. See Ezekiel 33:6 in God’s Word if you want to understand my thrust and be reminded how you can save you and yours from otherwise unavoidable (D)estruction, both short-term AND in the limitless term. You can’t say that truly caring people haven’t tried to warn you!


6/29/18: Oooh, cry me a river, Maxine! The typical (D)emon-crat three-step: 1. (D)estructive, nation-ruining rhetoric 2. (D)enial, victim-style 3. (D)esignate others–who had nothing to do with her criminal behavior — for blame. What a pathetic “public servant” and what a (D)espicable party! Not an ounce of true integrity to be found among ’em. But you have to say that they ARE good at murdering defenseless human beings in the wombs, at the rate of OVER 3,000 such malicious, actual murders a day! That they are dedicated to, like any person (D)evoid of conscience. (D)isgusting to the max!

Oh, BTW, Waters made the Judicial Watch 10 Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians list in 2010 and 2011. She also “earned” a “Dishonorable Mention” in 2012: link 

10 most corrupt

JW stopped publishing those annual lists by 2014, apparently, otherwise she likely would have added to her (D)istink-shuns, so to speak. But here’s a recent report.


6/28/18: Hey, I forgot the best recent SCOTUS ruling: State of Calipornia and baby-murderers, you lose! Free, moral expression wins! See here. Another one I meant to refer to earlier: VDH recounts how leftists are constantly and deliberately attempting to (D)eceive every person who is gullible enough to swallow their swill (“linguistic trickery“). Finally, added the sub-slogan above with regard to the political sphere. 


6/27/18:  1) Slight change in format implemented (copy of active, updated national mass-murder (ABORTION) ticker kept at the top (more details below at *); and 2) this will immediately be followed by new material (see above and below for today’s two respective parts in their new settings going forward; previous Update Log entries at the bottom of this page, through 6/21/18)

New as of today, 6/27/18:

A) The tide may be turning: Supreme Court victory #3 for the sane, conscientious and moral among us (remember Jack Phillips and Barronelle Stutzman, nos. 1 & 2, and now, President’s travel ban upheld); victory #4  (labor union chicanery, (D)eception, and (D)espotism suffers major setback). Thank God! None of this would be possible without a living and active God. But He sees this going on, too…

B) Hassan (D) and Waters (D) BOTH are typical of the pathetic collection of morally and intellectually (D)eficient (D)underheads calling itself the “Democrat” party.

C) But…some real public servants are calling ’em out and to account:  the House wakes up, following the lead of Judicial Watch (necessary, as usual);  and one of my favorites, Cheryl K. Chumley, sets the record straight again

D) And finally,… Dilbert cartoon creator Scott Adams has some sage advice for the voting public in this election cycle. Hear a calm, logical and largely a-political voice for a change. Teaser quotes: 

Author and “Dilbert” cartoonist Scott Adams says President Trump’s critics may scare him into the voting booth this year… The reason: Democrats are “coming for you next” if Republicans lose control of Congress…“The left has made it clear that this is personal now,” Mr. Adams told his large fan base on YouTube. “This is citizen to citizen. Probably the safest thing you can do if you’re a Republican is to help get out the vote because it’s going to be a dangerous place around here if the president gets impeached. I’m not wrong about that, right? Impeachment is the point where the risk of something snapping is pretty high.”

Link to the eye-opening video, much of which addresses the immigration issue: here


6/25/18 — (D)isgusting (D)eranged (D)emonic (D)estroyers again showing they’re (D)evoid of ANY redeeming value. Remember, all of these screaming jackasses are adamant Pro-Aborts, and hence, MURDERERS. They have NOTHING to say to moral people about what is moral, true, or (least of all) godly! God is on YOUR side, Max-Evil Waters?!? Yes, only if Karl Marx is your god! Get a clue or shut up! What positive thing have you ever done? Two links you (all) need to follow and think about: 1) yet another group of unhinged (D)emo-rats; 2) Worthless Waters incites violence and praises it, emblematic of her whole godless side, but nothing new.


The much circulated photo of illegal alien children in dog cages was taken in 2014, when Barack Obama was President.

The Associated Press ran a story – where they left Obama’s name and the year the allegations took place out of the headline – about how illegal alien children claimed they were abused in 2016.

The Obama administration was rife with scandal.

Chief among the problems plaguing America during his tenure was his encouraging a flood of illegal alien minors to swarm across America’s Southern border.

Donald Trump is attempting to clean up that mess. [The Alien-in-Chief’s mess!]

He is not the first President to deal with the issue of illegal immigration.

But to watch the so-called “mainstream” media, you would think Trump originated the issue of children crossing the border.

(Attribution: American Patriot Daily; added emphasis and comments mine — SR)


As those people closest to me know, my life these days straddles two states, hundreds of miles apart. Sometimes I forget for a moment which state I’m in, and I have to recover my bearings. A fresh example: I was walking through a Meijer store in Wisconsinnot a Fred Meyer store in Washington, and I began to wonder, “Why all of the Badgers and Packers stuff?” Of course, there’s an extremely simple explanation for that: “You’re in Wisconsin, buddy boy. Just what do you expect?” Any reasonable person can see that
it’s reasonable to see store shelves stocked with wares that will appeal to the locals, and not cater to the preferences of every individual on the planet! 
Two pertinent observations immediately followed in my mind. First, if I were to make a public scene and demand that this Wisconsin store stock — just because I want it — sportswear promoting all of MY favorite teams (in all of history, including defunct teams that never even had official logos), I’d be doing precisely what all of the leftists do at every turn!
Examples: Because I might speak Spanish and Swahili, EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE must accommodate me and speak to me in those languages; otherwise, they are haters! Or if I ignore the will of God and like to put my sex organ in places it doesn’t belong, EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE must accommodate me and honor me for my choice; anyone who doesn’t is a hater! And even if I did NOT invite people from foreign lands to
violate our national borders and our laws, including those against theft, rape, and murder, I must accommodate these willful criminals and foot all of their bills! This is the creed of the Left, and it’s gagging America.
How long are you going to allow them to pour raw sewage down YOUR throat? If you’re not at least supporting the efforts of those who are doing something about it, you are most definitely part of the problem. Don’t be door mats! Fight for the truth and The Truth (John 14:6).
Second, these thoroughly evil leftists whine, stamp their feet, yell obscenities, destroy property and people at will, and expect to suffer no consequences whatsoever because… They. Are. UNreasonable. They have lost their minds and their souls, and they expect everyone else to accompany them to Hell.
Well, I’m here to tell you that I’m not drinking their Kool-aid, not wallowing in their pig sty, and I’m not living in their universe, but God’s. “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh. The LORD shall have them in derision” — Psalm 2 (read the whole thing!).
Public Service Announcement: NOT EVERYONE WILL GO TO HEAVEN. That is the crock of all crocks! Satan got that lie started, it’s the easiest sell of all, and your “friends” on the Left and the Catholics, Unitarians, Universalists, and all other such anti-God factions want you to swallow that hook, line, and sinker. Don’t follow them into a very real eternal state completely devoid of hope or a chance for a moment’s relief. You’re either
on the side of Jesus Christ or you are not; saved by His grace or condemned by your own prideful choice. See Matthew 12:30; John 14:6; John 3 EIGHTEEN (yep, keep reading after John 3:16!). And who will NOT be admitted into God’s holy Heaven? Read with care Revelation 21:8: the fearful/cowardly; unbelieving/faithless;
abominable/detestable; murderers, whoremongers/sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and “all liars.” If you are honest with yourself, you’re included in that list somewhere, and for far too many these days, their personal lifestyle is built around most or even ALL of these sinful practices. This is essentially a list of everything the Left embraces!
However, you can repent, NOT return to your vomit and re-ingest it, and turn in sincere faith to the only One who can save you from endless misery: Jesus Christ, Son of God and God Himself, THE Redeemer. And lest you mistake my meaning in any of this, being on the right side of political issues is NOT THE issue! But the godly person whom Christ will save/is saving will have zero inclination to join with the anti-Christ
forces of the political Left. There is just no reconciling the two. Leftists are BY DESIGN opposed to all that the Holy One commands and expects from beings made in His image: love for the truth, courage to speak it, civility, TRUE tolerance that does NOT entail blind, undiscerning acceptance and adoption of any and all evils, sexual purity (within marriage, just as He has ordained it and blessed it from the very start), respect for the property, rights, and reputations of others (in short, the rule of just laws, and not of the personal whims of particular despots), and being able to acknowledge the Holy Creator-Sustainer-Sole Proprietor of the only universe in which we ALL exist (in Reality, that is!) in each place and time.
The Left wants to “grant” you — by their awesome powers of man-made government — a so-called “freedom of worship,” which means, “See how tolerant we are of you religious freaks? We say that you can still — even in this day of anti-superstitious Enlightenment — huddle together within the walls of your church or synagogue for an hour or two on your designated “special” day, and we promise (kind of) to not kill you for doing that. Just don’t venture forth into the public square with “god” still in your minds or on your lips.
Because then, … you’re taking your own lives in your hands. In which case, we ARE justified in destroying you in every sense of the word.” That’s the deal we’re supposed to accept from the anti-God Left.
But in reality, God has granted people in this country, anyway (through legitimate channels of just government) the freedom of religion that does NOT confine people of faith to government-mandated cubicles and corridors. No, in the real universe where everything that affects us all happens — under God, and in His view — we have
received — from His gracious hand — the freedom to live out our faith wherever we are and to give Him due glory at all times. This doesn’t mean that we’re called to call all others to subscribe to what we personally believe, but when we want to acknowledge the true God who is self-described in the Bible, no human government has any right to stifle that acknowledgement or get in the way of that person-to-Deity communication. We believers are NOT the “outsiders”; we dwell inside of God’s universe as He has created it and runs it, and hopefully, inside His will as much as we are conscious of it.
Seek, embrace, and move forward in the truth. You won’t find the truth where there’s no respect for it, so waste no more time paying any attention to the dyed-in-the-wool liars of the anti-truth, anti-God political Left. They’re headed where you do NOT want to go, and they are in fact trying to bring that (D)emonic kingdom to our world under the guise of an impossible “Utopia.” Don’t aid or abet any part of that evil without borders.


