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9/17/19: And it begins….(the hiatus, I mean). Don’t expect much in the way of updates (site-wide) until I get my current work out of the way and put the finishing touches on the sprawling Retroplay baseball history replay project. By MLB Opening Day, 2020, I hope to have a definitive set of data and the first publications that result from the many years of time-consuming research, organization, and findings.

Within a day or two, the status of all of my web pages will be changing, as any premium plan features will go away (at least until I renew as a paid subscriber, likely sometime in 2020). Take care, and circle back later…

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8/19/19:  Only one update has been posted within the last 2-3 months. Get the explanation (“excuse,” if you prefer) here: SPOTLIGHT: NLB (Black Baseball)

Heads-up re: the whole website:  The “staff” (read: me, myself, and I) will probably go into “deep hiatus mode” for several months at least. There’s no crisis here, just the recognized need to stay on task with the extensive baseball project research that remains (oh, there’s plenty of that on my plate!), and without the nagging feeling that I have to keep posting to the site.  Bottom line: in the near future, you might well find that all of my paid sites are suddenly inaccessible, since I’ve stopped publishing ’em (temporarily, per current plans). Just FYI. Take care…


6/1/19: The plan from here:

  1. Will continue to upload, so you can download (both a) Retroplay baseball project files/results and b) TEKTONA MP3 audio files); go to:  Retroplay: MLB, NLB All Years  TEKTONA.net (Retro-Rock MP3s)
  2. Will make some changes in presentation (site-wide) after output is finalized
  3. OFF-SCREEN ACTIVITY CONTINUES: a) sorting of all summary data; b) gathering of NEW data for the “Open Baseball League,” wherein every MLB and NLB player that can be identified by both first and last names (and has any usable stats) will have an opportunity to be included on the appropriate birthplace-placed team. Squads will still be assembled to maximize team WAR and realistically fill all positions for a full season’s schedule; it’s just that now — in the OBL — even those players who never had a year on the positive side of zero will be included, in order to fill more rosters and put more regional teams on the field; c) OBL seasons will be “replayed” in the same manner in which the True Test League (TTL) and the Expanded Regional League (ERL) proceeded: simply put, best team WAR total wins that year’s title.
  4. If/when time permits — after steps 1 through 3 have been completed — we’ll employ computer-run season simulations via Old Time Baseball, Strategic Baseball Simulator, and possibly Out Of The Park (whatever can be adapted to the purpose), in order to check/compare/corroborate the results obtained; this final step would involve “Time-Travel Teams” composed of regional/national all-star teams culled from the entire panorama of MLB history (1871 to date, through 2018).

TWO THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND ON ALL OF THIS: 1) I am a staff of one, and 2) all plans are “God-willing.”

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5/1/19: Much of the output I’ve been working towards — for all of these years — is finally here to display. This week has been set aside to “freshen up the place” and to add some of the best content that’s ready at this point. Not everything will be posted and wrapped up within a few days, but until I’m satisfied that I’ve made available just about any project-related materials that might be of interest to you fans of baseball history or sabermetrics, season-replay enthusiasts, fantasy-gamers, or the just plain curious –those looking for something unique-– I’ll be making this Priority #1.

You’re invited to look around the site, kick the tires, and collect the freebies (several free downloads of exclusive Excel files, the “guts” of the whole Retroplay baseball project, are our “free coffee and donuts” or “balloons for the kids,” if you will). If you “get it” — the concept of what’s going on here — be sure to 1) get the most out of it for yourself, and 2) pass the word to others who’d enjoy Retroplay.net.

[Surfing tip: make your way through the various “era” pages: Retroplay 1871-1900 through  Retroplay 1991-2018, and then check out the Retroplay RE-set Hall Of Fame/ Hall Of Achievement for some surprises re: who should/should not be in the HOF.]

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4/3/19: Minor Update: Just FYI, I am plugging away at this, only behind the scenes. Check out Retroplay Home for the latest details (we’re at bullet point 1. below at this stage, but it is coming together, a chunk at a time; when the dam breaks, lots of stuff will rush forward).

Go to Retroplay Home now

2019 Transition, Day 1 (Saturday, 3/23/19)

Depending on how successful my self-directed efforts and fumbling-around are, this family of sites will be revamped within a week or so. I’ll post my to-do list right here, so you can monitor my progress. The plan:

  1. Upload the various Retroplay Baseball Project “products” (grids/worksheets, results, tools, etc.) to the Retroplay.net pages;
  2. After most of those pages are set to display the content planned for them, I’ll be taking another look at possible changes in design (makeovers for individual pages and/or the whole family of sites), and (hopefully) upgrading functionality;
  3. At present, my energies are being poured into two main areas: a) Retroplay baseball, and b) our family tree (that genealogy stuff can become kind of addictive, I must say!); as a result, an area dedicated to genealogical research tips and hints might well be added under the whole Retroplay umbrella-site;
  4. To sum up the general direction of this family of sites (the Seaporter 1 group), Retroplay.net will take the lead as my primary/headliner site, especially since my main areas of interest at this time all involve delving into the past (replaying baseball history from an entirely unique angle; posting free MP3s “recorded” by my virtual band, TEKTONA, so offering many “Retro-rock” tunes; and the study of ancestral lines is nothing if not “retro!” Genealogy is all about the past.

Well, there you have it. Look for a lot of that fun baseball stuff to appear on my Retroplay.net pages before MLB Opening Day, 2019. After that, you’ll want to check back for a stream of updates and new “product” offerings (including many FREE MP3 downloads that aren’t available anywhere else (yet); you can be the first in your circle to “discover” the chest-thumping power-rock of TEKTONA). And the bonus content? You just might find some genealogical data that’ll help you fill in gaps on your family tree (especially if you’re related to any of the folks on the surname list I’ll post right off the bat).

Hope you visit soon and often. And don’t be shy about spreading the word: Retroplay.net!