6/23/18: Add these two “character witness” testimonies regarding the quintessential enemies of all that is true and life-affirming; I speak of ever-lying, pro-mass-murder (D)emonic leftists, the kings, queens, and in-betweens of hypocrisy: link 1; link 2


6/21/18:  1) Yeah, just try again to convince me that truth, morality, civility, and responsibility are leftist values. See below the main body of text in the Update Log for 7 links that (again) prove otherwise. 2) Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and my essay, “Respecting Power” have been re-introduced to the Home page (first time for this material at this site, so be sure to check it out).

******* IMPORTANT NOTE (6/09/18): As of 6/8/18, you should be able to find the original site in a 98% restored form (all seven pages) at: . There you can expect to find the whole original/old Trutholio site (formerly hosted by Lycos/Angelfire) in the state where I left it, with all of the references to the spate of spiteful sabotage included, but kept to a bare minimum here. So go there for the whole backstory — the good, bad, and ugly — or continue to visit here for any updates (archive/legacy site essentially frozen in time with few expected changes, but with this one moving forward).

******* IMPORTANT NOTE (5/14/18+): At THIS site, sidebar content from my pages may be copied BELOW the main text body on SOME of the transferred pages (Home, Eco-Tyranny, Links (HOF), PretRef, Immigration, Non-biblical Nonsense, and Global Baseball 2018). These update/explanatory sections are often not only supplemental, but integral to understanding the chronology involved as issues were addressed and content was added. UPDATED CONTENT WILL USUALLY BE FOUND THERE — AT THE BOTTOM — AND NOT AT THE TOP OF THIS “HOME” PAGE (AND POSSIBLY OTHERS). 

New permanent feature, as of 3/3/18: “Legal” Mass-murder Ticker, Year-to-date:

1,022,568 through November 7, 2018* 

(Over a million human infant deaths by abortion, just this year (so far); you must be so proud of what you’ve accomplished, (D)eath-o-crats and Republicans In Name Only! And note to women: MORE THAN HALF of those murdered were your SISTERS! “War on women,” indeed!) 

*How determined: number of estimated abortions of human beings in America, based on 1.2 million “legal” abortions performed annually in the U.S. (that figure is the median of low and high public estimates ranging from 1 million to 1.4 million;  this averages out to 3,288 DAILY).

NO support for pro-aborts!”

* Planned Murderhood makes taxpayers accessories to murder. Need proof? Here you go; put the facts together here.

**How consistently,persistently, and thoroughly evil are PPFA and pro-aborts? Link ALink B; Link C;

(we’ll stop there for today, but multiple examples could be provided daily!)


3/2/18:  Confirmation:  Shame of the Nation=Baby-murder ( one of the 4 worst globally)

You may have thought I was exaggerating when I claimed that America was among a small handful of the very worst nations on the planet in terms of allowable (“legal”) abortions (see 2/18 commentary below). And that this fact justifies other nations looking down at us — in horror — for our astonishing moral failure on Basic Universal Human Rights Issue #1: the right to life

Well, here is an excerpt from the Lankford Letter, just issued by Senator James Lankford (R-OK):

The US is one of four countries that allow for late-term abortions. Only Vietnam, North Korea, China, and the United States still allow elective abortions on viable children after 24 weeks of pregnancy. There’s no question that a child is a child at five months; he or she has ten fingers, ten toes, a functioning nervous system, a beating heart, and unique DNA that is different than the mom and dad. Science and medical technology have dramatically changed over the past few years, allowing many children to live healthy lives even though they were born between 20 and 24 weeks. We need to protect the lives of these children and see what a majority of the world sees. A child at five months of development is a child.

Okay, now what did I get wrong? Oh! I know, I forgot to mention that communist Vietnam was in that same bag of shame as communist China, communist North Korea, and — what are we again…. democratic/progressive? — America. This is quite the select group to be in, I must say; it makes my flesh crawl. And I know who to thank for this. Do you?


If the “mainstream” media have not only successfully commandeered the daily-drumbeat national narrative, but your own personal, supposedly individual “thinking,” you’ll undoubtedly continue to be obsessed with that shooting at a school in Florida that took 17 lives. I won’t say that wasn’t a tragedy; it most definitely was. But remember — or become aware of ? — 2 or 3 things that everyone seems to be forgetting:

1. That demonic mass-murderer was a product of that very school; he acted on impulses that came naturally to him, given his lack of moral moorings. That school’s “educators” are at least partly culpable for his actions. Dung in, dung out. When moral indifference is modeled and taught, moral indifference results. And that can be displayed in a very dramatic and public manner.

2. You can pile up “gun control” laws 17 miles high, and you’ll still have (sinful human nature guarantees it) evil and insane murderous people committing murder on a large scale. If they’re hell-bent on wasting human lives, they’ll find a way to make it happen, and any [sniff] “law” meant to deter them will be a mere object of scorn or a trifling temporary inconvenience. If murder is their obsession, preventive measures on paper aren’t going to curtail it; it’ll take active intervention by people who want to protect the intended victims, and not make the murderer’s job easy.

2a. BTW, shouldn’t we just ban all motor vehicles, knives, scissors, explosives (including any possible component of an I.E.D.), fire, ovens, water, blunt objects, comets, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, pathogens, and anything that could ever be used to make several people die (or kill them-selves)? I mean, if stopping mass-shootings cold is just a matter of taking away the guns from everybody — the responsible and law-abiding and the irresponsible and murderously evil (yeah, right!) alike — well, it follows, does it not?– by the inexorable laws of leftist “logic” — that if we just take away anything that can do harm to someone, and tell “Mother Nature” to stop throwing nasty tantrums and germs to go infect another planet, we’ll have done with this business of people dying. Simple, huh? Let’s all hold our breath — to show that we are united in this Great Cause — until that do-nothing Congress rams this must-do-immediately legislation through, outlawing Death itself (the unborn excepted, of course; those inconveniences are on their own). 

3. Back to reality:  Mass-murder — without guns — goes on every single day in this country. It’s called, “abortion.” On average, somewhere between THREE THOUSAND and FOUR THOUSAND HUMAN LIVES were deliberately and violently ended today. And yesterday. And on 2/14/18 (“Parkland Shooting Day?”), and on a daily basis since 1973 (the poison fruit of Roe v. Wade madness). So enough with your insufferable hypocrisy, leftist “world-savers!” You and your army of brainwashed dupes have mass-murdered over 60 MILLION  HUMAN BEINGS. Just in this country, and just since it’s been “legal.” THAT BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS, AND YOU KNOW IT!

God knows it, too. Justice will be done.


Full Disclosure (written 4/18/18) 

My intent from the start was to be able to give some truth-seekers “out there” — in cyberspace — the right side of a split-screen view, if you will. What I’m saying is that if you can picture yourself in front of a news report screen (TV or computer monitor), you often will be viewing not just one “talking head,” but two (or more), via a split-screen. Ostensibly, this video format provides the ideal opportunity to both hear all of the actual words spoken and take in all other visual cues of two or more “guests” simultaneously

While I won’t argue against the sheer power of that method of presentation, I want to strongly suggest that even if the average American fixed himself/herself in front of a 24/7 news report feed emanating from their chosen channel, complete with maybe 8(?) talking-head screen segments available at once, the real truth — the truth that matters, and truth that you can actually use — would still not get through. So I wanted to make available a simple, bare-bones alternative via my website, My low-tech, unadvertised approach has been to put an old-school placard of sorts next to your news-viewing screen. On the right side of it, of course, because there’s just no getting to the left of 90% of the “mainstream” media. [ahem] 

Put another way, if you are watching one of those split-screen news and commentary shows, you’re usually “treated” to two or more Leftists spewing essentially the same Marxist propaganda, with only slight differences.  They all might be vying for “lefter than thou” status, for example (and read that: “superior to thou, pretender to the throne!”). But there’s usually no honest debate being presented because on the other side of the screen sits a straw-man.  

And is Fox News the exemplary exception to the rule? Continuing in the spirit of full disclosure, I have to say that I don’t know. I don’t ever watch any of those shows unless I follow a newsletter link to YouTube to check it out. Don’t have cable, don’t have cable news, don’t want it, don’t need it. If you call that living in a cave, well, come on in and pull up a rock. 

Back to the placard-flanking-the-monitor metaphor… 

So I put my understated, non-flashy, non-jumpy, non-pushy, yet opinion-filled poster-board on an easel, say, in close proximity to the other more well-designed, flashier, pushier, trackier (reminder: I don’t track your moves, but they do, whoever that may be) content with which you’re more familiar. Artistically speaking, yeah, I’m gonna suffer by comparison; that’s a given. Since I purchased two new domains recently, hardly a day goes by in which I don’t receive web design offers that’ll catapult my sites into the Google rankings stratosphere. Oh, puh-leez. As if. As if I want to be a big shot selling the truth. I’ve never charged a penny for the truth that I’m dedicated to disseminating; by that I mean mostly the “religious/theological” material. The Truth that will set you free should be provided to all for free. That’s why I have John 8:32 as my motto verse in the logo. Check it out! 

Now when it comes to the political stuff, well, I do have some things to say, and I don’t always say them politely. Make that, I very seldom use PC speech to make my politically incorrect points. Assuming that you expect me to justify that style of delivery, okay, I’ll toss a few things out there:       

1.  I get things off my chest/vent/rant and rave/indulge in name-calling in order to help keep myself from doing any real harm to others OR myself; I don’t want to either explode or implode. If you notice, the first letters in my seven Trutholio web pages spell out, “H-E-L-P-I-N-G.” This is by design; this is my intent. I don’t want to do harm to anyone, but I’ve found that sarcastic name-calling is not only not beneath me, it’s therapeutic, I must say. So when I refer to Liarly/Hi-liar/Hellary or The Thing That Won’t Leave or Shut Up or whatever, this is my stress-relieving fun way of referring to one of the most self-obsessed and sold-out-to-evil figures in recent history (“Hellary” is the only one I got from somebody else, but use the others with my blessing). I don’t need to mention Osama Obama/King Barry or    “Pelousy” or “Nosferatu” (Chuck Schemer) or Planned Anti-Parenthood or Planned Murderhood, do I? I mean, let’s be real: Abortion is murder; PPFA makes appointments to commit murders; that’s planned murder. There ya go. And if ever there was an organization that is ANTI-parenting and ANTI-family, ladies and gentlemen…I give you PFFA. If the name-calling in which I indulge is much more truth-based than the Left is comfortable with, so be it. Tough!

2. That will get us to what’s been happening on the “free speech” front for the last several decades, and especially how it has affected me personally in recent months. I’ve dropped a few hints about this from time to time on the Home page of my Trutholio site, as a pattern of censorship/uninvited or unauthorized editing/selective content deletion/ sabotage or curious recurring “technical glitches” has emerged and continued with only brief respites. Oh, don’t worry, that’s just a “bot” messing up, some people tried to tell me. But I know enough about “bots” to know that programming them requires HUMAN input; artificial  intelligence (AI) is just that, so in order for a “robot” (it’s  actually programming code we’re talking about here) to “think,” it has to have real, human intelligence directing that mechanical process. In other words, if a “bot” deletes selected whole sections from a printed page, it’s been “told” to do just that. A bot can search for certain “target” words and perform actions when it encounters them, but it doesn’t compose the list of terms or prescribe the action. It can only do what it’s been programmed to do. Period.

So, what’s the point? Obviously, that human intervention is necessarily involved when such “outside editing” is done against one’s will, and without one’s knowledge. “Free speech” has been violated. Without the shadow of a doubt, there’s at least one leftist behind this in my particular case, it has happened before, and people at both Lycos and Angelfire know that I know. All in all, it’s a shame. I can’t bring myself to resent them and harbor a grudge, but I certainly don’t understand their inability to track down the perp(s) in their midst and deal with this ongoing problem. Bottom line:  I have a right to say what I want on the web space I’ve paid to use, and I wouldn’t even think of messing  up another person’s site. That’s what malicious brats do, and those are not the actions that rational people take. But then, leftists are amoral and irrational, so what else is new? There’s no real mystery in any of this.        

3. Quick recap:  the worst things I’ve done are 1) give unflattering nicknames to some really nasty people and — here’s the real thing, I suspect — 2) told people the truth that they’re not going to hear if I don’t gather it and put it together for them. That’s something the Left hates with a red-hot passion. It doesn’t matter if it’s some well-known conservative or just little ol’ me and his humble, off-the-beaten-path website: what is true must be strangled in the cradle and buriedNow let’s talk apples and oranges. Here’s what I didn’t do, but the enemies of truth do constantly: 1) seek out those who disagree and try to silence them, or, failing that, make them look like paranoid losers; 2) use unrestrained profanity with impunity (oh, leftists — maybe you can have a literate person explain that to you); 3) pronounce a curse or wish harm upon someone (and I don’t have to tell you how (D)evilish those curses can get!); 4) avoid at all costs thinking for myself; it’s so much easier to be told what to protest and demand (and often, get paid for it); 5)  sue anybody or threaten to do so if I didn’t get everything going my way, and NOW! and,… 6) go on a revenge-  driven “opposition research” binge to get “even.”

4. When it became apparent that it was up to me to protect the content that I paid to be able to post, I began to devise ways of preserving it in other formats. At least that way, those few folks who cared a fig about what I might have to say or about my very person could compare what I posted with the altered version they might encounter on the web. This is why I started pointing people towards the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, and then, when I saw that that method had its own drawbacks (more dropped content), I began to provide up-to-date PDF versions of my Home page, just as I published them on those days. This was a safeguard against any tampering that would ensue after my site was last successfully published. All of this is to say that I did what I had to do to fight against sabotage, no matter the source, intent, extent, or frequency.        

5. Which brings us now to why I’m changing course. Three reasons, two negative, and one positive:           

1) I’m sick to the gills of politics; there seems to be little room for the Truth anywhere in that slimy sphere, and even less, respect for it;           

2) The daily routine of reading a half-dozen or so e-mail news- letters (hand-picked, more conservative ones at that), finding a select few articles to link to from my site, and the editing and near daily RESTORING of much content on some pages, really got old and took way too much of my time. And when I saw that the process often made me edgy, I decided that the process should end;            

3) With the elimination of that stale routine comes the freedom  to concentrate my efforts on

I hope I’ve satisfactorily explained what I tried to do, why I wanted to do it, and why I want to leave that all behind now to move in a less stressful, more positive direction. The shorter version is simply, “Politics bad, baseball good, truth better, the Truth, Way, and Life best of all.” It’s good riddance to politics and back to my baseball history project and theology that points to and embraces Jesus Christ in all His glory, and at every point.


2/28/18 — 1. Add United Airlines to the list of those who’ll never get another penny from me (they support Planned Murderhood 2. Excellent article that reminds us just how thoroughly evil that organization is (Chuck Donovan) [and its supporters, who high-five continuing baby-murder; (D)isgusting!–SR] 3. Supreme Court gets one right (automatic citizen’s rights for ILLEGALS? No, stupid!) 4. Don’t black lives in Africa matter, too? (Clifford D. May) Or in the wombs, may I add? Leftist hypocrisy is truly the wonder of the age! (D)efying all logical and moral consistency, boosting all (D)epravity.


2/23/18 — Below, please find a gathered portfolio of links to common sense and truth (and…(D)underhead of (D)underheads, Nancy Pelousy (sic) ; she has lost it, folks, and here’s the latest proof!) Immigration topic link #2  (media misreporting)

 Immigration topic link #3 (those wonderful ILLEGALS)

Telling quote:  “A report by the Center for Immigration Studies reveals that about 75 percent of working-age illegal aliens use fraudulent Social Security cards to work in the United States” [I remind you: one “Barack Obama II” was born in either Kenya or Hawaii (both claims were made by himself at various times) but never lived in CT, yet… he has a CT-issued (actually, doubly illegally re-issued) SSN! ; that’s right: HE is among that 75%, and he’s still getting away with the grandest of all grand thefts]

Here is what perceptive, moral, sane Americans are saying; this is what’s really going on:

Second Amendment/moral amendment link #1 (Malkin)

Second Amendment/moral amendment link #2 (B.T.S.)

Second Amendment/moral amendment link #3 (Hurt)

Second Amendment/moral amendment link #4 (Ted Cruz)

Second Amendment/moral amendment link #5 (copycats)

Second Amendment/moral amendment link #6 (cartoon)

Second Amendment/moral amendment link #7 (transgender lies debunked, help for transgender people)

One final suggestion for today:  read what I’ve said below and compare notes with what was made available to you through the links above. It’s my sincere belief that if you can be exposed to such responsible thinking and reporting, you, too, can see how the leftists are deliberately misleading every single dupe they can reach in order to advance their agenda of ruination. 


2/18/18 “And you wonder why such tragedies just keep happening…”  (my own words)

A few minutes of your time, please. Let’s talk briefly but soberly about what is truly tragic and heart-wrenching.

[5/1-5/2-5/3: from here on down is the latest point of entry for the daily sabotage, and from WITHIN my web editor; in other words, if I didn’t scroll down the page at my daily check, I’d be publishing without the large missing section(s), just the way the leftists would like it; ain’t gonna happen, bozos!]

[5/10: Yep, same entry point for the usual sabotage. Must’ve had the last day or two off, eh? You’ve got a real problem there. Get a clue!]

#[5/16: Ditto above; relentless mindlessness. Such a waste of time…]

[5/17: It continues. Note to content thieves: I triple-save everything]

Yes, mass shootings — at schools, on campuses, in the workplace, at open-air concert venues, at theaters, or any place where a deranged murderer can snuff out multiple lives in minutes — are absolutely tragic. You’ll get no argument from me on that because I see in God’s Word, “You shall do no murder” (Exodus 20:13, God’s Sixth Commandment to all humanity, the way it actually reads when translated from the original Hebrew). The word is not “kill,” but “murder,” and that is an important distinction to make, one which is made by our legal systems:  people are charged with first- or second-degree murder, not “killing.”

Mass shootings, and lest we forget — mass bombings in public places (reflect on that for a moment or two, no guns involved there) — are out and out, premeditated murders. They occur far too often, and when they become headline stuff yet again, the outcry is just as hypocritical as it is hysterical. Now why would I make such an assertion? Read on.

There are several writers who could better explain to you why the typical, knee-jerk calls for massive “gun control” and even gun confiscation (i.e., more theft by government of your personal property) are calls by activist jerks to incite fellow jerks to act in an irrational manner to advance a misguided “cause” and enact woefully ineffective public policies and/or instant-remedy legislation. They can tell you how this type of “thinking” never goes in a constructive direction; whether we consider it to be leftist or fascistic (I’ll again recommend Liberal Fascism, by Jonah Goldberg, on this point), it’s all destructive, and that by design. [here’s one of those sane, responsible writers who can fill you in on the arguments: link] [added 2/19, another sane voice]

My purpose in writing these few sentences is two-fold:  1) I want to remind one and all that MASS MURDER GOES ON DAILY in this morally-imploding nation via the gross, unconscionable sin of ABORTION. Roughly 3,000 human lives are snuffed out — with no less premeditation than mass-shooters or other murderous terrorists employ — on an AVERAGE DAY in America;  and, 2) I want to make sure that you understand this:  by and large, the very same people who are screaming bloody murder about the loss of 17 lives at a stroke and how we must do something/ anything/every- thing about it NOW, care not a fig about the loss of thousands of equally innocent human lives every single day, and THAT carnage has been going on now for over 16,000 days! You read that right; do the math yourself. Puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? It should, anyway, unless your moral conscience has been completely eroded.

And these utterly hypocritical, baby-slaughtering leftists wonder why these murderous sprees keep happening…

HERE is why, in a nutshell; this isn’t the least bit complicated. When you banish God from the classrooms and campuses, the workplaces, the public square, and from the minds of those entrusted with our common defense, security, and prosperity (e.g., Congress, Law Enforcement, and the Armed Forces), you actively invite the moral chaos that we’ve been seeing. Pull God out of the picture, and into the resulting vacuum rushes unabated evil. So when “we the people” turn over our children to the public brainwashing agents (government-run schools, 90+% of today’s college faculty members, 90+% of the “mainstream” media, etc.), and they’re taught that the laughably implausible lie of evolutionary origins is in fact, the truth — so you’re just gonna have to deal with the “fact” that you have no inherent worth as a human being — and the “fact” that the God we meet in the Bible is either a myth, irrelevant, or non-existent, or that Bruce can become Katie or vice versa, and that such physical transformation will be accompanied by equally successful mental transformation, well… excrement happens. Dung in, dung out. Simple.

When you detach God from every area of society, the “society” that inevitably results is one broken beyond repair.  You can protest, scream, and pass laws until you’re blue from head to toe, but it will do no real good. If we as a nation forfeit the very real protection of God Almighty provided through His laws designed only for our good, we’ll find ourselves in a state of total vulnerability. And make no mistake, if the Left gets everything going its way here in America, the surviving “citizens” won’t comprise a benevolent “European-style” merely Socialist-leaning state on this side of the Atlantic. No, that’s the way it’s being packaged for consumption by you “useful idiots” (Lenin), but that is NOT where it would end.

Wise up, those of you who are told to demand a “world without borders.” No national borders, no national security, and NO security for you as an individual living where there used to be a nation. In a Utopian border-less world, there is no nation to provide protection for its individual, law-abiding citizens, because there are no citizens and there are no enforceable laws designed for their protection.  All individuals under such a system are on their own. There is no barrier of protection when you go the God-less, nation-less route. Think long and hard about that. Is that what you want? If this nation has open borders, it ceases to be a nation at all. And if the nation vanishes, so do all of your rights to any and all private property and to seek recovery or restitution in the unpreventable event of its loss. THAT’s where it is all headed, this all-out drive of the Left. They hate God and His ways, and they’ll let you live in misery under their black boot only until you are of no use whatsoever to them, and they own what used to be yours

To God, you are a person; to the God-haters, you are a tool found in a swamp. 

So the next time somebody decides that a whole bunch of worthless, evolved accidents in some animal form have to die en masse, and they shoot, stab, blow up, or drive over their soul-less victims, YOU step forward and offer this proposal as part of the “national discussion” about what must be done:  try grabbing the snake from the other end, if you really want to be fully and finally rid of it.  If you grab the snake by the tail, it can curl right around and kill you. But if you pin it down to the ground and chop off its head, now you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. Take out the source of the problem and remove the problem, and don’t treat symptoms and outbreaks as the disease itself. Any doctor worth his/her salt will address the root cause ASAP when it’s been identified, and not continue to focus on a set of symptoms. That’s how you head off an epidemic, which is far better than cringing in ignorant fear, waiting for the next outbreak.

Translation and applications in the current context; here’s what truly must be done to stop the “epidemic” of mass-murders:

1.  Stop teaching that human beings are soul-less animals, that they have no more worth than any other “accident” of Nature; way too many gullible souls are mis-placing their trust in “educators” who don’t deserve one iota of that trust; they are despicable deceivers and culpable for the inevitable evil perpetrated by these deluded mass-murderers.

2.  Stop dividing American citizens into more easily-ruled groups of subjects by turning us against each other on the basis of the most superficial of all categories:  skin color; under God, there is exactly ONE human race, though many cultures, but leftists constantly and deliberately confuse the two categories in order to divide and conquer; the (D)s rely COMPLETELY on their ability to separate Americans into special interest groups along Us vs. Them lines (they are an ever-shifting coalition of “aggrieved” groups of self-seeking brats who can’t bear to live without ever-increasing government intervention on their behalf);

3.  Stop murdering human beings in the womb! This is Exhibit A presentable as evidence for why so many other nations are justified in looking down on our national morality; we murder our own defenseless young ones, and at the rate of over a million per year! Most people in other nations get how evil this is, and they look at us in horror (we are in the distinct minority of nations that allow legal abortions for any or even no reason, along with China and North Korea!); the fact that abortions are so routinely performed in this country — and without legal consequences — strongly reinforces the idea that human lives are worth nothing, so where’s the real harm in wiping out a number of mouths to feed? Abort ’em in the mother’s wombs or shoot ’em in the schools, what’s the “blank-ing” difference?

4. Stop looking to the immoral for moral solutions; instead, BEG God through fervent prayer to NOT withdraw His protection from America and proceed to let His judgment fall upon us, though we deserve nothing less; this must accompany TRUE repentance, or we are sunk.



Featured article from The Daily Signal re:  Douglass on the true nature of the Constitution and the negativity of racial identity: follow link here

“Now no less than in his own day, the nation would do well to attend the wisdom of Frederick Douglass.” — Peter C. Myers


Respecting Power

There are always two sides to power.

There is benevolent power that protects, and there is tyrannical power that abuses.

There is power used constructively, and there is power used only to destroy.

There is power to be coveted, and power that must be accepted as justly in place in the hands of others.

There is power lawfully obtained, and there is power fraudulently usurped.

There is power as the be-all, end-game obsession, and there is power as means to obtain good and desirable aims.

There is earthly, temporal power, and there is the eternal power of Almighty God.

There was a man you may have heard of who came to know just Who holds the true, overriding power. In AD 1863, as if he were speaking just hours ago in AD 2016 [or 2017 or 2018, as the case may be], U.S. President Abraham Lincoln cogently observed,

“It behooves us, then, to humble ourselves before the offended Power, to confess our national sins, and to pray for clemency and forgiveness.” — Proclamation Appointing a National Fast Day, March 30, 1863 (excerpts below also from the same document).

What behooves whom, and to which “Power” do the offenders confess and pray for forgiveness? I’ll offer some hints before I get out of Lincoln’s way and return to his words.

1) When seeking forgiveness (contingent upon sincere repentance), one must go to a forgiver. Buddha is not a forgiver, nor is Moses, Mohammed, a priest, or anyone but God, and on the basis of the merits of Christ. 2) The Forgiver is holier than thou, no matter who you are, and all offenses against others (and ourselves) are sins against The Holy One; and seen by Him. 3) Only the God of the Bible holds all ultimate power, including the exclusive power to forgive, or not to forgive. 4) Putting this all together, there is only One to Whom we may go to plead our case, and only One to Whom we can go.

Back to Lincoln and what behooves whom to confess to the offended Power:

“We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of Heaven. We have been preserved, these many years, in peace and prosperity. We have grown in numbers, wealth and power, as no other nation has ever grown. But we have forgotten God. We have forgotten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace, and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us; and we have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own. Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self-sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us!”

“It behooves us then…”

Now that who, what, and why have been established by one who is revered in this country by the right winger, left winger, and centrist alike, who can justify any more delay in bowing — as a nation, as well as individually — before the offended Power, “devoutly recognizing the Supreme Authority and just Government of Almighty God, in all the affairs of men and of nations?” Keep in mind, too, that this was over a century before we further offended the Power with “legal” baby-murder and gay “marriage!”


1/29/18 — From Day One at, the truth of ONE HUMAN RACE has been assertedand those who promote division along racial/ethnocentric, “sexual preference” and “gender self-identification” lines — for their twisted, nefarious, and ever self-serving purposes — have been strongly denounced. And just who is it that constantly wields the weapons of identity politics? Why, it’s none other than the leftist (D)emon-crat, at every turn. (D)ivide and (D)estroy is the (D)emo-rat way. They really need to be called out, and their consistently evil ways must be exposed. Here’s an example of what we can do to turn back the trend and right wrongs:

A small step, but important and significant

Two-point tutorial:

1) When radical rulers turn We, the People into Us vs. Them (in a dozen different ways), WE take the imposed divisions as “gospel” and instinctively turn against each other; 

2) The suddenly-urgent call for help goes out to whom? Why, the ones who created the new “crisis”: the radical rulers of the Government-is-all Left; this is how “WE” turn into a nation of unwitting slaves in the present day. We’re giving away the farm to thieves, and we go to work for them.

Think, People of America! Under God or under the boot!


1/26/18 — No end to Leftocrat  hypocrisy (and they’re terrible at math, too!).

(D)espicable (D)eceivers at it again:

When $40/month ($480/year) is more than $1,000/year

Defective memory, blind to reality. Typical leftists.

1/19/18 — 3 timely must-reads (PRO-LIFE), all from Heritage/Daily Signal:

1. America’s founding principles

2. Russell Moore weighs in

3. Traveling to the March For Life

And then there’s this…

To think I actually supported this Swampwater-guzzling Sell-out just a few years ago! Thank you,Charles Hurt, for your timely fingering of Flake (RINO-AZ): 

What happens to these guys when they hit DC?!?


1/17/18— Another consistent voice of sanity. Read Dennis Prager, and note especially #10, as it applies to my own “microaggression” (in the eyes of the Left) re: ONE HUMAN RACE: 10 Thoughts…

3 Takes on 2 Timely Topics:

1. Robert Knight: The Deceitful Road to Abortion

2a. Richard W. Rahn: Immigration and Rathole Countries

2b. Rush Limbaugh: Reporters Near Tears Over Trump

Some brief observations; 

1) Personally, I can’t muster any sympathy or respect for anyone who understands that abortion is the pre-meditated and usually-torturous taking of human life in the womb (the place where we all started), and yet supports that murder. No support for pro-aborts from me. Ever. Period.

2) The consistent and utter hypocrisy of the Demoncratic Left is again conspicuous in the current flap over Trump’s alleged language in a closed-door, supposedly private meeting (two things to keep in mind there). Follow the links to the last two articles for some memory enhancement, but here is the very first name that leapt into my mind: Lyndon Baines Johnson. Remember that king of the real racists? You know, the guy that would have the “niggers” voting Demo-rat forever? [Tip: you can track down his exact words elsewhere on the internet]. Nor was that an isolated case, or just one seriously-skewed individual who happened to be a (D).  No, that’s the marrow of the whole corrupt, baby-murdering, people-of-faith-hating, America-despising, truly elitist-racist, minorities-subjugating, constantly-lying, largely foul-mouthed party. YOU are the Deplorables, Hellary Clinton, you and all of your amoral Komrades. You can’t ride any moral high horse — none of you insufferable hypocrites can — through this or any of your manufactured moral “crises.” In fact, until you can reverse course and repent of careers of strenuously promoting everything that’s anti-God and destructive, you don’t even have a moral leg on which to stand.

3) Under God’s rules, murder is as evil as any sin that one can possibly commit (considering for the moment that all sins against God are idolatrous by nature and are therefore subsumed under the First Commandment). Under the current “rules” of politically-correct so-called society, however, the murder of defenseless humans in the womb is nothing at all — just one valid “choice” among those available — but making someone feel bad or uncomfortable or slighted or (horrors!) “demeaned” in any way, well….now you’ve really gone and done it! If there is a Hell, you absolutely deserve to go there, you horrible, horrible person! This, of course, is where the Left wants us:  if you are a leftist, you are right as rain and pure as the driven snow. If you are not a leftist, you are by sheer definition an evil being and an enemy that must be punished (recall the comments of Howard Dean, Tim Gill, and Valerie Jarrett, for example). What’s more, as a leftist, you have full, unfettered freedom to accuse at will; facts don’t have to be the basis for — or form any part of — the accusation, and still…your target’s goose is cooked, sans trial.

Think about what’s going on. I mean, think with your own God-given brainpower. And stop drinking the poison of the me-first-and-always-me-first “main-stream” media. Your very soul may well be at risk. For real; no kidding, no lie. Turn to The Truth (John 14:6).


Added 5/15/17–
The Timely Topic #3: A link to Robert Knight’s Washington Times piece, Guilty of hate until proven leftist” (not my writing, but I agree!)

New Feature for AD 2017:  The Timely Topic (periodic short essays, no fixed schedule; current events-oriented via a theological lens)

TTT #2 (as of 1/10) is immediately below

(Find TTT #1 on the Non-biblical Nonsense page)

The Timely Topic #2:
Transition and the Culture of Life

Each January in the nation’s capital, we witness the stirring spectacle of up to hundreds of thousands of dedicated Pro-Lifers, young and old, braving raw, bone-chilling weather to participate in the official March For Life. This particular January, there is good reason to believe that we can begin in earnest a nationwide march, the sustained march back to a sane culture of LIFE. And not a moment too soon. So the two parts of TTT #2 are: 1.) The Trump administration that’s coming into power with Republican majorities all around; and, 2.) What that should 
mean with regard to a return to pre-Roe v. Wade days, where the “culture of life” didn’t even have to be identified as such, because it was just common sense morality.

But first, let me “throw some shade” my own way. It would seem that I threw in the towel back there in October, when I wrote “U.S. Undone” and the “Afterword” I tacked on after the last essay for 2016, “Zeal.”  See my actual words on pages 265-266 of the Trutholio 2016 Essays book (PDF). [you can download it from the Vending Machine below, on this Home  page, in the event that you didn’t keep it on hand because you just knew I had to be wrong, and your Ha-Ha! time was absolutely gonna come!] Good news, pilers-on, because right here is all the cannon fodder you need, in the form of excerpts from my “resigned to judgment” gloom-and-doom scenario. I even used that word: “doom.”

“By early October, what I was observing in the disgusting political world — especially when added to what I’d observed for at least the eight previous years — led me to a nearly unavoidable conclusion: America has entered into God’s Judgment. We’ve gone way too far out of His will, and we’re now going the way of all once-powerful and influential nation-states: authors of our own doom.” [<<< See? What did I just say?]

More of what I wrote in October, 2016:

“When that realization supplanted my nagging suspicions, I saw no point in continuing to fight for a lost cause and wrapped up the essays. Because if Almighty God has decided that, like the First-Century Jews, we Twenty-First-Century Americans have filled up our cup of justly-deserved wrath, then His wrath will come upon usNow.”

And, finally…
“We’re just beginning to see how much this nation needs God. Selfishly, I’ll reiterate: I’m thankful for 60+ years of life in America under God, and I’m SO glad that I won’t live most of my 
life under the boot of oppressors, as will the members of generations just coming into the picture recently, and from here on out. It may very well be that my freedom will be taken from me by The State, if not my life itself. Because Statists demand allegiance as gods, and they’re not going to get that from me.”

Well, that’s where I left things in 2016, in terms of the Essays part of Trutholio-World. All looked dark, and I didn’t see where we were entitled — at any rate — to any real hope.

That’s where I left things, that is, except for three more words:

Soli Deo Gloria! In English, “To God alone be the glory.” That was both a reference to the statement that preceded the phrase, “…Statists demand allegiance as gods, and they’re not going to get that from me” — where “allegiance” and “glory” (or honor/homage, if you prefer) are synonymous in the context of this discussion — and to the fact that I firmly believe that God will do whatever gives glory to Himself, be it in an act of judgment, OR in an act of grace. So what I was trying to say was simply, “I don’t know what God intends to do with America at this time. It sure looks to me like the hammer is overdue, and coming down on us as we speak. And who could blame God if His patience finally ran out? BUT…whatever He’s decided to do, Soli Deo Gloria! ”

At this point, I’d like to think that I’ve thrown a bone to all of the Trump-Trekkies, the “I-told-you-so” victory-dancers, just by reminding any half-interested party just exactly what I said, and where I went “wrong.” But here’s the other shoe: we won’t have any tangible evidence of our nation’s actual direction under a President Trump until at least several months down the road. Right now, we know nothing about that. There is reason for hope. Thank Almighty God that He didn’t see fit to bestow a second Clinton administration upon us — “Massive relief!” is the way I put it — but does any of this mean that we’re out of the woods and on our way back home? God knows; we don’t.

Well, rather than go back and forth on this, seeing in turn, “doom, after all, only delayed” and “God just may be using political figures as instruments for good change at this time” as the alternative takes on what’s in store, let’s think optimistically, building on what we do know about God, who is good, holy, just AND merciful, THE Source of Life.

Okay, I’ve provided the first clue that definitely points in the direction of a God who is still determined to shed more of His grace on America. GOD is the ultimate “Pro-Lifer.” He’s FOR life all the way. Without Him, there IS no life, period. WITH Him, there is abundant life (John 10:10), life that is lavished upon His beloved chosen ones, and through His giving up of His own life for them, countless people out of all tribes/ nations/peoples will live eternally (John 10:11 and Rev 5:9, 7:9). So the will of God — throughout eternity — is on the side of lifeabundant life (true liberty to seek honest gain and prosperity, and the abiding joy of secured freedom have a lot to do with the abundant life!), and even unending life in the truly  perfect “world” of God’s holy Heaven. It stands to reason, then, that God wants to see a day-in, day-out culture of life to again prevail in America, as it had for so long, until the American Death Industry began to develop in the second and third decades of the 20th Century. Think: Sanger, the eugenicists, the “Progressives” and the ACLU, and all of the life-squashing, death-embracing movements that have grown out of that wicked, anti-God soil. In fact, I defy you to name a nation-destroying symptom-sin that wasn’t already manifesting itself in this land nearly a hundred years ago (feel free to include theft-by-government policies in that category; yes, I speak of Socialism).

The culture of death is, ironically, alive and well, and has reached an apex under one Barack Hussein Obama, who, at the very least, is clearly aligned with the ideologies of both communists and radical Islamists, the all-time champion merchants of death, abundant death, wall-to-wall death. When you consider for just a moment how obvious it is — just what these murderers live for — and how many millions join them in their gross sins of wanton destruction (or look the other way), the truth of Proverbs 8:36 is established as if set in cement: “All they that hate me [wisdom, and ultimately, God] love death.” Anti-God=anti-life. Pro-death=anti-God. Clear enough for you?

So what is sorely needed is a transition out of the culture of death and soul-oppression, and back into a culture that truly affirms life, from conception to natural death (and hopefully, on into an unending life of bliss). Under God, the Author of Life, there is security, liberty, and prosperity. But when the leaders of the people try to slip out from under God’s authority, or even worse, actively oppose God’s will at every point — as we’ve certainly seen for the last 8 years — things go horribly wrong on all fronts; national and global security vaporizes, personal liberty is severely compromised, and economic disaster prevails. Try to do things your way in God’s universe, and you get failure; be sure of that.

So clue #2 that God just may be steering us back to Himself is that under a President Trump, religious liberty — the innate, God-given right to acknowledge Him in all times and places — could be restored, and who’ll venture to say that that is not God-pleasing? Taking both apparent trends together (towards life and liberty), I like what I see.

Only two things do I need to yet point out in this short piece. First, political means to an end — under God — do seem to be available at this opportune time. Principally, I’m referring to a Republican-majority Congress passing and enacting the Life at Concep-tion Act, which would effectively overturn that odious Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 that turned moral justice on its head. At that point, moral authority would be returned to the states and to the people. So through the 14th Amendment’s affirmation of the right to life for all persons (personhood is the key to the Life at Conception Act), the 10th Amendment, Federalism (not to be confused with the federal government),  and our constitutional, representative republic would all be strengthened at a stroke. 

These are all possible political improvements, and they appear to be viable — though limited — solutions. But a final word of caution is in order, just the same. The key to a successful and enduring transition from death and spiritual chains to life and righteous liberty is getting back under God



+ All plans proposed here are subject to the will of the LORD. “Man proposes, but God disposes.”

“[Instead, you ought to say,] ‘If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that.'”–James 4:15 (similar OT verses:  Prov 16:9, 19:21)

+ While recognizing that anyone who trusts in the person and work of Jesus Christ alone is my brother or sister in Christ (saved by God’s grace through faith, with good works necessarily followingEph 2:8-10), I must take exception to any last-things teachings that do NOT honor Christ by taking His every word for unassailable truth (i.e., any futurist teaching, including so-called “partial-preterism”).

In other words, when I recommend or link to (otherwise) good Reformed (“Calvinist”) teachers, my “blanket” disclaimer is in effect:  “I agree with the general thrust of this teaching, but do NOT agree with the eschatological (last-things/end-times) stance expressed either here, or in another context.” When you see on this and other pages the words, Agreed, With Reservation:Eschatology [AWARE],” read:  “Take in the good, solid food here, but spit out the bad last-things bones.”

(Sample “sticker”):

                                    AWARE label 21pct

+ I am a staunch 6-day Creationist, 5-point Calvinist, and fully-convinced “full” (consistent) Preterist. I firmly believe in the truth of ONE human race (per Gen 1, Acts 17:26, Rom 5:12-21) and reject any notion of multiple racebecause I believe the holy Bible is God’s absolute truth in written form:inerrant, infallible, and inspired (breathed out by the Holy Spirit — 2 Tim 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:21).


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 The daily bottom line, with respect to this nation: 

May God continue to bless, preserve, protect, and save America, and let’s all remember to thank Him often! He has carried us thus far, and we can go no further — in any positive direction — without Him. All glory be to God! — SR, January, AD 2018.


UPDATE LOG (mostly copied from my original site on various dates, and now updating here only)

6/21/18: Oh, they are such wonderful, wonderful people, these leftists! Slimeballs on parade, spewing their real hate:  link 1; link 2; link 3; link 4; link 5; link 6; link 7 (just a sampling of their (D)aily (D)eranged (D)evilry, mind you!)

6/16/18:  Absolute Queen of the Hypocritical (D)underheads (Pelousy, “devout Catholic”)

6/6/18:  Remembering “D-Day,” 74 years ago today. Another significant milestone along the trail of major efforts to restore, bestow, and preserve our freedoms. Thank you!

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6/1/18: Truly unbelievable! See at ****** under 2/18/18







Thank you, fallen defenders of our freedom! “Pro-Life, Pro-Liberty, Pro-Military, and Under God”

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.  — George Orwell

5/24/18: 1. see at **** [content that belongs on the Lycos/Angelfire site, but not here; not interested in furthering the conflict or carrying it over here] and 2. ILLEGAL aliens are thieves several times over

Relevant quotes:

In 2013, the Social Security Administra-tion’s Office of the Chief Actuary estimated that more than 40 percent of all illegal aliens working in the U.S. were doing so using fake or stolen SSNs. Elsewhere, the office has put the figure as high as 75 percent. And the crime is as serious as it is widespread. By getting tied to bad credit or unreported income out of the blue, the victim can become falsely frozen out of his Social Security benefits or face audits from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The impact takes years and thousands of dollars, on average, for the victim to reconcile.

The most vulnerable targets for SSN theft are children. Because children generally don’t use their SSNs until they turn 18, the crime can go undetected for years, meaning they’re prime targets for black-market operators. One study by Carnegie Mellon University estimated U.S. children are 51 times more likely to have their SSNs stolen than adults.

Home 5-23 PDF

5/23/18 — Face the facts, (D)emo-rats

5/21/18 — Leftist theft and thuggery all around (7 links):

Video #1;

Video #2;

Greenfield #1;

Greenfield #2;

WT #1 (Osama Obama’s gang);

WT #2, Immigration #1;

WT #3, Immigration #2 (one good idea!).

And, just FYI: (D)edicated (D)estructive (D)underheads still at it right here on this page [, hosted by Lycos/Angelfire, NOT here at the WordPress version!]. How’s that for ears-covering, peak-volume-wailing, full denial, bratty hating for hate’s sake ?!? I mean, they’re accomplishing nothing by attempting to block the truth emanating from here [Trutholio]! So futile, so sad…

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5/16/18: See comments at # under 2/18/18

5/11/18 — Belated congrats: way to go, Iowa and Gov. Reynolds!

Home 5-10 PDF

5/11/18 — Belated congrats: way to go, Iowa and Gov. Reynolds!

5/10/18 — They’re ba-ack…and Belling blasts virtue-signaling hypocrites (follow link, flip to page 8 of e-pub)

5/9/18 — What else is necessary — and crucial — besides the (physical) border wall

5/8/18 — 4 links for the first time I’ve been able to get into my OWN website editor in 4+ days (for some of the backstory and appropriate kudos and thanks, see Global Baseball 2018):

1. TRUE history the (D)s can’t bear to hear2. Hmm. Go figure! Confirmation of what I wrote way back on 2/18/18 and on 3/2/18, especially re: culpability of “educators” , like this part:

1. That demonic mass-murderer was a product of that very school; he acted on impulses that came naturally to him, given his lack of moral moorings. That school’s “educators” are at least partly culpable for his actions. Dung in, dung out. When moral indifference is modeled and taught, moral indifference results. And that can be displayed in a very dramatic and public manner.”

3. You probably sensed this, too, already (“climate skeptics” care and do more for the environment); 4. Yes, by all means, do this, DHS! (It’s high time!)

5/2/18: Truth-teller vs. clueless bozos; the battle continues right here on this humble Home page (see [notes] ) and… Mueller’s Double Standards (VDH lays it out for you)

5/1/18: 1. Deal’s off, saboteur(s); couldn’t keep your hands off for even 3 days, could you? Olive branch withdrawn (see “Secondly, if…” below); 2. Two for Tuesday on ImmigrationA) Tennessee Volunteers to Lead the Way; B) If somebody comes to YOUR DOOR and demands entry, protection, food, clothing, and anything else they can think of, do YOU owe it to ’em? Works the same way with nations, folks!

 4/28/182 thingsIt appears we’re in business at both and Since this is such good news, and I do want to thank the many good people at Lycos and Angelfire who have made this happen, I’ll be removing the references to the un-requested “editing help” I kept getting from somebody (not cut from the same cloth, apparently) on staff at one or the other. 

Secondly, if  the “hands off” trend continues, I’ll even tuck the material that kept getting deleted out of sight, by putting all of that into a down-loadable PDF (it will no longer be out in plain view on the Home page, but it will remain accessible to those who wish to view it). This is an olive branch I’m extending in good faith and in hopes that we’re done with the distrust and hard feelings. I’m looking forward to less politics and more baseball! I’ll meet you there:

4/27/18: 3 links added (Immigrationand update on Global Baseball 2018 page

4/21/18: See “globe-shattering” announcement onGlobal Baseball 2018

4/18/18 PM: Posted “FULL DISCLOSURE” (see to <<< immediate left, as of 5/8); PDF version available here

4/18/18: Decided to make some big changes; hope to manifest new direction and plan by the end of the week. So today’s advisory is this: please be sure to save anything posted here at the Trutholio site as you see fit, and as soon as you can. By tomorrow, much will be reformatted or gone (though still available in PDF chunks). Lord willing, as always, I’ll post a “Full Disclosure” piece on this Home page by midnight.

4/13/18 — 1. Succeeding at brainwashing, failing at educating: link Alink B 

2. Read this or remain ignorant on church/state separation

3. Intelligent patriotism in NC

4. Orange Co. commonsense push-back gathers steam!

4/12/181. See at * * (to left); 2. Re: one of “my” senatorsboth of which are soul-less drips; 3. More “Dreamers” in the news (Coulter column) 4. More eco-sanity  from Anthony Sadar and  5. another positive suggestion: Jordan for Speaker

4/10/18 — Two for Tuesday: Prager & Morefield on leftist (D)estruction of all that is good; and did I not see this last one coming? I refer you to REHEARSING THE FACTS AND SHARPENING FOCUSespecially at point 2a re: knives and other weapons that can be used to commit murders!

4/9/18 — Want to make sure you don’t miss these 4 gems on the state of free speech: 1. Kimberly Ross; 2. Derek Hunter; 3. Kurt Schlichter; 4. Schlichter #2

4/8/18: Today’s “NAILED-it!” award goes to Derek Hunterexplains what’s happening even to little ol’ me in Podunk, USA and… Did I mention that I won’t ever be a twitter-tweeter either? Latest reason here

4/7/18: Yep! Read this one today, if nothing else!

4/6/18: Thinking about throwing millions of babies under the bus in order to join a “blue wave” in upcoming elections?  What you should know and keep in mind: Schemer and Pelousy will have their boots on YOUR throat and their hands in YOUR pockets; proof here (in their words!)

4/5/18: Today’s five faves; 1. Williams channels Sowell (a great combo!) 2. More damage done by King Barry (in the public schools) 3. Good news? States leading the way (pro-life4. Between a farce and a fraud (Stossel: “Climate Exit 5. Re: Immigration; a. Coulter b. Wood (Daily Signal) c. Gaffney d. Jessica Vaughan (CIS) w. Gaffney and … in session two: updated Links (Hall Of Faves)

4/2/18: Despite your strenuous efforts to brainwash us, leftist “mainstream” media, we know what you’re up to (70% plus)

3/30/18: 1. See Global Baseball 2018 for big news! and 2. Why I won’t ever do Farcebook (only the latest reason, that is)

3/28/18: 1. Thanks again, Osama Obama: (D)reamers” & SoSec Fraud 2. Leftist Lawlessness & the Census; completely out of what’s left of their minds! 3. Orange County, CA: island of sanity in “sanctuary” state [see much more on Immigration page]

3/27/18: How do you know when leftists are lying? When their lips are moving, their words are being typed or put on protest signs, or it’s a day of the week that ends in “y” (wild lying example #850,000)

3/26/18: 3 additions: first, Progressives ?!” More like  (D)elay-ocrats; truth disclosed here; second, “The Excuse-Spewing Zombie That Understood NOTHING!” 

3/23/18: 1. Pro-Life compatriots exposing the glaringly obvious hypocritical double standard of the Left about which I’ve been “yammering”; link Alink B 

2. (D)eception by a (D)emo-rat to get into power? So, what else is new? PA election only the latest case in point

3. Two more on the war (CA battleground, Immigration page)

3/21/18: 1. Follow-up link re: 3/20 material; well-reasoned and well-stated 

2. Protecting and serving law-abiding citizens in Los Alamitos vs. protecting and serving ILLEGAL alien multiple offenders in Oakland, betraying the law-abiding (business as usual for the party of (D)estruction)

3/20/18: If I didn’t have beloved relatives living there, it wouldn’t bother me one bit to see CA secede from the U.S.  FYI: The Abortion Vise; link alink b

3/17/18: 1. Thanks to whoever restored access to my own website 2. The thing that wouldn’t leave (or shut its mouth): link A link B 3. Added link below asterisk (to left) 4. Added two to Eco-Tyranny

3/12/18: (D)estroying families through government; the truth from one who knows (and even one old-style (D) who looked beyond the (D)emagoguery)

3/9/18: Dad, you are sorely missed

3/8/18: Cogent truth out of the belly of the beast? Yes! A Virginia Rep lays it out (start hereand…A great way to support military families; I like this ideaLastly, added important link re: CA battleground (Immigration)

3/6/18: Linked to great article (Immigration)

3/3/18 (RE-posted 3/5): They have said it so well. Read these two excellent articles and in minutesyou’ll understand virtually everything about what’s happening to America in 2018; 1. Bruce Thornton 2. David Horowitz

3/2/18: Put Pro-Life front and center again

2/27/18: NEW! Exclusive book via free download (PretRef page)

2/26/18: Finally, some GOOD news coming from the EPA (standing up to the eco-tyrants)

2/23/18 (PM): Immigrant-mass murderer connection (Ann Coulter article);

NOTE: This will probably be the last material Trutholio will link to on this dead-horse “mass shootings/gun control” issue; by now, you should know the lay of the land. On to other issues…

2/22/18: 1. On topic: Prime example of “dung in, dung out” (VA school district filth) 2. A SANE person adds worthwhile insight (Armstrong Williams) 3. Eco-Tyranny and the global hypocrites who push for it

2/21/18: 1. Yeah, what he said! (18 YO shooting survivor): here 2. New link for my Hall of Faves: Links (HOF) and Immigration pages 3. Did some other minor updating on Links (HOF) 

2/20/18: Two for Tuesday (today’s must-read links): 1. Real collusion by you-know-who, and 2. More (D)eluded and (D)isastrous (D)ung from the usual nation-(D)estroyersFinally, my new proposal re: AN IMMIGRATION FIX (Immigration page; DON’T MISS THIS!)

2/19/18: Add these comments to what I’ve said; these folks all say it better:

1. David Azerrad on George Washington & Presidents Day;

2. Cheryl Chumley on the immigration mess and madness;

3. Despite a couple of things for the nitpickers to focus on (Senator Pelosi?), truly perceptive article from Everett Piper.

Spotlight Scriptures

As for God, His way is perfect; the word of the LORD is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him — Psalm 18:30

Cease listening to instruction, my son, and you will stray from the words of knowledge — Proverbs 19:27

Along with the inspired psalmist, I hate every false way–Psalm 119:104 & 128

You are near, O Lord, And all Your commandments are truth–Psalm 119:151